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Choose the Best eCommerce Apps in Each Category

Save time and avoid problems by choosing apps that will deliver the best results for your eCommerce store.

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Best Marketing Apps for Shopify Cover Image

10 Best Marketing Apps for Shopify in 2024—Supercharge Your Sales

For Shopify stores to gain and maintain a competitive edge in the highly competitive e-commerce industry, their marketing efforts must be on point. However, this is often easier said than done, with m

KeepShoppers blog cover image for the best sales and profits tracking apps for Shopify

11 Best Sales & Profit Tracking Apps for Shopify in 2024

Despite it now being 2023, a lot of businesses still don't have a solid grip on their finances. If you feel your business's finances could improve, then it's time you moved up to the big leagues. This

Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps Cover Image

12 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps for Your Shopify Store in 2024

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) apps increase payment flexibility for your e-commerce store. Clients can make an order now and spread the payment over time while the seller gets paid instantly. In 2022, an e

9 Best Discount Notification Apps for Shopify Cover Image

9 Best Discount Notification Apps for Shopify: Easily Stay Updated in 2024

Online shoppers can't resist a discount—but they need to know about it. In fact, discount notifications can increase your conversion rates by up to 28%. The right discount notification app can encoura

Best Shopify Apps to Boost Traffic

7 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Traffic—Reach More Customers in 2024

We can all agree that the ultimate goal behind every online store is sales. And to get more sales, traffic is essential. Traffic and sales are inherently connected, but we shouldn’t forget that it tak

9 Best Subscription Apps Cover Image

9 Best Shopify Subscription Apps: Maximize Your Sales Potential

E-commerce subscription businesses sell their products on a regular, recurring basis. This equates to reliable, consistent revenue for the company, as well as strong customer relationships and increas

5 Best Free Data Generation Apps Cover Image

5 Best Free Data Generation Apps for Shopify

According to recent research, 61% of consumers said they're more likely to buy from brands that provide personalized interactions. And as we all know, data is the core driver of personalization. But i

Young professional consulting her phone while getting boxes ready for shipping

4 Best Shopify Apps to Sync Inventory Between Multiple Stores

Managing multiple Shopify stores is a challenging task, and having some good apps by your side is essential for success. If your stores have many products, collections, orders, and inventory sources,

A woman seated at a desk, busy on her phone, with a laptop and a secondary screen on the table, with various images on display.

6 Best Shopify Apps to Resize & Optimize Product Images

As an e-commerce store owner, you probably take on a range of different roles. But can you successfully wear the hat of "photographer" and "designer" to optimize your product images for desktop and mo

A woman sitting comfortably on her living room couch, with her hands resting behind her head, as she smiles at something on her laptop screen.

10 Best Shopify Loyalty Apps: Elevate Customer Engagement

Building customer loyalty is the lifeblood of any e-commerce store. Loyal customers are a testament to your brand's customer engagement and service, but they're also important for your bottom line. Up