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Reputon Customer Reviews App: Social Proof for Shopify Stores

Joel Taylor
By Joel Taylor
Davor Štefanović - Editor for KeepShoppers
Edited by Davor Štefanović

Published June 1, 2023.

Our team tests eCommerce apps and publishes reviews that are unbiased and not influenced by payments we receive from some of the app developers.

Promotional image for Customer Reviews Collector
Promotional image for Customer Reviews Collector

There is no better marketing technique than social proof. When customers are deciding whether or not to purchase an item, the first thing they do is judge the state of that product's reviews on Google and different social media platforms. If your products have little to no customer reviews—or if the reviews are bad—you might as well give up hope of selling it.

That's where a service like Customer Reviews Collector by Reputon can come in handy. Read on to learn more.

How Customer Reviews Collector Can Help You

Collect Reviews Automatically

The app will automatically email a review request survey to a customer once they've received an item. If the survey result is positive, then the customer will be redirected to a reviews site of your choice—Google, Yelp, Facebook, and many more! You can even personalize these emails with your logo, text, and discount offers to persuade customers to leave reviews.

Reduce Negative Reviews

If the customer survey is filled out negatively, then instead of directing the customer to a reviews site, they will be redirected straight to a customer feedback form in order to contact you directly so that you can attempt to fix their issue without a negative review bringing your ratings down.

Boost SEO

Having many impressive customer reviews with few negative ones is great for discoverability by Google, which can increase traffic to your store and inevitable sales.

Email Stat Tracking

Reputon's built-in statistics will track the efficiency of your review request emails to help you fine-tune your process to enhance their benefit.

Reputon Customer Reviews App

4.8/5(733 reviews)


All pricing plans are billed once a month in USD:

Free Plan

Offers all the essential features, such as:

  • 50 emails/month
  • Multiple review links
  • Custom email templates

Light Plan


This plan offers all the features of the free plan, as well as:

  • 150 emails/month
  • Import from CSV
  • More email templates
  • Option to skip POS orders

Standard Plan


This plan offers all the features of the previous plans, as well as:

  • 500 emails/month
  • Email blacklist
  • Email triggers for delivered and tagged orders

Advanced Plan


This plan offers all the features of the previous plans, as well as:

  • 1,500 emails/month
  • Aftership integration
  • VIP customer support

Final Verdict: Should You Use Reputon Customer Reviews Collector?

Developing a solid review profile with good online ratings is essential for the success of your Shopify store, and manually emailing every customer is too time-consuming. An effective automation app like Reputon's Customer Reviews Collector can leverage this amazing strategy without you having to lift a finger.

But don't just take our word for it; hundreds of Shopify sellers have reviewed this app on the Shopify app store and given it an overall rating of 4.8 stars. If you'd like to learn more, visit their website or head directly to their Shopify app store page.

Reputon Customer Reviews App

4.8/5(733 reviews)

