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What Shopify app automates customer support emails?

Asked 5 years ago

We have almost 1000 sales per week and with these sales come a lot of customer support emails that are mostly questions that repeat themselves. We’re really up to our necks in work.

Tom Amitay

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

You can also try a customer service app like Gorgias. They have an app for Shopify. It’ll cover all aspects of customer support, not just answering emails. It sounds like you’ve reached a point where you need to up your customer support game. You can also set up an automated chat in your store. There are many chatbot solutions out there, and most of them have smooth workflows. You simply enter your customers’ frequently asked questions and your answers, and the bot automatically answers when a customer asks a question out of the list. If the customer can’t find the answer, she’ll be redirected to you. I’d recommend giving Tidio a try. If a chatbot or customer support app doesn’t work for you, then you should try hiring a VA. They don’t work 24/7, but they’re much cheaper than US workers, and they’ll free up a lot of your time. You should look for more tricks to lower the number of customer support emails. For example: • Make the ‘contact’ button/option/page less dominant. • Whenever a question keeps popping up, put it in your FAQ. • Make your FAQ more dominant than your contact form - Add an FAQ section to your contact page above the fold. • Look for an FAQ app on Shopify. • Make a video tutorial for the most frequent questions.

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