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What advertising tricks are you planning for Black Friday, and how long before do you start?

Asked 6 years ago

Lawrence Dillard

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Our approach is that on Black Friday, customers are bombarded with ads, so the price of marketing is high, and it's challenging to reach new customers and grab their attention. So, we're sending customers to our store with ads, content, etc. throughout the year. Once they enter our store, we encourage them to opt into all our marketing channels (Messenger, SMS, Email), and our Facebook pixel is set to collect data for building an audience for retargeting ads. But we only start mentioning Black Friday and focus our marketing on that about three weeks before the date. If you start marketing BF more than three weeks in advance, people will forget. Also, you need to create urgency, scarcity, etc. for BFCM, and more than three weeks is too long for that, people may just look somewhere else. Five days before Black Friday, we start sending marketing messages via email and Messenger to the customers that are on our lists. We don't just send messages to customers who signed up for BFCM lists but also to our pre-existing customer lists. We found out last year that BFCM is an excellent opportunity to reach out and bring old customers back to the store. We make sure not to send the same customer messages on both channels, so they don't get upset. We also start running retargeting ads at this point. Two days later, we send another batch of messages and change our retargeting ads. And then, a day before black Friday, we start running all the ads and sending 'last chance' messages and emails.

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