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The Best Shopify Apps for Accounting and Taxes

Brody Hall
By Brody Hall
Joel Taylor
Reviewed by Joel Taylor

Published June 23, 2021.

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Things to Remember

For most business owners, accounting and taxes is possibly the worst ongoing task they’ll have to face. Thankfully, there are many different financial management apps for Shopify.

Before choosing which one, always keep in mind the following:

  • Ensure whichever app you’re considering takes into account countrywide, statewide, and local tax regulations and requirements
  • How much effort and time is needed to integrate the app into your store
  • Consider customer service and support just in case you need help

Here are the best ones that we recommend:

1. Data Export Reports

Data Export Reports make populating detailed summaries and reports on your store’s orders, sales, products, inventory, taxes, shipping, and much more super simple and pain-free.

2. Report Pundit

Report Pundit’s customizable dashboard allows the export of custom reports on orders, sales, inventory, marketing, refunds, and the like into CSV, FTP, URL, or Google Sheets files.

3. Order Printer + PDF Receipts

Whether it be printing or emailing PDF invoices, packing slips, receipts, return forms, or quotes, Order Printer + PDF Receipts makes sending manual or automated reports a breeze.

4. Better Reports

Better Reports doesn’t only allow access to customizable store reports but also facilitates access to tracked store metrics and the ability to export and share summaries by CSV, email, and through Google Drive.

5. BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

Track, schedule, and analyze store reports and gain access to advanced marketing analytics with BeProft Profit Calc & Reports.

6. QuickBooks or Xero Sync

QuickBooks or Xero Sync links Shopify store finances with Xero, Sage, or QuickBooks, making managing finances and accounting super easy.

7. QuickBooks Online Connector

Effortlessly sync your customer, product, payment, and refund data with QuickBooks Online Connector.

8. Sufio: Professional Invoices

Create customer invoices when orders are made, paid, or fulfilled within your Shopify store with Sufio.

9. Dual Price Display PRO

Dual Price Display Pro allows your store to display both VAT included prices and VAT excluded prices side-by-side on your product pages.

10. QuickBooks Online by OneSaas

QuickBooks Online by OneSaas makes connecting QuickBooks with your online Shopify store super easy. That way, you’ll never have to manually enter finance data ever again.


Thankfully, with one of these accounting and tax apps, your Shopify finances don’t have to something you don’t look forward to. With just a few simple clicks you can make your Shopify finance worries a thing of the past.