Reputon Customer Reviews App: Social Proof for Shopify Stores

Recommended Reviews

Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Loox is a reviews app that allows e-commerce brands to gather user-generated photos and reviews from customers. The app can be used for any type of online store that permits customers to give their reviews. Customers can give plain star ratings via the app for a product they purchased, as well as take photos of themselves using it. Loox also makes it easy for Shopify brands to import their product reviews from other platforms on the web, like Amazon and AliExpress reviews. What Is Loox? Loox Product Reviews & Photos is a popular product review app for e-commerce businesses. It allows online store owners to easily collect and display customer reviews, including photos and videos, to build social proof and trust with potential customers. The app integrates with major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce, making it easy for businesses to manage their product reviews and boost their conversion rates. Loox also offers features such as review request emails, customizable review widgets, and analytics to help businesses gather valuable feedback and insights. Best for The Loox app is best for newbie and professional Shopify sellers alike who seek a seamless and automated way to gather user-generated reviews to build trust and credibility in their niche. Loox is best for e-commerce businesses that want to showcase user-generated content (UGC) in the form of photo reviews on their website, social media, and other marketing channels. It helps to increase social proof and build trust with potential customers, ultimately leading to higher conversions and sales. Additionally, Loox offers features like product review requests, discounts for photo reviews, and integrations with popular e-commerce platforms to make the process of collecting and displaying reviews seamless. ProsUnique feature that gives discounts to customers that review nicelyMany integrations that optimize your store as well as provide a seamless experienceProvides ample automationBoosts order value through the use of social proofConsLoox doesn't offer a free planYou need to purchase a professional plan to access all features Loox Pricing Plans Loox provides users with dynamic pricing options. This means that you won't have to pay additional fees if you only send a limited amount of review requests every month, and they offer a 14-day free trial that allows you to test the app before choosing a paid plan. Here's the app's pricing structure, billed monthly: Basic Plan: 100 monthly review requests for $9.99.Advanced Plan: 500 monthly review requests for $29.99.Pro Plan: 1500 monthly review requests for $59.99.Enterprise Plan: 10,000 monthly review requests for $99.99. If you need more review request emails in a month beyond what all plans available offer, Loox accommodates this. You only have to contact them and inform them of your monthly numbers, and they'll create a custom pricing plan for you. Integrations Loox's Shopify app provides numerous integrations. It integrates with a variety of popular e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, and more. Here are the major ones: Google Features Beyond giving you a seamless way to generate customer reviews and receive feedback, Loox has more to offer. Loox's features are designed to help businesses build trust with their customers and increase sales by showcasing positive reviews and providing valuable feedback to improve their products and services. Here are the major features of Loox: One-click Installation: Hit Get on Loox's app store page, and you're all set. Review Importation: With a single click, you can import reviews inclusive of photos from AliExpress, Amazon, or other platforms. Highly Optimized for Shopify: Loox is optimized for use on any Shopify theme, as well as mobile, and it is extremely responsive.Automated Email Review Reminders: Every review request is sent automatically. So it offers a hands-off approach while the reviews pile up. Branded Emails: All emails have your store's logo, custom text and subject, and your brand's name. Fully Customizable: You can set the email widget color, placement, size, and timings. Moderation: Loox gives you control over which reviews show up on your website. Give Discounts to Reviewers: You can give customers custom discounts for including a product visual in their reviews. Inline SEO: Loox allows you to display reviews and ratings on search engines with rich snippet integrations. Social Media Sharing: You can share customer reviews on your social media pages via Loox. Happy Customers Page: You can display all your satisfied customers' feedback on one page.Rating-Widget: Simple widget that shows star ratings and reviews on your product pages.Cross-Sell/Upsell: You can integrate product suggestions in your review request emails. Supports Multiple Languages: Available in English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Dutch. Usability Loox is easy to use—most steps, like importing reviews from other platforms or installation, require one click. It has a well-designed interface that is intuitive and straightforward, making it easy for users to navigate and find the features they need. The app seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store, making it simple to install and set up. Once installed, Loox automatically sends review request emails to customers, and the reviews can be displayed on your website in just a few clicks. Support Loox offers customer support through email, live chat, and phone. Their support team is available 24/7 to assist with any questions or issues that users may encounter. They also provide a comprehensive knowledge base with articles, tutorials, and guides to help users navigate and make the most of the app's features. Additionally, Loox offers onboarding support for new users to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process. Users can contact support via the Loox admin by clicking the Email us icon or by sending an email to [email protected]. Replies are usually within 24 hours. Loox: the Most Powerful Form of Social Proof Loox is a highly reputable and trustworthy app that has been widely adopted by e-commerce businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Loox makes it easy to collect and showcase customer reviews that can help boost your credibility and build trust with your target audience.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing

