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What's the best way to approach my store mobile traffic?

Asked 3 years ago

I have a Shopify store and I noticed that most of my traffic is coming from mobile, but the conversion rate is much lower on mobile devices. What can I do to increase the conversion rate of my store's mobile traffic?

Yoav Fael

Sunday, April 04, 2021


You ask a great question and you're not alone, numbers show that 62% of e-commerce traffic is derived from mobile devices, and just like in your case, conversion rates are lower, and average sale tends to be smaller.

The reason is that when your customers are on mobile they expect a different experience, they want it to be visual, quick, light, and fun. What you and 99% of the online stores is an experience that was invented at the beginning of the internet for desktop and has been modified slightly to fit the mobile (responsiveness for instance).

In order to provide your customers with a well-fitted mobile experience, you need to provide a mobile-based journey. While building such an experience is highly pricy and difficult, if you own a Shopify store you are in luck because Swipify app was built exactly to answer your desire. They allow you to offer your customers an addictive, fun, mobile-first experience.

The Swipify experience is based on swipes (like tinder) and customers love it. They tend to see more products, stay more in your store, and ultimately buy much more. Swipify even has a free plan and it takes 30 seconds to install and test

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