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What Shopify app offers a different shopping experience / product feed

Asked 3 years ago

What Shopify app offers a different shopping experience/product feed like Instagram, tiktok, snap and other well-performing mobile apps?

Yoav Fael

Sunday, April 04, 2021

While there are thousands of apps on the Shopify app store, not many offer such feed, which is surprising since feeds are evidently the best way to get people engaged and discover more and more content (products in Shopify stores case).

The only app the do it well is Swipify, which takes any Shopify store and created a tinder-like product feed with the store products. Customers swipe right / left which makes the experience light and easy while the store owner gets amazing data on the customer's likes and dislikes and can offer a better suited products.

By the way if you check the store for Feed apps, you get mostly apps the import/export products and not what you expect - apps that brings unique product feed in your store like swipfy

Newt Carbon

Newt Carbon

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Здравейте. Може би вие или вашият партньор обичате козметиката и искам да ви посъветвам за един чудесен сайт , от който купувам не само козметика, но и различни други продукти като свещи, кремове, шампоани и т.н. На сайта има и коледни подаръци. Силно ви го препоръчвам.

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