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What are the best alternatives to Shopify?

Asked a year ago

Anyone know if there is a better alternative to using Shopify as an ecommerce platform? I understand it's by far the most popular one but I just want to do some thorough research before going any further with plans for my online store. Thanks!

Joseph Murray

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

I've found these platforms to be the best Shopify alternatives:

  • WooCommerce: Is open-source and free (already a big plus) and it's easy to use and customize. Because it integrates with WordPress, WooCommerce is your best choice if you're already using WordPress.
  • BigCommerce: If you're looking to scale in the future, BigCommerce is a good bet. It's cloud-based and gives you a variety of features and capabilities specifically for an online business, such as mobile optimization, flexible payment choices, and several integrations.
  • Magento: This option is worth investigating if your store has unique or complex requirements, meaning you need a lot of customization. Magento is open-source and highly adaptable. Plus, it gives you a variety of features, including mobile optimization, marketing tools, and flexible payment options.

I hope it helps!

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