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TagRobot: Auto-Tag Orders & Customers on Shopify

Brody Hall
By Brody Hall
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Updated February 14, 2024.

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As a Shopify seller, you have to handle and fulfill various kinds of orders. TagRobot is an intuitive, convenient, and fully customizable solution that makes managing your orders and customer segmentation far simpler.

Why Should You Use TagRobot?

  • Easy setup: Tag automatically without coding in seconds.
  • Automated tagging: Accurately categorize orders and customers with automated tagging rules.
  • Advanced reporting: Tag your orders for easier management and reporting.

Shopify lacks user-friendly features for segmenting orders or auto-tagging customers. TagRobot helps you streamline and organize your order management and customer segmentation, all directly within your store's admin area.

The app integrates with your existing admin interface, saving you the time and effort of learning a new system. You can filter your orders and customers by tags and save those applied filters as searches for future use, giving you an efficient solution to organizing order and customer segments.

You can get started with TagRobot immediately since there's no coding required.


4.9/5(35 reviews)

How Does TagRobot Work?

Once you've defined a set of tagging rules, TagRobot will analyze each new order placed in your store against each of your tagging rules. If the order matches any rule conditions, that order will be tagged as specified in the rule.

TagRobot provides over 50 easy-to-follow rules to either remove tags or auto-tag orders and customers based on an extensive list of criteria, such as the time that orders are placed, the order quantity, the use of discount codes, and much more.

In addition to tagging new orders automatically, you can apply your rules to past orders.

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Pricing Plans

TagRobot has a free option and three paid pricing plans to choose from, all of which come with real-time tagging:

Free Plan


Real-time tagging

Up to 50 orders per month

Up to 50 customers per month

Basic Plan


Real-time tagging

Up to 1,000 orders per month

Up to 1,000 customers per month

Pro Plan


Real-time tagging

Up to 5,000 orders per month

Up to 5,000 customers per month

Business Plan


Real-time tagging

Unlimited order tags per month

Unlimited customer tags per month

It is important to note that 1¢ per additional tag will be charged if the plan limit is exceeded.


4.9/5(35 reviews)

Is TagRobot Worth Investing in?

TagRobot is a valuable investment for Shopify sellers who want to streamline their order management and customer segmentation. The app's user-friendly interface, over 50 auto-tagging rules, real-time tagging, efficient order management, and cost-effective pricing plans make it a compelling solution for sellers. By automating the tagging process, TagRobot can save sellers significant time and effort in managing their orders and customer segments.

TagRobot: Auto-Tag Orders & Customers on Shopify

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Seguno is the only email marketing app created exclusively for Shopify. This app was built to save Shopify store owners the time that their email marketing endeavors take by making the process seamless and automated. ProsThe app is available on the official Shopify app store for quick integration.You can see revenue data from all your email campaigns.The app allows you to segment and target customers.Seguno allows you to recommend products based on items customers have viewed before.The app's features are placed in your Shopify dashboard after installation, letting you work from a single module.ConsPoor customer support.The app was created for small businesses in mind and lacks the required features for bigger businesses with larger email lists. Best for This app is best for new Shopify stores with small email lists looking to automate their email marketing processes to free up time for other activities. Pricing Seguno offers a pricing model based on subscriber count. This means that the more subscribers on your online business’ email list, the more you have to pay for the service. According to Seguno, a subscriber is defined as any of your Shopify customers that have agreed to receive marketing emails and newsletters from any of your business’ email marketing campaigns. Here's how Seguno pricing works after a 10-day free trial with their full range of features included: 0-250 subscribers: free.251-1000 subscribers: $10/month.For every 1000+ subscribers above the first 1000: An additional $10/month. Integrations MailChimpCanvaFacebook LeadsDynamic Banner SuiteAll email pop-up apps Features Facebook Integration You can integrate Facebook leads in real-time.Triggers The app allows you to trigger an automation when a customer buys any particular product (that you decide on).Email Automation You get custom email newsletter templates as well as multi-email automation.Automation of Product Review Request Emails Seguno helps automate your product review process by helping you send review request emails and pull product ratings to your emails if you use Shopify Product Reviews.Creation and Coordination of Email Marketing Campaigns Within Shopify Alongside templates and various automation features, Seguno also makes rolling out email marketing campaigns within Shopify super easy. With just a few clicks and the help of an integrated email marketing calendar, Shopify merchants can create high-converting emails that target specific customers based upon their previous shopping habits within your Shopify store.Seamless Working with Shopify Marketing You can create emails with the app for a multi-channel campaign within Shopify's marketing section.Segmented Automation Using this app, you can create customer-tagged automation for VIPs, wholesale customers, etc.Implement Dynamic Recommendations With this feature, Seguno auto-generates and integrates your all-time best-selling products into your email marketing campaigns.Revenue Reporting Integrated within Seguno is an auto-generated revenue reporting feature. This concisely generates revenue reports so you can quickly and easily see how impactful your email marketing campaigns really are. Usability Since Seguno is made exclusively for Shopify, users will have a seamless experience. Being able to access features from your Shopify dashboard will not only make it easy to use but easy to manage as well. Support Seguno only offers email support. There are currently no options for live chat or direct calls. Users also complained about slow response times and extended waiting periods from the support team in response to email queries. Seguno Alternatives If you are not sure if Seguno is the right fit for your online business, know that there are several alternatives to the Seguno email marketing app. They include: PrivyOmnisendKlaviyo FAQ Is the Seguno Email Marketing App Free? Yes, the Seguno app is free for the first 250 subscribers that sign up for your email marketing campaigns. Beyond that, Seguno's pricing is charged at $10 per month for between 251-1000 subscribers. And for every additional 1000 subscribers beyond that, another $10 per month is charged. For instance, 2000 subscribers will cost $20, 3000 subscribers $30, and so on. The Bottom Line Seguno is an excellent app for small Shopify businesses looking to automate their email marketing processes. The app also integrates perfectly well with Shopify, making it easy and efficient to manage and use.

