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Would you recommend using Hubspot?

Asked 3 years ago

Does anyone have experience using Hubspot? My team is thinking of implementing it, and I'm curious on everyone's experiences and recommendations.

Currently we use Insightly for our CRM and Mailchimp for emails. Hubspot isn't cheap, so I would also like to find out if there are any recommendations for a comparable product.

We're a team of 8 that sells an educational SaaS to nursing schools. We currently have around 250 schools and about 25,000 active users and have been in business for about 4 years. Looking to take our game to the next level after a big growth year in 2020.

We want to improve our marketing, reporting, and usage tracking. The big questions are whether it can help us be more efficient with onboarding customers and post training follow-ups, and identify users.

Sofia Thai

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Hubspot provides a comprehensive and integrated platform whether its social media monitoring, SEO, lead management, analytics, landing page, or even content management… all are available in one place. Hubspot is specially designed for big companies that’s why it is slightly expensive in comparison to its competitors. However, Hubspot makes it accessible for small businesses as well but with a limited features list such as limited no. of contact, monthly emails, and so on. It is an inbound marketing tool so you can not expect outbound emails here.

It is easy to manage and good for non-technical stuff. Hubspot is not customizable like salesforce or any other similar platform, hence managing pipeline, creating/customizing an advanced campaign might be challenging for you. In short, it can be a great investment, easy and integrated. There are also some majority of people who don’t recommend it because of its high price and limited features.

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