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Professional Reviews of eCommerce Apps

Get a closer look at eCommerce apps, their team, features, pricing, and what sellers say about them.

eCommerce App Reviews

Nerdy Form Cover Image

Nerdy Form Review: Free Form Builder for E-commerce Stores

Potential customers are more likely to fill out a contact form than call or email. Nerdy Form by Nerdy Apps allows you to add a customizable contact form widget to any of your store's pages. It is a spam-free contact form app that makes communication with customers more manageable to increase conversions. Nerdy Form is incredibly versatile; there are several types of form fields from which to pick, and you can easily alter the field set and field order of any form. Simple and ready to use, it takes one click to install the app on your store. Why You Should Use Nerdy Form This app ensures consistent message delivery and eliminates scenarios where customers are unable to contact a business owner, increasing your chances of making a sale. Google reCAPTCHA can be quickly applied to any form, helping deter spammers from exasperating merchants. A great feature of Nerdy Form is how it meets the demands of any shop without jeopardizing the user experience. Through conditional visibility and the multi-step feature, you can build and customize forms to integrate into the look and feel of your website. Key Features Flexible, adaptable form designAuto-reply emailFile uploadIntegration with Google reCAPTCHATerms and conditions checkboxRedirect after submissionPop-up formsCompatible with popular email marketing tools like Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Omnisend, and KlaviyoShow or hide a form field based on the user's selection using conditional logicPersonalize email templatesDate selector supporting various formatsThe option to include a store's location map on the contact pageForm donations and accept payments through StripeThe option to add a department and tailor email recipients based on that selectionMultiple email receivers Pricing Nerdy Form provides one free plan and four paid plans. Notably, if you choose to pay annually rather than monthly, the Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans cost $5, $9, and $24 per month, respectively. Additionally, the free plan includes all available features. Is Nerdy Form Worth It? To put it simply, yes! Nerdy Form is designed to prevent message loss, allowing potential customers to contact the store owner. Setting it up is simple, and you can modify the designs with just a few clicks to make them fit any store's aesthetic and integrate perfectly with the user interface (UI) of any website or device.

Bolder Cover Image

Bolder App Review for Shopify: Reach Your Target Demographics and New Clients

Forget about collaborating with influencers who take your products and money and then vanish. Investing in influencer marketing and seeing no results has become a professional liability with added difficulty in finding influencers that love sustainable brands. The Bolder app is here to help developing, sustainable companies raise brand awareness and consideration through social media. This tool aids in the conversion of highly successful influencer leads into consumers. You don't need to spend a lot of time or money to find genuine and successful collaborators. Why You Should Use Bolder With Bolder, you can bet on getting new leads. Merchants can use creators to reach out to their target demographic and communicate with new, highly engaged consumers, and it's totally free! This app also helps your business find appropriate creators; select and match the right creators who share your values and target audience using Bolder's technology. And lastly, users can spread the word about sustainable initiatives and place their brand in the appropriate place by raising awareness in the right spaces. Notable Highlights Ideal creators Connect to content producers with the proper social following based on statistics and your specific criteria. Personalized Service Using Bolder's exclusive technology, users can plan and execute any form of creator cooperation with precision. End-To-End Campaign Execution Get assistance with planning, matching, executing, and reporting on each campaign to maximize budget and meet your business goals. Measurable Results Once all of the content is up, receive a report that analyzes the data and assists in making decisions for the next campaign. The Bottom Line: Should You Use Bolder? As a merchant, consider the following questions. Do you want to attract new audiences who are strongly engaged with your brand and are likely to become customers or sales? Do you want to increase public awareness of your long-term activities at a low cost and regular updates on how your money is being spent? If you have answered yes to these, you should definitely consider using Bolder to position your company to appeal to 80% of customers and shift their purchasing habits to align with environmental concerns. Visit the Bolder website to learn more, or install it directly from their Shopify app store page.

