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Does Klaviyo have the same types of emails as Spently?

Asked 3 years ago

I am making the switch to Klaviyo (finally) & need a Klaviyo expert to direct me. I am currently using Spently to "override" all Shopify emails that go out to customers such as Order Confirmation, order update, shipping, shipping update, etc, etc. Does Klaviyo also have all these types of emails as well? Do I keep spently, but use Klaviyo for other things? I am slightly confused about the overlap and what will/will not work together

Nadeem Ali

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Klaviyo covers 10 out of 27 emails. Transaction emails are directly sent by Shopify and exporting codes with Klaviyo might be quite technical and time-consuming for many of us. Many Dropshippers are using Spently alongside Klaviyo and other similar apps as per their business needs, you can also try it.

Doug Chevras

Doug Chevras

Monday, July 19, 2021

The post above is correct, I recently went through this process and learnt that Klaviyo only covers some of the Shopify notification emails. Klaviyo also doesn't allow you to include recommendations or a discount code or really anything in them. Klaviyo is great for email marketing but Spently is far superior for you notifications.

Abeeha Qasmi

Monday, August 30, 2021

Klaviyo is best for campaigns and marketing. The visual interface has an easy UX design which means fewer technicalities. Klaviyo sends transactional emails, including order confirmation, order update, and shipping details to your customers' order placement. Before sending Klaviyo transactional emails, make sure to contact their customer service for review. Klaviyo team will make sure that no marketing content is sent in transactional emails.

Besides transactional emails, Klaviyo allows personalised automation of emails, in-app notifications, webpages, and SMS. You can generate a chart of a series of emails that follow-up automatically and track the number of emails that go out and who opens them.

Plus, through the Klaviyo fulfilled order feature, you have access to the user purchase, as it tracks the order when it gets fulfilled.

The drag and drop feature is impressive. However, the advanced features are a bit technical, and there are not enough training videos for beginners. Of course, you don't need coding, but you can use HTML to design individual client emails.

If you have a great experience using Spently Shopify, try to use Klaviyo and Spently together as per your need. The only drawback is its aggressive pricing compared to Spently. Spently pricing is much more affordable. If you have a small subscription list, Klaviyo is good for considering its best features. But it is going to be costly if you have an extensive subscription list.

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