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What should be my daily Facebook ads budget?

Asked 4 years ago

I'm a new Shopify seller and I just recently started running ads on Facebook. I was wondering how much money I should spend on ads and how to set my budget.

Cameron Santos

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

What you spend is completely up to you. I would suggest that you start with a lower ad spend to get the feel of things and to test whether the type of ads your running work for your products. You can then start increasing your ad spend once you are more confident.

If I were you, I would set a lifetime Account Spending Limit before running any ads so that you don't accidentally run your costs too high.

Nadeem Ali

Sunday, April 18, 2021

How much you should spend on Fb ads depends on many factors. As you have already mentioned, you are new to this field. Spending your hard-earned money without any calculation and research might be slightly risky for any business. Dropshipping is all about learning, experiencing, and testing new products. The same logic goes when you are planning to run Fb ads.

To successfully convert those impressions to clicks and clicks to sales depends on whether your message and your brand vision are persuasive enough to convert casual visitors to cash-paying customers or not.

This is why I suggest creating a test ad with a small budget. You can start it with $1/day, which is the minimum amount you can spend on Fb ads.

The majority of people go with $10-20/day for testing their product.

For beginners who are completely new to digital marketing, I suggest you take the calculated risk, just for testing purposes. You can spend $3-$5/day and can run the ad for 3-4 days to analyze the traffic, clicks, and conversion rate.

Once you got the winning product and well-tested high-performing ad copy, you are ready to go big.

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