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Does Swipify have an api that can connect to our email app?

Asked 3 years ago

I think it'll be a good idea to use Swipify for email marketing. For example, I'd like to send customers emails about the products they liked if they haven't purchased them. I'd like to know if this is possible.

Thank you!

Yoav Fael

Sunday, April 04, 2021

While Swipify is the best Shopify app to improve user experience and product discovery, it also has precious data about the customer's likes and dislikes. Swipify collects customers' mails sends personal emails, based on their likes and dislikes, and by doing that bringing customers back to the Shopify store and increasing retention and customer lifetime value.

For instance, the customer will get mails for price drops on items he liked, or alerts of new items that he may like based on his previous likes/dislikes.

The Swipify app does everything for you, so you don't need an API, but you can get the data and emails.

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