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Transcy Review (2024): Pricing, Features, Integrations, & More!

Elijah Adebayo - Writer for KeepShoppers
By Elijah Adebayo
Kirsty Macdougall - Editor for KeepShoppers
Edited by Kirsty Macdougall
Romi Hector
Fact-check by Romi Hector

Updated November 17, 2023.

Our team tests eCommerce apps and publishes reviews that are unbiased and not influenced by payments we receive from some of the app developers.

Transcy Review Cover Image

Did you know that the globalization of e-commerce is rapidly expanding, with a projected value of $6.51 trillion by 2023? However, language and currency barriers are a major problem for businesses looking to expand to other countries and regions. In fact, according to a study, 76% of online shoppers prefer to purchase products that include information in their native language. This is a mammoth obstacle to stores looking to expand globally.

This is where Transcy comes in—a language translation and currency converter app designed to help businesses overcome this language barrier. Transcy allows merchants to translate their stores' content into multiple languages and provide real-time currency conversion, making it accessible to a much wider audience.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Transcy, its pricing, features, integrations, and more to help you make an informed decision about whether it's the right tool for your business.

Transcy Review Cover Image


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Unlimited word translations
  • Auto geolocation detection system
  • Integrates with many e-commerce tools
  • Great value for money


  • Customization takes some time


4.9/5(5,055 reviews)

Best For

At its core, Transcy is an essential tool for any Shopify store looking to expand into new countries or regions. We believe this app is useful for merchants of any size or category who want to offer their products to customers who speak different languages and use different currencies.

Transcy is particularly relevant for stores that don't have the budget to hire a translator, as it offers affordable language translation and currency conversion solutions. With Transcy, any Shopify store can become a global business without breaking the bank.

Overview of Features

  • Geolocation Autodetection Transcy's geolocation autodetection feature automatically identifies the customer's location and displays the corresponding language and currency—providing a personalized shopping experience to each customer.
  • AI-Language Translation With AI language translation, Transcy supports over 110 languages and translates an unlimited number of words across all types of pages, including product, collection, and checkout pages, blogs, articles, and third-party apps. The fast translation speed and the ability to edit and customize translations make it an efficient tool for merchants.
  • Automatic Currency Converter Transcy's automatic currency converter supports over 160 currencies and updates the exchange rate several times a day. It can convert any price, including product prices, shipping fees, taxes, and more.
  • Image Translation Image translation means different pictures, like banners, are used for different language groups. The app auto-inspects these elements and replaces them with something more contextually appropriate. Not only does this grab the shopper's attention, but it improves the customer experience by showing an appreciation for the local context.
  • Customizable Language & Currency Switcher Transcy's customizable language and currency switcher offers many template designs and can be edited to match the store's branding and theme. It has different settings for mobile and desktop devices and does not affect site speed.
  • Multilingual SEO Transcy translates meta tags, such as titles, descriptions, and alt tags, in all targeted languages to improve on-page SEO to drive more traffic to your store.

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Plans & Pricing

Transcy offers a 14-day free trial and four pricing plans to choose from, all of which offer unlimited words for AI translation.

Transcy Plans & Pricing

  • Free This plan is free to install and includes unlimited words for AI translation. It offers basic switcher settings, translations for one language and one currency, and support for third-party-app translations. Additional expert service is available on demand.
  • Basic The Basic Plan costs $11.90 per month. It includes all features of the Free Plan, translations for two languages and 167 currencies, and the ability to edit translations for one language.
  • Growth At $29.90 a month, the Growth Plan includes all the features of the Basic plan but also allows for translations in 111 languages and the ability to edit translations for up to five languages. Additionally, it offers a glossary, basic auto-update translation, and language redirection.
  • Premium The Premium Plan tops the list at $59.90 per month. It allows for translations in unlimited languages and the ability to edit translations for up to 20 languages. It also includes advanced auto-update translation, a priority server, and a dedicated customer success manager.


