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How to manage prices and discounts on Shopify?

Asked 3 years ago

I want to add discounts to my products on Shopify. I entered the Shopify admin but can't find an easy way to add discounts to my items. Can someone help me solve that?

Clarence Holcomb

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

We use Bold. It's an app for Shopify that enables us to manage prices and discounts easily. For example: • Set a percentage discount without manually changing the prices on the products. • Bulk discounts of entire collections or products. • Highlight products that are for sale. But if you need slightly more advanced functionality, it gets complicated. Like if you want to run two different sales at the same time. So, Bold can do the job if you want to edit and control a large catalog. If your products catalog is rather small, then you can simply use the built-in bulk editor. Bold has another app called Upsell. It works well with the discount app, and it allows you to do pretty advanced promotions that you wouldn't be able to do on Shopify usually. For example, when a customer buys a product, it tells you what additional products they may be interested in so you can show it to the customer as 'other customers also bought…'. Or you can use this insight in a promotion. If you have a big catalog and want significant control over storewide or just collection sales, Bold has that covered pretty well. If the catalog isn't that big, just use the built-in bulk editor and should only take a matter of minutes to set up sales. Also, just be in the habit of filling out the Compare at a price as your full RRP when first creating a new product.

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