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Asked 2 years ago

Mobile marketers witnessed tremendous growth in m-commerce during the holiday season last year. Covid-19 and social distancing drove unprecedented global adoption of mobile eCommerce sites and applications.

According to eMarketer, gross eCommerce sales increased by 28%, reaching 2.7 trillion dollars, accounting for nearly 65% of global retail eCommerce sales.

As digital transformation revved throughout the year, ripples in eCommerce boosted during the holiday season, resulting in massive app install growth rates and in-app revenue gains.

Online Purchases via mobile devices reached around 88 billion dollars for the holiday season of 2021. However, as the season progressed, many consumers turned to mobile devices for purchases, particularly as the holiday approached.

There were six days when smartphones accounted for more than half of all sales: Thanksgiving, Super Saturday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

So utilizing a mobile app with the right strategy could be the most effective way to captivate online shoppers during the holiday season.

Let's check some tricks on how to increase the app conversion rate

Create Special Landing Pages For Holiday Offers

Landing pages are excellent tools for increasing sales anytime, but they are especially effective during the holidays.

Throughout the holiday season, shoppers are bombarded with hundreds of offers and may endlessly be scrolling through online store catalogs to find the right gifts.

A landing page focused on a single product or gift package can help focus a customer's attention and nudge them to purchase.

Landing pages should

1- Be Easy and simple to navigate

2- Load quickly

3- Utilize high quality photos

4- Have compelling CTAs

5- Include Videos

6- Have trust badges and social proofs

7- Have convenient payment options

Offer Special Discounts For Holidays

The task of attracting customers could be a daunting one.

Giving out offers and discounts is an efficient way to accomplish this task. Most businesses offer some discount to shoppers who download their mobile app.

This strategy will entice customers to use the mobile app and take advantage of the deal.

In addition to those mentioned above, Mobile applications are personalized in a way that they maintain track of buyer’s preferences and purchases.

This enables marketers to offer various discounts and exclusive deals to persuade shoppers to purchase. This way, you will significantly improve your holiday sales.

Loyalty rewards

Loyalty rewards are proven and most effective ways for increasing sales and repeat purchases from your loyal buyers. Research from Accenture shows that about 84% of buyers are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers a loyalty program. So incorporating loyalty rewards in your marketing strategy will significantly improve your holiday sales.

Recover Abandoned Carts with Festive Discounts

Offering an attractive discount to buyers during holiday time is a great way to captivate them. Festive season discount sales can bring up to 36% more profit. Festive offers have a proven record of yielding more revenue to the business. It is an excellent way of reaching new buyers and bringing back lost customers who have abandoned their carts during the checkout process. You can entice your buyers by sending them to push notifications or emails of exclusive holiday offers and discounts.

Utilize holiday-themed visuals and content throughout the app interface.

The holiday season can account for approximately 30% of a business's annual earnings, making it the ideal time to increase revenue significantly. Therefore, the perfect holiday marketing plan may be to get your application ready for holiday shoppers.

shopify sale in festival

Captivate Your Buyers With Push Notification

The main objective of push notifications is to build a strong relationship with the customer. This creates an emotional response in their minds, encourages them to return to your mobile app, and allows you to re-engage with your buyers and convert them into paying customers.

Consider a user looking for a good deal on a plane ticket. Because of the increased fares, he quit the mobile app without doing anything.

Smarter applications remember the user's search history and notify them of any special deals or discounts. This attracts clients' attention, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Subscriptions to newsletters

Requesting a newsletter subscription via a mobile app is an effective way to boost sales.

It informs your buyers of new items, special deals, and upcoming releases.

If you properly integrate them into your business, you can locate people wherever they are with information and unique offers.

Sending updates and newsletters to clients via your mobile app shows that your company values them.

Have You Incorporated a Mobile App In Your Online Marketing Strategy Yet?

Mobile has recently reached a tipping point, with more individuals purchasing via mobile apps than desktops.

Mobile marketing has always been and will always be about increasing customer loyalty.

The manner in which marketers must cultivate loyal users is evolving on a daily basis; the ubiquitousness of smartphones has fundamentally altered the dynamic of the business-consumer relationship.

So you're missing out on a lot if you're an entrepreneur without a mobile app. Utilizing a mobile app to increase business sales is a crucial strategy for any business nowadays!

There are numerous top-class app development firms already operating in the market. That helps you build a fascinating mobile app and take your eCommerce business to elevated heights.

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