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What's the best app to increase conversion in my store?

Asked 3 years ago

While getting traffic to my store isn't easy, even more important, is to get the most out of traffic that I do have. What's the best Shopify app that improves the conversion rate?


Yoav Fael

Yoav Fael

Monday, April 19, 2021

There are a few apps that help you improve your conversion on your site, some use scarcity and FOMO to drive the customer to buy.

However, one app is increasing the conversion rate by improving the user experience - that app is Swipify.

Here are some analytics results of stores with and without Swipify:

You can see that on march average user spent 400% more time on store while using Swipify. He watched 366% more pages per session (which are mostly product pages).

Also statistics show that 38% of the customers that use Swipify add to cart, which is huge!!! Industry-standard is around 8%

Swipify has a free plan and a trial on its premium plan, and it takes literally 30 seconds to install, so if you haven't tried it yes, install and try here


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