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Happy Birthday Email Discounts App Review (2024): Automated Email Marketing For Shopify

Steven Grrat - Writer for KeepShoppers
By Steven Grrat
Kirsty Macdougall - Editor for KeepShoppers
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Romi Hector
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Updated November 17, 2023.

Our team tests eCommerce apps and publishes reviews that are unbiased and not influenced by payments we receive from some of the app developers.

Happy Birthday Email App Review Cover Image

Are you tired of seeing low open rates and conversions on your email marketing campaigns? Well, did you know that personalized emails can increase open rates by 29% and click-through rates by 41%? What's more, 88% of people agree that they'll respond favorably to an email that's been specially created for them.

One strategy for personalizing your emails is to send customers happy birthday emails. If this sounds intimidating to you, you're in luck. Happy Birthday Email Discounts is a Shopify app that handles all the logistics involved in collecting customer details and sending personalized emails with unique discounts to your shoppers on their birthdays.

In this review, we'll take a closer look at Happy Birthday Email Discounts's features, pricing, customer support, and more to help you decide if it's the right app for your business.

Happy Birthday Email App Review Cover Image


  • Extensive customization options
  • Seamless integration with Shopify
  • Detailed analytics for tracking performance metrics
  • Free trial period for testing & evaluation
  • Affordable pricing options for stores of all sizes


  • Customer support limited to UK office hours

Happy Birthday Email Discounts

4.9/5(176 reviews)

Best For

Happy Birthday Email Discounts is an app that will benefit any e-commerce store looking to set up or improve its email marketing campaign through sending personalized emails. There are several plans to choose from, making it a good choice for small, medium, and large businesses.

More specifically, the app is an excellent marketing tool for stores selling items frequently bought as birthday gifts like jewelry, perfume, or clothing. Happy Birthday Email Discounts is also a very helpful app for e-commerce businesses with a strong customer relationship management (CRM) system in place. The app will enable them to easily track and manage customer birthdays and automate the email-sending process, saving them a lot of valuable time and resources.

Overview of Features

Happy Birthday Email Discounts boasts an extensive range of features that cater to businesses of all sizes. The main features include:

Automated Birthday Emails

The feature most central to the app is its ability to automatically send personalized emails to customers on or leading up to their birthdays. By using this feature, businesses can keep customers engaged and loyal while also increasing revenue.

Customizable Email Templates

The app offers customizable email templates, providing businesses with a wide range of themes to choose from. With this feature, merchants can easily create beautiful, on-brand emails that captivate their audience and inspire action. You can also personalize the subject line and body of the email for a one-of-a-kind email that'll leave your customers feeling valued on their special day.

Customer Birthdate Collection

This feature allows businesses to quickly and easily capture their customers' date of birth at multiple touchpoints. You can choose to ask for the customer's birthdate on a custom landing page, the order status page, Shopify POS, sign-up forms for newsletters, or the user account creation page.

Unique Discount Codes

With Happy Birthday Email Discounts, you can easily set up a unique discount landing page. Customers will be given the link to this discount page in the birthday email. When shoppers click the link, a unique, single-use discount code will be displayed. There are multiple discount settings to choose from, like the discount type, amount, code prefix, expiry date, and limitations like minimum spend and qualifying products. This Shopify discount app also gives you the option to create discount codes manually.

Follow-Up Emails

This is the app's newest feature, which allows you to automatically send a second email after a specified number of days or just before the discount is set to expire. It will only send the follow-up email if the discount has not yet been redeemed. You can choose whether to maintain the same style and design as the original email, or you can create an entirely new style. This feature gives customers that extra nudge to make a purchase before the offer expires.

Performance Analytics

Happy Birthday Email Discounts has a dedicated analytics dashboard to show you your campaign statistics, including where the birthdates were collected from, the open rates, click-through rates, the total number of discounts sent, and conversion rates. It also provides a graphical representation of this data to track your performance at a glance.

Happy Birthday Email Discounts

4.9/5(176 reviews)

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Plans & Pricing

Happy Birthday Email Discounts offers four pricing plans. Essentially, they all offer the same set of features we discussed above. The difference lies in the number of customers it supports, with cheaper plans better suited to smaller customer bases.

