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Should I use a flat rate shipping cost or use calculated shipping from UPS/FedEx for my Shopify products?

Asked 4 years ago

All of my Shopify products have different weights and come in different sizes. I am afraid that I will lose money if I use a flat rate shipping cost for my products, but I believe that calculated shipping is only available on the $80/month plan. Does anyone have any advice?

Brandon Ortiz

Thursday, August 13, 2020

It will definitely depend on the weight of your products, but I recommend that you use a flat rate until you have a decent number of sales and then you should move to carrier-calculated shipping in order to maximize profits.

USPS offers carrier-calculated shipping to all Shopify store owners for free, but you will need to upgrade to get the other carrier options.

You could also select the free USPS option and add a markup to cover the cost of the upgraded plan and the average cost of the other carriers.

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