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Does anyone have an original approach to Black Friday?

Asked 5 years ago

It seems like the whole world is on Sale during BFCM and everyone is lowering prices (or increasing prices and then lowering them). I was just wondering if there are any different approaches.

Stacy Oliver

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

In my opinion, Black Friday, most of all, is an excuse to reach out to your customers and strengthen your relationship with them. You can give them a discount because they expect one of course, but the main thing is to get in touch and remind them of your brand. There are many ways to approach BF, and most merchants give significant discounts. But you may be surprised to know that some merchants have developed an 'anti Black Friday' approach, which is means that they don't give any discounts and no sales. Some of them report an increase in sales. Depending on the products that you sell, it's sometimes worthwhile to be different. Also, keep in mind that some products don't require discounts, especially products that are difficult to get. If you sell a product that people can't get anywhere else, then you maybe you should consider the 'anti Black Friday' approach.

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