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Best use of Klaviyo's email flows for Shopify?

Asked 6 years ago

I recently installed Klaviyo on my Shopify store and am wanting to use some of its best practices and alternatives to the usual Shopify flows. Can anyone show me how to use Klaviyo's email flows for multiple Shopify stores?

Tom Amitay

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Klaviyo is a really powerful tool that allows you to segment your customers and create any type of automated email flow that you want. The basic flows that most eComm merchants use are: • Welcome. • New customer. • Repeat customer. • Win-back. • Product up-sell. • Product post-sell. • Post-purchase up-sell. • Order confirmation. • Shipping notification. • Review request (if you don't use a review app). • Renewal. • Support. • Abandoned cart. • Post-purchase thank you. Use Klaviyo's documentation to set up these email flows properly. Then, add personalization to make them unique to your business because the default emails are too generic.

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