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How to Set Automatic Discounts for Bulk Orders on Shopify

Learn how to set up automatic discounts for bulk orders on Shopify. Increase sales, reward loyal customers, and improve cash flow with this simple strategy.

Jaques Cilliers - Writer for KeepShoppers
By Jaques Cilliers
Kirsty Macdougall - Editor for KeepShoppers
Edited by Kirsty Macdougall

Updated March 6, 2023.

Setting automatic discounts for bulk orders on Shopify can be a great way to incentivize customers to purchase multiple items at once.

Bulk-order discounts can also:

  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Help clear out older stock
  • Reward customer loyalty and encourage repeat business
  • Entice new customers with attractive deals
  • Boost customer satisfaction

How do you create automatic discounts on Shopify? Read on as we explain two simple strategies.

Using Shopify's Built-In Discount Settings

Follow these steps to set up automatic discounts with Shopify's built-in settings:

1. Head to the "Discounts" tab on the Shopify dashboard to access the built-in discount settings area.

Red arrow pointing to the discounts tab on Shopify admin

2. Click "Create discount" to get started.

Red arrow pointing to the "Create discount" button on Shopify

3. Select "Automatic discount" as the discount method.

Red rectangle highlighting the "Automatic discount" option on Shopify

4. Give the discount a name in the "Title" field.

5. Under the "Value" section, click on either "Percentage" or "Fixed amount," depending on the type of discount you want to create. Then enter a number to indicate the exact amount.

Red rectangles highlighting three fields to complete on Shopify's discount page

6. Under "Applies to," select whether you want the discount to apply to specific collections or products. Type in the collection or product name, then click "Browse" to search for the ones you want.

Three numbered circles showing the "applies to" field on Shopify discounts page

7. Select one of the options under "Minimum purchase requirements." Then fill in a number to indicate the minimum purchase amount or the minimum number of purchase items for the discount to be applicable.

Two red arrows pointing to the minimum purchase requirements options on Shopify's discounts page

8. Under "Active dates," select the time and date you want the discount to start. Next, tick the "Set end date" box and fill in the date and time you want the discount to end.

Red square highlighting the "set end date" option on Shopify's discounts page

9. Click "Save discount" to save and apply the discount.

Red arrow pointing to the "Save Discount" button on Shopify

10. You should see a green banner showing your discount was created successfully.

Red rectangle highlighting an automatic discount successfully created on Shopify

Using a Shopify App

While Shopify's built-in discount settings are useful, they have some limitations, such as the inability to create complex discounts. Fortunately, there are apps like Egnition's Order to Discount app that automate and streamline the discount creation process. This app automatically applies discounts to orders that meet certain criteria, such as total order value or specific products purchased.

Order to Discount by EGNITION


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Order to Discount offers these functions and features:

  • Discount templates: Pre-built discount templates you can customize to fit the specific needs of your business.
  • Email templates: The app pre-defines and generates customer emails using order, customer, and discount information.
  • Support automation: Send customer emails automatically or review and customize them before sending.
  • Order value capabilities: Use any of Shopify's standard conditions or choose a unique option to generate a discount as a percentage of the original order.

» Read our Order to Discount review for further details

Order to Discount

Don't Discount the Power of Bulk-Order Discounts

Setting up bulk-order discounts is a simple and painless way to increase profits while also reducing the time spent on packaging and shipping orders.

My customers know that if they buy more of my products, they will be rewarded with a discount. Through the power of discounts, I've successfully increased my sales and customer loyalty, which has helped me grow my store considerably.