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How do I give influencers a credit to my Shopify store?

Asked 4 years ago

I would like to be able to give influencers a credit to my Shopify store, but I cannot seem to figure it out. I would like to write off the inventory as a marketing expense and let the influencers choose the products that they want.

I would like to make the process as simple as possible for the influencers and myself. How do I do this?

Charmaine Townsend

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

I usually manually create the orders and discount them manually too.

Katie Heenan

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A way to give influencers credit to your store that will be simple for both you and the influencers is by giving them a gift card to your store. This method allows you to set a limit of the amount they can buy for free and is as simple as sending them a code via email.

To set up digital gift cards, follow these steps:

1) On your Shopify admin page, select 'products' then 'gift cards'.

2) Click 'add gift card product'.

Your first gift card is created right away, but its status is set as a draft by default.

To issue a gift card, follow these steps:

1) On your Shopify admin, select 'products' then 'gift cards'.

2) Click 'issue gift card'.

3) Enter the value of the card.

4) In the search box labelled 'find or create a customer', use the search box to select a customer. If you would like to send this gift card to someone who is not yet a customer to your store, then click 'create a new customer' and add in their details.

5) Add a 'note' if you would like. This is for your records as customers can not see this.

6) Click 'save' to send the gift card. If you do not want to send this right away, leave the 'find or create a customer' box blank. The gift card will be created and will have a code that you can copy to send to them manually.

You can also add customer details after the card has been created by clicking the back arrow that you will see after saving the gift card. The arrow is placed just before the code number on your screen.

When you click that arrow you will see all of the gift cards that have been sold or issued on your store (if you are creating them for influencers, you may not have any yet).

You can re-select the gift card here when you are ready to send it to the influencer. All you need to do is select the card you created for them, add in their details and save.

The influencer will then receive an email with the code that they can use to buy from your Shopify store.

Trisita Aich

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Influencers are obviously a big part of your Shopify store. They are the ones who ensure the popularity of your brand. They also act on your part for advertising and marketing in their own extended circles. This is why business owners should give it a thought - the influencers deserve their share of credit as well.

On a Shopify store, influencer marketing is the main strategy that can be used for the purposes of giving your influencers their due credit. Shopify allows its users to use the Acorn App that they can use to reward their influencers. The app allows brand owners to give their influencers performance-based rewards, setting up a collaboration, or reward them store credit instead of just commission in cash.

The app is free and available on most platforms. It is a good way for both brand owners and influencers to grow.

Avik Das

Monday, October 18, 2021

In the era of digital marketing, influencers play a huge role to popularize your brand and products. There are many different ways to give influencers credit to your Shopify store, and one such best and the easy process would be giving gift cards. Moreover, you can give them a choice and invoice it after order.

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