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Which app is the best for increasing my store conversion rate?

Asked 3 years ago

Every customer I bring to the store requires a lot of work and money. which raises the question, how to get the most out of traffic that I do have and which Shopify app can improve the conversion rate sugnificantly?

Yoav Fael

Monday, April 19, 2021

There are several Shopify apps that improve store conversion rate with somewhat shady tools, like fake scarcity and FOMO to drive customers to buy.

However, one app is increasing revenue and conversion by providing a great user experience and high customer satisfaction - that app is Swipify.

Here are some analytics results of stores with and without Swipify:

Statistics show that the average customer that used Swipify spent 300% more time on the store than customers that didn't used Swipify. Average customer watched 366% more pages per session (which are mostly product pages) if used Swipify.

And finally statistics show that for every 100 customers that used Swipify 38% added to cart, which is amazing, considering that the benchmark is around 8%

Swipify has a free plan and a trial on its premium plan, and it takes literally 30 seconds to install, so if you haven't tried it yes, install and try here

Abeeha Qasmi

Monday, January 24, 2022

I always recommend using the OP app to improve your Shopify store conversion rates. It boosts your conversion rates up to 20% by showing optimized prices to the targeted users.

This Shopify app predicts potential customers' probability of buying your product and automatically offers them the best price to increase their willingness to do business with you. You can start with the free plan, test this app on a limited audience and upgrade to the premium plan only when you evidence results for yourself!

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