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How are shipping prices calculated when giving out discount coupons or running a sale?

Asked 5 years ago

Is the shipping price calculated based on the original item price or the actual order price after discount?

Dudi Dayan

Sunday, June 16, 2019

On Shopify, you can set shipping price rules based on price or weight. Hence there are two options: 1. If the shipping price rule is set according to weight, then the price will not be affected by discounts. 2. If the shipping price rule is set according to the order price, then discounts will change the shipping prices. For example, let's say you have free shipping on Shopify for orders above $100 and a $20 shipping price for any order under $100. If a customer buys an item that costs $120, it will qualify for free shipping. But if you give that customer a $40 coupon and the item price goes down to $80, then at checkout, the customer will see that they need to pay $20 for shipping. So the total would be $100. The system works like that to make sure you don't lose money when running a sale. If it didn't work that way, then said $80 purchase could qualify for free shipping, and it'd go against your business plan. Good luck with your sale!

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