Breakdown of Happy Birthday Email app's 4 plans

  • Starter The Starter Plan is free and includes essential features such as automated birthday emails, customizable templates, and performance tracking. It only supports 50 birthday members, which makes it quite limited. However, it's a great starting point for smaller stores just starting out.
  • Base The Base Plan costs $10 per month and offers all the features listed in the Starter Plan. However, it stores up to 1,000 birthday members, offering a lot more than the Starter package at an affordable price.
  • Growth While the Growth Plan is double the price of the Base Plan, at $20 a month, it supports five times the number of birthday club members. This makes it an excellent fit for medium-sized businesses.
  • Established As the name suggests, the Established Plan is ideal for larger stores with a more established customer base. It comes with a price tag of $40 a month but stores an impressive 15,000 birthday members. If your needs go beyond this, the Happy Birthday Email Discounts team will develop a custom plan to cater to more than 15,000 members.

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Happy Birthday Email Discounts integrates with a variety of third-party apps to streamline and enhance your marketing and performance efforts. With these integrations, you can easily sync your customer data and automate your email campaigns. Some of the most popular integrations include:

  • Privy: This integration allows you to add a birthday field to your existing Privy popups.
  • Klaviyo: You can use Happy Birthday Email Discounts to collect customer birthdate information and export it directly to one of your Klaviyo lists.
  • Omnisend: Like Klaviyo, the Omnisend integration allows you to transfer your birthdate data straight to your Omnisend list.
  • MailChimp: Happy Birthday Email Discounts integrates with MailChimp much in the same way as Klaviyo and Omnisend.
  • SMSBump: This is an exciting integration that lets you send birthday messages and discounts using SMS in addition to email.


Getting started with Happy Birthday Email Discounts took a matter of minutes. The installation process is simple and efficient, and the settings are easy to configure—even for people without a tech background. The app's user interface is intuitive, clean, and easy to use, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Happy Birthday Email Discounts offers a range of customization options, allowing you to create tailored email templates that match your brand and messaging. The app also integrates seamlessly with other apps, allowing for streamlined marketing efforts and data syncing.

Overall, the automation of birthday emails has saved us a lot of time and resources, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our marketing, all while improving our customer loyalty and sales.

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Happy Birthday Email Discounts provides excellent customer support that ensures businesses can easily achieve their marketing goals. Support includes:

  • Email support: You can submit a request form about any issue you're experiencing with the app. They typically respond on weekdays during UK business hours, although they do sometimes offer assistance outside of these hours.
  • Support portal: This portal contains an extensive library of articles, including how to get started, configuring settings, integrating third-party apps, plans and pricing, and FAQs.
  • Case studies: These are real-life examples of businesses using the app to improve engagement and customer lifetime value.

Wish Every Customer a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Email Discounts is a powerful tool that enables businesses to create personalized birthday email campaigns for their customers. Despite some limitations in terms of performance, the app offers a range of features to help stores increase customer engagement and drive sales. With the app's user-friendly interface and detailed analytics, businesses can easily create effective birthday email campaigns that will increase customer loyalty and boost revenue.

Happy Birthday Email Discounts

4.9/5(176 reviews)

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Happy Birthday Email Discounts App Review (2024): Automated Email Marketing For Shopify

