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How to hide the prices of products on Shopify?

Asked 5 years ago

We're selling wholesale. We want to show prices only to customers who sign up or log in, and not the general public. Is there a way for Shopify to hide product prices from customers unless they are logged in? Are there any free themes from Shopify that might help with this?

Tom Amitay

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

You can use an app to do it or hire a Shopify expert. No biggie. There’s also a code that you can add to your Shopify website if you know how to do that kind of thing:

Dudi Dayan

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Here’s how to edit the code on your Shopify site to hide the price: 1. Log in to your store. 2. Go to your product page. 3. Open the Developer Tools (F12 or right-click). 4. Select the product price element that you want to hide. 5. Make a note of the HTML code that gets highlighted in the console window on the right-hand side. 6. You’re looking for something like this: <div class=“price-money”></div> Identify the element and hide it using a simple bit of CSS code: <style> .price-money{display:none} </style>

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