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6 Best Shopify Analytics Apps for E-Commerce Stores in 2024

Get a better grip on your Shopify store's analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Brody Hall
By Brody Hall
Joel Taylor
Edited by Joel Taylor

Updated November 16, 2023.

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If you're looking to grow your business and maximize profits, then an analytics tool should be high on the priority list. By collecting, storing, and analyzing your business's data, an analytics app can provide valuable insights to help you decide where to allocate resources and improve your site’s overall performance, including faster loading times, mobile optimization, and higher conversion rates.

We've compiled a list of the top e-commerce apps to help you choose the best analytics app for your Shopify store.

Our Top Picks for the Best Shopify Analytics Apps

  • Triple Whale - Best Overall
  • BeProfit - Best for Profit Analytics
  • Peek! - Best for Customer Analytics
  • Blyp - Best for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Conversific - Best for Revenue and Gross Margin Tracking
  • StoreView - Best for Predictive Analysis

1. Best Overall

KeepShoppers Score: 9.8

Key Features

  • Real-time dashboard and insights
  • Attribution and pixel tracking
  • Lighthouse AI automation identifies anomalies

Triple Whale is an e-commerce analytics and automation platform that excels in robust data analysis. It offers businesses real-time insights through a dashboard, advanced attribution and pixel tracking, AI-powered anomaly detection, and Total Impact alerts, empowering data-driven growth strategies with comprehensive analytics.

Why We Like It

Triple Whale is a powerhouse for data-driven growth. Its dynamic dashboard can pull in data from seemingly endless sources, including if you have multiple stores. The unique attribution and pixel tracking feature can help you drill down into your data and help you find the source of your revenue. Plus, its Lighthouse feature detects and alerts you to any anomalies in your sales and expenses, helping you respond to any unexpected trends or issues.

We recommend this advanced solution for businesses looking to scale and that will know how to interpret and implement their data. Smaller businesses with limited resources might end up paying too much for a product that they don't utilize fully.


  • Comprehensive data insights
  • Sophisticated tracking capabilities
  • AI-powered
  • Customizable reporting


  • Learning curve
  • Can be expensive for small businesses

2. Best for Profit Analytics

KeepShoppers Score: 9.6

Key Features

  • Real-time data on your profits and expenses
  • All shop data auto-synced in one dashboard
  • Powerful analytics on key aspects of your business

BeProfit is specifically designed for online sellers looking to gain more insight into their store's profit. Featuring a comprehensive dashboard that tracks business metrics, the app also produces charts, graphs, and custom reports to help with decision-making. Metrics include product-level profitability, best-selling products, customer lifetime value (LTV), and cost of goods sold (COGS).

Why We Like It

Online store owners will love BeProfit for its multi-platform support, customization options, and comprehensive insights. The dashboard is intuitive and very easy to use while still offering a vast amount of data analytics options. It's well suited for stores of all sizes and integrates with all of the most popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, and Woocommerce, making it the perfect allrounder for profit analytics,


  • Real-time data tracking
  • Schedule custom reports
  • Analyze and optimize every profit aspect with granular insights
  • Four pricing plans suited to any business size
  • 14-day free trial


  • Some minor customization limitations

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3. Best for Customer Analytics

KeepShoppers Score: 9.3

Key Features

  • Centralized survey responses
  • Full session recordings
  • Customer behavior analysis

Peek! ‑ Better Replay & Survey is a great app for Shopify store owners who want more insight into customer behaviors and buyer journeys. Easily record user sessions to better understand your customers' shopping experience, then follow up with post-purchase surveys for more detailed customer feedback.

Why We Like It

What we like most about Peek! is that it adds a unique visual element to analyzing data. By recording your site visitors' sessions, you can see exactly how users navigate your store—which functions they use without problems and which are a challenge. For more context, you can follow up with a survey. Finally, the app won't let you down on the numbers side. A straightforward dashboard gives you the most important, up-to-date metrics. By using all of these elements together, you'll increase conversions and customer retention in no time.


  • Customer session recordings
  • Post-purchase surveys
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Mobile responsive


  • Unclear that free trial automatically switches to paid plan
  • May include additional costs for paid plan

4. Best for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

KeepShoppers Score: 9.2

Key Features

  • 24/7 data monitoring
  • Daily notifications
  • Multiple integrations including Klaviyo and ReConvert

Blyp uses AI to monitor and analyze your store data and activities 24/7 so you don't have to. If the app detects an anomaly, you'll receive a notification, otherwise, you can analyze data at your own pace via weekly and monthly reports.

Why We Like It

Blyp takes the hassle out of gathering and analyzing data. Its AI program does the heavy lifting for you and lets you know when it picks up a "blyp". This way, you can immediately take steps to fix any issues or capitalize on any underused opportunities to ultimately optimize your conversion rate.


  • Automates and streamlines data analysis
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • User-friendly interface


  • Can be expensive for smaller stores
  • Monthly fees aren't fixed

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5. Best for Revenue and Gross Margin Tracking

KeepShoppers Score: 9.0

Key Features

  • Easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Detailed analytics
  • Actionable insights and recommendations

Conversific is a Shopify profit tracking and analytics app that helps merchants track, analyze, and optimize their online store's profitability. Users can gain insights into product performance, customer segmentation, and customer behavior. This data can then be customized via an intuitive dashboard to help merchants analyze all aspects of their business and make data-driven decisions.

Why We Like It

We like Conversific because it integrates with a range of popular data sources, including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Shopify, and provides detailed insights into profit margins. You can identify which products or collections are the most profitable, and which ones are dragging down overall profitability. A forecasting and goal-setting feature lets you set revenue and profit targets and track progress, making revenue and margin analysis easier than ever.


  • Easy to set up and integrate
  • Comprehensive tiered payment system
  • Free version
  • 14-day free trial


  • Custom report options are limited

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6. Best for Predictive Analysis

KeepShoppers Score: 8.7

Key Features

  • Conversion funnel graph
  • Daily reports
  • View customers' cart activity

StoreView is a powerful and easy-to-use analytics app that tracks customer activity, particularly their shopping carts. View your customers' entire shopping journey, including which pages they visited until finally adding products to their cart plus any changes they make to their cart. Daily reports keep you updated on important information while you can view real-time data at any point on your dashboard.

Why We Like It

Conversific gives you easy-to-read data visualizations, making it easier to identify trends and patterns and make decisions based on actual data and customer behavior. Once you fully understand your customers' habits, you can predict their actions and offer them an optimized shopping experience, ultimately increasing conversions and reducing cart abandonment.


  • Daily reports straight to your inbox
  • View real-time steps in the customer journey
  • Buying funnel analysis and graph
  • Affordable


  • Limited customization for reports

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you’re hunting for a comprehensive analytical tool that will grant you access to real-time insights, advanced tracking capabilities, and AI-powered automation, then Triple Whale is the best option for you. It's easy to use and offers a wide range of features, providing a great overview of your store's performance and making it a breeze to track your progress.

However, keep in mind that not all stores are the same. Ultimately, choosing the best app will come down to your specific business needs. Each of the above apps specialize in certain aspects of business analysis so we hope this list will help you reach your business goals.

KeepShoppers Methodology

Analytics apps for e-commerce stores are a dime a dozen, but not all of them are as good as they claim. Here’s what we considered when choosing the analytic applications we recommend here:

  • Customer support
  • Pricing
  • User experience (UX)
  • Analytical capabilities
  • Third-party integration
  • Customization options