PixCleaner Background Remover Review (2024): Quality Image Editing for Shopify

Most customers are visual shoppers, meaning that a professional image of a quality-looking product can mean the difference between a sale and a bounced customer. Unfortunately, very few services offer the required editing capabilities you need to showcase your products authentically at a reasonable cost. That can all change with an app like PixCleaner by Proxima, a free Shopify image editing app that integrates directly into your store and allows for easy background removal and image optimization. Read on to learn more. ProsFree to installEasy to useBulk image editing functionalityVery cost-effectiveAI-driven platformConsFree plan only suitable for low resolution imagesMight not be suitable for larger stores What is PixCleaner Best For? PixCleaner is best for small to medium sized e-commerce stores with large product catalogues. It's free to install and offers a cost effective solution for e-commerce merchants looking to quickly and efficiently edit photos in just a few simple clicks with features such as image retouch, resize, crop & correct and smart touch. It is also especially useful for business with a mobile site as the app is very good at optimizing images for mobile to increase page loading speeds. » For more help with page speed optimization check out our list of best apps For a free to install app it offers a surprising amount of customization and functionality for even the most complex images with tricky backgrounds, difficult edges or finer details such as hair. We found the app was very easy to integrate and set up with a simple learning curve so anyone who installs it can get to editing product images on Shopify straightaway. Features Overview PixCleaner comes loaded with features to help any user including but not limited to e-commerce merchants, developers, advertisers & marketers or even creatives who would like to use the app for personal use. It also allows users to set IP limits for greater control over account accessibility and offers enterprise-grade security to keep your company data safe. Some of the more important features include the following. AI-Powered Background Removal One of the necessities of a great product image is a plain white or colored background instead of awkward shadows and dirty tablecloths, but paying for a professional studio is out of the budget of most Shopify sellers. Instead, Pixcleaner offers an AI-powered background removal tool to simulate the presence of a professional studio. Plus, the feature is customizable and allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments to match your standards. The smart AI has studied millions of images to be able to identify precise features and minute details like strands of hair. Intuitive Photo Editor The app comes fully equipped to handle all your basic image editing needs, including: CroppingResizingRotatingLayer adjustmentsText additionsWatermarkingShadow additionsColor gradients This allows you to ensure that all your images match your brand, style, and sense of quality. Bulk Operations In addition to all of the individual editing features, Pixcleaner also offers bulk productivity operations, allowing you to automate your photo editing process and apply features and touchups to multiple images at once. Not only can this save time and effort, but it also ensures that all images you're choosing to export will have the same features and style. PixCleaner Plans & Pricing Pixcleaner doesn't offer a paid plan for their Shopify app. Instead, the app is free to install and use, only charging you a small fee of 0.20$ to 0.05$ when you decide to export an image for use, meaning you never have to pay for a service that you aren't currently using. Instead, you can keep the app installed and only have to spend money when you need more product images. There are, however, paid plans available on the developers website as laid out below. Integrations PixCleaner offers a robust API allowing users to merge the app with their website, app or product through an HTTP interface. The developers software and technology is highly scalable and their team are super friendly and helpful if you're finding it difficult to get the API set - they'll do it for you! Usability We found the app to be intuitive and quite straightforward to use. It follows a logical process and workflow and we never felt lost when navigating the app. Most of the buttons and tools are where you would expect them to be and it's not difficult to use. Although it offers many features & customization options, some users might feel slightly limited if they are used to more comprehensive software. If you're unsure about the quality of your images, PixCleaner recommends to upload and edit the images first on a free trial and if you're still not satisfied, they offer a 14 day money back guarantee. Support The team at Proxima are super friendly and quick to respond to any customer queries. They can be reached via phone or e-mail and have even listed their address based in France if you'd like to pop in for a physical visit. There is also quite a comprehensive resources page on the company's website with user cases, tutorials and FAQ's to help customers with common queries. Step Out From The Background If your Shopify product images are poor quality or nonexistent, you might as well say goodbye to any potential customers coming your way. Quality images are a necessity, but the price of most reputable image editing software can easily cost you thousands of dollars for licensing before you even know how to use it. Instead of the hassle, leverage the capabilities of a pay-per-use service that offers all the necessary features you need to lift your store with great images like Pixcleaner. At the time of writing this review, the app didn't have a single negative review or comment on its Shopify app store page listing. Head to their website to learn more or directly install the app now. If you're still unsure, the developers also offer free consultations and demos to help you make a better decision.

