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How to track custom conversions on my Shopify store?

Asked 3 years ago

For example, I have a general store, but I’m selling different products to different audiences. Am I supposed to set up a new ad account to track conversions for a specific product?

Trisita Aich

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

The following points should be kept in mind when doing critical monitoring of your Shopify conversion:

  1. The entire volume of visits the customer has made to your store.
  2. The wide variety of days between the first visit and the latest visit.
  3. A thorough analysis of the customer's recent activities and visits.

To see an order conversion summary, go to the Shopify admin page and then to the order page. After that, click on the conversion summary. Tap on the conversion details to see more information and tracks. Following this simple move will give you full access to your conversion information.

If you have a general store that offers a variety of items to a diverse range of customers, you can take a technical approach. Since the basic methodology remains the same, a new account isn't needed to monitor conversion information since the volume of information can be monitored in the same way.

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