4.9/5(5,055 reviews)


Transcy offers a range of third-party app integrations that are especially useful for businesses looking to expand their online presence globally. By translating and localizing various aspects of the site—including size guides, reviews, sales pop-ups, and trust badges—Transcy helps ensure a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.

Some of the most popular integrations include:

These integrations allow store owners to streamline their translation process and provide an even more personalized shopping experience for their customers.


Usability is one of Transcy's biggest strengths. The setup process is straightforward and easy to navigate. Plus, the user interface is clean, modern, and intuitive, making it easy to find what you need. You don't need any coding or technical knowledge to use Transcy, which is great for users who aren't familiar with website development. Transcy is accessible to everyone, including those new to website translation and localization.


Transcy provides comprehensive customer support through their 24/7 live chat and email support. The platform offers support in 10 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese. Plus, the Growth and Premium Plans come with an onboarding specialist to help users get started, while the Premium Plan offers a dedicated customer success manager to ensure users have the best possible experience.

Speak Your Customers' Language for Sales Success

Despite some shortcomings, like customization taking time, Transcy offers powerful features that make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to expand their global reach and improve their customer experience.

With its advanced AI translation capabilities, intuitive user interface, and robust set of integrations, Transcy has the potential to do great things for businesses of all sizes. By speaking your customers' language, you can improve engagement, build trust, boost traffic, optimize conversions, and ultimately, drive more sales.


4.9/5(5,055 reviews)

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Transcy Review (2024): Pricing, Features, Integrations, & More!

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The Blyp Insights & Profit Analytics application gives a 360-degree view of your online store, providing actionable insights for businesses both big and small. The app enables you to understand the financial health, profitability, and growth of your business in real-time. With this information at your fingertips, your online business can plan better for future endeavors and drive increased profitability across your enterprise. ProsBlyp's AI helps automate and streamline data analysisSaves you time, effort, and moneyLeverage Google Analytics reportsIntegrate with third-party tools, like Facebook AdsDeep learning empowers users to make data-driven decisionsConsNo dedicated mobile app for iOS or Android Blyp Pricing 14-day free trial$29/month for all of Blyp’s features and functionalities - cancel anytime. Blyp also offers their customers an annual payment option. Get in contact with their support team at [email protected] to learn more. Customer Support Blyp’s customer support team is well-trained and can be contacted for any queries or doubts. To be as accessible as possible to their customers, the Blyp team offers round-the-clock customer support via email or live chat. Who Blyp Is Best For Blyp Insights & Profit Analytics offers solutions for e-commerce merchants of all sizes, from small retailers to large brands. Merchants can use Blyp Analytics to get a better understanding of their customers, sales, and inventory management. The app also helps users to optimize their conversion funnels and email campaigns. Features of Blyp Customized Insights Blyp is a unique platform that provides customized insights and analytics for e-commerce businesses. It helps to identify areas of improvement and track the progress of online stores. The platform also offers actionable advice and recommendations that help to boost sales and conversion rates. Compare Your Store Against Industry Benchmarks This allows businesses to see how they stack up against the competition, empowers online stores to price their products competitively, and, instead of shooting blindly into the dark, allows e-commerce merchants to make necessary changes based on actionable data insights. 24/7 Data Analysis Blyp also provides 24/7 data analysis functionalities so that online businesses can see how they are performing and make changes as needed. This helps improve conversions, sales, and customer loyalty. Blyp Ease of Use The Blyp app is extremely easy to set up and use. It takes less than a few minutes to sync the app with your e-commerce store. With a clean, easily navigated dashboard and intuitive user interface, Blyp makes analyzing and optimizing your online store accessible to any user, no matter their technical abilities. But if you get stuck, simply reach out to Blyp’s responsive team and they’ll be more than happy to help you out. The Bottom Line: Is Blyp Worth It? Getting your feet wet in the world of e-commerce is easy, but establishing your position in the market and remaining successful is more of a challenge. Thankfully, the Blyp app can help you do both. Providing e-commerce merchants with insights that they may not be on top of, such as what your customers think of your products and how you can optimize your sales channels, Blyp will help you boost your profits and grow your business faster than ever before.