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How many product reviews do you need to convert sales on your Shopify store?

Asked 4 years ago

How many product reviews do I need before I start converting sales on my Shopify store?

Muhammad Jensen

Thursday, August 06, 2020


Katie Heenan

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Product reviews are crucial in helping users decide whether to buy or not. A Shopify store that has a lot of product reviews will show potential customers that they can trust the store and that the products are worth buying.

Because of these facts, you may think that a certain number of reviews will lead to the conversion of sales when really, there is no magic number.

If you do have reviews, it is good practice to reply to them when you can. This shows your customers that you care about their opinions of your products, and shows potential customers that you actively engage. If you have a bad review this gives you a chance to directly acknowledge the issue and make things right.

In general, encouraging customers to leave reviews will motivate others to buy your products, and responding to them shows that you care. This all shows that your business can be trusted, and will lead to sales.

There are different methods for encouraging reviews. You can simply ask your customer in a follow-up email, explaining that reviews are important for other customers and for your business. Sending this soon after the customer has received their item means that they will still be excited about it and may be more eager to share their experience. Provide a link for them to follow so the process is made easy.

Another way that businesses encourage reviews is by offering an incentive. This does not have to be extreme as giving free items to everyone that leaves a review, but there could be a monthly draw or a competition. Customers are more likely to leave a review if there is something in it for them too.

Be sure to make the review process as simple as possible. Anyone that leaves a review will be put off if they find the process too complicated or if it takes too long. A simple star rating system and the option to write a paragraph will be more popular than a lengthy form to complete.

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