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E-commerce is a competitive market and an effective tactic to increase your average order value and overall sales is loyalty and rewards programs. These offer different benefits to your customers and incentivize them to stay loyal to your brand. Consider that 71% of customers consider their membership to a loyalty program as integral to their relationship with a brand, meaning your customer retention can jump by 5% and overall sales can increase by 25%. There is a wide array of apps available to make managing loyalty and rewards programs convenient. is a highly-rated Shopify app that aims to help you make first-time customers forever customers by letting you build your own loyalty and rewards programs. Let's take a closer look. ProsHighly customizedProvides detailed analyticsUser-friendlyOffers multiple reward optionsConsCan be complex for beginnersLimitations on free planRequires ongoing maintenance and updates What Is is a customer loyalty platform that helps businesses create and manage loyalty and rewards programs effectively for their customers. Businesses can customize rewards and points to encourage repeat purchases, set VIP tiers for exclusive benefits, and introduce referral programs. Best For works best for small to mid-sized businesses, especially if you use Shopify as your e-commerce platform. The app is easy to use and requires no coding skills—you can do everything from the dashboard, saving smaller businesses developer costs.'s functionalities are also fully customizable, so it's easier for small and mid-sized businesses to establish their brand identities. Overview of Features Loyalty Points Program You can offer your customers loyalty points for various actions, such as joining the program in the first place, making a purchase, referring a friend, or engaging with your business on social media. Your customers can then redeem these points for rewards that include discounts, free products, or free shipping. An additional feature we really like is the Smile Wallet. Instead of endlessly searching through their emails, your customers can view their available points in the wallet. It also updates automatically, so you and your customers don't have to keep track of points earned and spent manually. Referral Program The referral program can help you incentive your customers to recommend your program to their friends and family. We like that this feature has a triple pay-off: your customer, their successful referral, and your business are rewarded. Just like the loyalty program, your customers can use their points to get rewards like discounts, free products, or free shipping. Additionally, because can integrate with different email programs, you can easily keep your new and current customers up to date. VIP Program Make your customers feel like stars with's VIP program by offering exclusive rewards and benefits. You can create tiers within the program and encourage your customers to keep on climbing the ranks with automatic rewards each time they reach a new tier, including free products, discounts, or the option to earn points faster. As an added push, you can set milestones for your customers, including time limits, to create a sense of urgency and inspire action. Plans & Pricing offers four different plans to Shopify sellers so you can choose which one will suit your needs and budget best, including a free plan. The free plan offers basic functionalities, including basic branding options and a limit of 200 monthly orders. The Starter Plan already gives you access to advanced branding and unlimited orders, but still restricts you to one integration. The Growth Plan introduces pop-up and point expiration features, but access to features like the VIP program and unlimited integrations only comes with the Pro Plan. Integrations offers integrations over a wide range of platforms to give your business a stable position such as: Email & SMS marketing: Klaviyo, Mailchimp, HubSpot, SMS Bump.Customer reviews:,, Stamped.Customer service: Gorgias.Forms: Privy.Business intelligence: Usability has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily manage your loyalty programs and track customer engagement. Along with a fast setup time, the app also offers customization options that help you tailor your programs according to your specific needs. And because offers seamless integrations with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Mailchimp, and Klaviyo, it makes it easy to incorporate your programs into existing marketing and sales strategies. Support's robust support system has a 24/7 available support team. You can also refer to other resources, including e-books, industry guides, and research papers. Additionally, regularly publishes and updates blogs and holds Q&A sessions to discuss new trends and new platform functionalities. Plus, a demo video is always available to help beginners. These resources mean you feel confident and that has your back. Give Your Customers a Reason to Smile In a nutshell, simplifies the process of creating and managing a loyalty program by offering features such as point programs, referral programs, and VIP programs, all in one platform. The key benefits you can get from loyalty and rewards program include improved customer engagement, higher average order value, and increased customer lifetime value. Due to its user-friendly dashboard and helpful resources, it is no wonder more than 100,000 businesses rely on to keep their customers happy and engaged with a comprehensive loyalty program solution.

Bolder App Review for Shopify: Reach Your Target Demographics and New Clients

Forget about collaborating with influencers who take your products and money and then vanish. Investing in influencer marketing and seeing no results has become a professional liability with added difficulty in finding influencers that love sustainable brands. The Bolder app is here to help developing, sustainable companies raise brand awareness and consideration through social media. This tool aids in the conversion of highly successful influencer leads into consumers. You don't need to spend a lot of time or money to find genuine and successful collaborators. Why You Should Use Bolder With Bolder, you can bet on getting new leads. Merchants can use creators to reach out to their target demographic and communicate with new, highly engaged consumers, and it's totally free! This app also helps your business find appropriate creators; select and match the right creators who share your values and target audience using Bolder's technology. And lastly, users can spread the word about sustainable initiatives and place their brand in the appropriate place by raising awareness in the right spaces. Notable Highlights Ideal creators Connect to content producers with the proper social following based on statistics and your specific criteria. Personalized Service Using Bolder's exclusive technology, users can plan and execute any form of creator cooperation with precision. End-To-End Campaign Execution Get assistance with planning, matching, executing, and reporting on each campaign to maximize budget and meet your business goals. Measurable Results Once all of the content is up, receive a report that analyzes the data and assists in making decisions for the next campaign. The Bottom Line: Should You Use Bolder? As a merchant, consider the following questions. Do you want to attract new audiences who are strongly engaged with your brand and are likely to become customers or sales? Do you want to increase public awareness of your long-term activities at a low cost and regular updates on how your money is being spent? If you have answered yes to these, you should definitely consider using Bolder to position your company to appeal to 80% of customers and shift their purchasing habits to align with environmental concerns. Visit the Bolder website to learn more, or install it directly from their Shopify app store page.