E-commerce is a highly competitive industry, and more and more businesses are looking to automate their processes to keep up. As a result, the popularity of recent platforms such as ChatGPT and Bard has increased, bringing the revolutionary powers of AI to the forefront. If you run an e-commerce business and haven't yet thought about automating, then you should do so quickly or risk being left behind! ActiveCampaign Email Marketing is a powerful marketing automation solution with over 180,000 active users. The app functions similarly to hiring staff that manages customer relationships, sales engagement, and marketing for your e-commerce store. It provides robust tools needed to automate your revenue-driving processes via sign-up forms, email automation (welcome messaging and abandoned cart), email campaigns, SMS messaging, and a whole bunch of other features, including a scalable CRM that makes it suitable for just about every type of e-commerce business. What is ActiveCampaign Best For? ActiveCampaign is targeted primarily at B2B businesses but with its scalable CRM, it is also suitable for B2C e-commerce stores as well. It is ideal for anyone involved in industries such as SaaS, technology, consultancy, real estate, insurance, and manufacturing. More specifically, it can help growing businesses with scaling, so if you already have an existing customer base, ActiveCampaign is a great app to use for decreasing costs and increasing efficiency. ProsTons of integration optionsProvides a body of knowledge to assist first-time usersMany different pricing plansScalable CRMRobust & proven softwareConsCan be pricey if you want all optionsSome users may find tricky to navigate We feel it gets the balance just right between a CRM that is too big and clogged up with useless features, and a CRM that is too small and basic. With ActiveCampaign, e-commerce merchants will find a near-perfect solution for a hands-off approach to sales engagement, customer relations, and email marketing. Features Overview The app is loaded with features that help set it apart from competitors like Salesforce and Mailchimp. This includes but is not limited to automatically recommending new products to customers based on purchase history, sending reminders for abandoned carts, and offering personalized deals based on events such as birthdays. Other useful features of the app include: 500+ Fresh Automation Recipes: Pick from hundreds of pre-built revenue-driving market automations such as welcome series and abandoned carts.Costless Account Support and Migration: ActiveCampaign helps you migrate your account from a previous software provider to the app seamlessly. The app also provides one-to-one support and strategy sessions to help grow your business.Drag-and-drop Landing Page Builder: You can create compelling landing pages that are tailored and relevant to your customer segments.Contact Management and Segmentation: Organize and segment your contact lists based on various criteria such as demographics, behaviors, interests, and interactions and send highly targeted and personalized messages to different segments of your audience.CRM and Sales Automation: Manage customer profiles, track interactions, and capture valuable customer data. Also provides lead scoring, contact and deal management, sales automation, and pipeline management features to streamline your sales processes.Website Tracking: Track visitor behavior on your website and trigger relevant automated campaigns based on their actions. You can also personalize your website content and messages based on individual contact data.SMS Marketing: Send personalized text messages to your subscribers. ActiveCampaign's SMS support can also be integrated into your automation workflows to reach customers through multiple channels. ActiveCampaign Pricing & Plans The app offers a 14-day free trial that gives access to 900+ pre-built integrations inclusive of Shopify as well as pre-built marketing automation recipes. The full range of pricing plans is available on ActiveCampaign's website but for Shopify specifically, there are two options: a marketing plan and a bundle plan. Marketing The marketing plan focuses on giving you email and marketing automation capabilities. Bundles The bundle option can give you marketing automation and sales CRM functionality. ActiveCampaign Integrations Integrations work seamlessly with many existing platforms to help businesses upgrade on their existing systems for better performance. In total, ActiveCampaign offers over 900 integrations and has over 900 pre-built automation tools for quick ROI. Some of the more useful integrations can be broken down into: CRM: Integrations with popular CRM systems such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Zendesk.E-commerce: Leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce. Enables users to share data easily for hassle-free synchronization between platforms.CMS: Integrates with popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.Webinar Platforms: Including Zoom, GoToWebinar, and WebinarJam.Google Tools: Google Analytics and Google Tag ManagerLead Generation: ActiveCampaign integrates with OptinMonster, Leadpages, and Unbounce.Social Media: Direct integrations with the best social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. ActiveCampaign Usability ActiveCampaign is highly accessible to all users, even if their technical expertise is limited. Visually, it is appealing to look at, with a clean and organized dashboard that gives users a clear overview of their account and key metrics. For functionality, it features an easy to use drag & drop email editor with pre-built content blocks and customizable templates that can be tailored to better fit your customers' preferences. Adding to this, the app also offers a flowchart-style automation builder, which we found simple and effective. It is also easy to import and manage contacts for better audience segmentation and create comprehensive reports with easy-to-understand visualizations. Again we found that ActiveCampaign gets the balance right between pleasing visual design and useful, functional information. » Make your online store stand out with the best store design apps for Shopify ActiveCampaign Support There are a number of different support options that come with the app, including an online database, video tutorials, community forums, and email/chat support. The online database can be found on ActiveCampaign's website and contains sources such as articles, guides, tutorials, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) covering various topics related to using the platform. Users can also find video tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use different features and functionalities of the platform. A demo can also be requested. The site also features a community forum where users can interact with each other by asking questions, discussing topics, and sharing experiences related to using the App. For a more direct line, ActiveCampaign also offers customer support through email and chat. Take Your Campaign To The Next Level If you're reading this article, chances are you're involved in e-commerce business and if you're involved with e-commerce business, then you should know all about the importance of automating processes and workflows for maximized efficiency. ActiveCampaign offers a great marketing automation solution with a quick and easy setup and proven results. For e-commerce startups, it may not be ideal as the costs might be a bit high without an established customer base, but for any small to medium-sized business looking to expand and scale their operation through automation, ActiveCampaign really is one of the best apps out on the market.