Fulfill Sync for Shopify: Streamline Your Fulfillment Process

Whether you're running an established e-commerce store or new to the market, efficient shipping and fulfillment are crucial to your business' success. E-commerce does come with its own unique frustrations, such as the time-consuming process of manually updating tracking info on each order. Luckily, with an app like Fulfill Sync, you can streamline your shipping process. We review this promising shipping and fulfillment app. What Does Fulfill Sync Do? Fulfill Sync helps e-commerce shop owners update tracking information for multiple clients on numerous orders simultaneously without the nuisance of updating the tracking number manually on each order page. This nifty app automates fulfilling orders from 3PL shipping files from vendors, suppliers, dropshippers, or warehouses. It also reads from a file to identify the fulfillment orders and updates each product's tracking number and company based on the SKU. Fulfill Sync allows you to manage multiple suppliers providing you with different order files. Fulfill Sync Features Fully Configurable Fulfill Sync supports multiple source types, which means you can pull order files of any source such as email, upload, direct link, or FTP/SFTP connection. In instances where you don't have access to the Shopify interface, but do have access to the FTP, you can still use Fulfill Sync to process tracking files. Compatible With PayPal The app integrates effortlessly with Paypal. It auto matches order numbers and fulfills orders with tracking details available in the fulfillment log. You can then sync tracking info to PayPal. Automatic Scheduling You can set Fulfill Sync to fulfill your orders automatically hourly or daily, whichever time is convenient for you. Compatible With Popular Marketplaces Fulfill Sync easily integrates into your e-commerce store and is compatible with popular marketplaces, Shopify, Ecwid, and BigCommerce. User-Friendly The app is extremely easy to use. With Fulfill Sync, you simply map the fields according to your order file to be fulfilled. While other fulfillment apps experience a lot of downtime, Fulfill Sync has gained a reputation for being more reliable. Communicates With Customers Maintain ongoing communication with your customers, keeping them up to date with order progress. Fulfill Sync sends emails to customers with information about the status of their orders. Affordability Fulfill Sync charges a small fee of less than $0.01 per order fulfillment. The pricing model is uncomplicated - you purchase credits that you can use to process orders. Convenience With the fulfillment log, you can manage and keep track of all your orders and fulfillments. Fulfill Sync Customer Reviews Fulfill Sync is gaining popularity amongst e-commerce professionals, having updated more than 30 million order tracking codes. As for customer support, they are responsive and helpful. Their excellent service has earned them a 4.7-star rating on the Shopify app store. To see if Fulfill Sync is suitable for your shop, visit their website to learn more.