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How do I choose which out-of-stock items get pushed down the product page?

Asked a year ago

Hi, I am currently using Egnition's Out-of-Stock police app to manage inventory on my Shopify store. Currently I have it set so my out-of-stock products are going to the bottom of their product page. Is there a way that I can exclude certain products or product types from this feature? Any help would be appreciated.

Lois Allen

Friday, March 17, 2023

When choosing which out-of-stock items to push down on your product page, it's important to factor in product demand. If a product has a high perceived value and its absence negatively impacts your customers' experience, it might be better to exclude it from the "Push Sold-outs To The Bottom" feature. You can use Product Tags to exclude certain products from automatically being buried in the product page and maintain greater control over your store's inventory.

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