Muzaara Bing Shopping Feed

While Google is the more popular search engine, Bing has a reasonable share of worldwide users searching for products every day. So it's worth your while to advertise your Shopify products on Bing/Microsoft Shopping feed. Muzaara Bing Shopping Feed is an app that makes it easier to tap into this market share and generate more leads. Why You Should Use Muzaara Bing Shopping Feed Easy integration Muzaara easily connects your Shopify store directly to the Microsoft Merchant Center. Create engaging ads The app helps you create visually appealing and engaging ads that will help your brand stand out from the rest of the competition. Gain new customers Attract potential customers by sharing images and product ratings of your products as well as set up marketing events like promotions. Update products and prices Muzaara does all the legwork of keeping your products and prices updated while syncing it with Microsoft Shopping in real-time. Set up shopping campaigns Use Muzaara to set up shopping campaigns, allowing you to draw attention to more than one product on the same search results page. A convenient perk is that this can even appear next to your text ads. Easy to use The app is easy to set up and sports a simple and easy-to-use interface. The process of importing your products from Shopify into your Microsoft Advertising account is intuitive and only takes a few short minutes. Cost-free Best of all, Muzaara Bing Shopping Feed is completely free to use. Why You Should Use the Microsoft Search Network With Microsoft Advertising, when you create a campaign, you automatically opt in to their owned-and-operated sites, such as Bing, and some of their partner sites, such as Yahoo and AOL. Bing is not a platform to be ignored as over 9.6 billion searches are completed each month through this search engine. Data also shows that older users prefer Bing, and it is particularly popular with higher-earning individuals who have disposable income. Bing is a cost-effective alternative to Google Ads, with less competition since most businesses focus exclusively on Google and fewer advertise on Bing. Microsoft Shopping is available in these markets: AustraliaAustriaBelgiumCanadaFranceGermanyIndiaItalyNetherlandsSpainSwedenSwitzerlandThe United KingdomThe United States Our Verdict: Should You Use Muzaara Bing Shopping Feed? Improving your online visibility is critical to the success of any e-commerce business. By advertising on Bing, you not only increase your online presence, but you're also more likely to reach an audience that your competitors are overlooking. As for ratings, Muzaara has a solid 4.3 stars on the Shopify app store and is 100% free. To see if Muzaara Bing Shopping Feed is suitable for your shop, visit their website to learn more.