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Adding a buy one get one free discount on Shopify

Asked 4 years ago

How can I add a 'buy one get one free' discount as a promotion for products on my Shopify store?

Tamika Sweet

Sunday, July 19, 2020

You can use your Shopify admin to set a 'buy X get Y free' discount or use a designated app.

Your basic option is available on your Shopify admin>discounts. You can add an automatic discount or use discount codes.

To create an automatic discount -

  1. Shopify admin>Discounts
  2. Click Create Discount
  3. Click Automatic discount and enter a name such as buy-one-get-one
  4. In the Types section, select Buy X get Y.
  5. Configure the desired settings In the Customer buys and Customer gets sections
  6. Configure the desired settings in the Active dates section
  7. Click Save discount.

If you wish to use an app here are a few options - Discounted Upsells, Discount Ninja, VITALS

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