Promotional image for Loadify

Loadify—Increase Page Loading Speed for Shopify Stores

Store design is a crucial aspect of building an online Shopify store. If your pages are unappealing, difficult to navigate, or take too long to load, it's almost guaranteed to chase potential customers away and severely hurt your sales. And if you don't have coding experience and hours to spare, it's almost impossible to achieve a well-optimized website. Thankfully, with an intuitive app like Loadify: Preloader & TurboMode by Ninety9, you can achieve a custom and optimized store design without any coding experience. Read on to learn more. What Does Loadify Offer? Boosted Loading Speeds There are two different ways that Loadify can improve the loading time of your pages. Firstly, Lazyload is a website feature that prevents images and other content from loading on your page until the user scrolls to that point, limiting the resources used at any given moment. Secondly, Loadify's link prediction feature will start loading content the moment a user hovers over a link with their cursor to prepare the next page for when they click it. Animated Logos and Page Transitions Instead of scrolling endlessly through copy, Loadify offers your customers the ability to navigate your store through different page transitions that you can customize to match the style of your brand. Additionally, animate your static logo to be more eye-catching to the customer, or include one of the many available pre-selected GIFs. Numerous Integrations Without Coding Customizing and optimizing your store is as easy as choosing features from a drop-down menu and tweaking their appearance—no coding required. To make your life easier, the app even integrates with all Shopify themes, as well as numerous other store design and marketing apps. Pricing Loadify offers a 14-day free trial for all their paid plans, as well as a totally free option that includes the necessary features like 15 optimized GIFs, compatibility with all Shopify themes, and even chat support if you need help. Other than that, here's what Ninety9 offers: TurboMode $2.99/month This plan includes: Link predictionsLazyload Page Transitions $3.99/month This plan includes: Numerous slide optionsBGR color & directionFour different transition typesAnimated sounds on clickable links Custom Preloader $4.99/month This plan includes: Static logo animationsCustom size, color, and fade-out speedsCustom upload options Our Verdict: Should You Use Loadify: Preloader & TurboMode by Ninety9? Whether your store is struggling with poor loading times or unexplained bounce rates, or even if you simply want that extra boost to personalization through aesthetic animations and page transitions, you can't go wrong with an app like Loadify by Ninety9. Over a hundred other Shopify sellers have installed this app onto their store and given it a solid rating of 4.8 stars. Visit their website to learn more, or head straight over to their Shopify app store page to install the app now.

Promotional image for Starstream

Starstream Review—Automatic Event Ticketing for Shopify Sellers

Managing tickets to online events can be incredibly exhausting and confusing, especially as your Shopify store grows. Selling tickets to online webinars and livestreams always runs the risks of cross-sharing, users struggling to access the event, and more. Instead of struggling with managing your event tickets yourself, consider letting an automated service like Starstream by Livestream Labs handle it for you. Read on to learn more. Why You Should Use Starstream Aside from automatically handling the distribution of tickets to your online and physical events, Starstream can also offer you the following features: Reduced Cross-Sharing Chances Starstream will generate a secret link for your customers 24 hours before the event begins and control their access, which is a proven strategy for reducing the amount of unpaying customers attending your events. Compatibility With All Major Livestreaming Platforms You'll never have to worry about a platform not working for your event. Starstream is compatible with streaming services like YouTube and Facebook (among others) as well as webinar services like Zoom. Customized Ticket Capabilities The app will let you customize the look of your online and physical tickets to match your brand identity. QR Codes for Physical Events Even if you hold physical events, Starstream can automate the process with unique QR codes for each customer that you can validate and authorize with Starstream's built-in QR code scanner. Calendar Updates Not only can customers add your online and physical events to their event calendars on Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and more, but they will also receive updates about your event to ensure that they don't miss it. Event Replays Paying customers will have the option to receive replays of the events that they attended so that no information is lost along the way. Pricing Starstream is free to install and integrate into your Shopify store and comes with no additional monthly costs. Instead, Starstream will charge you a usage fee of $0.99 per ticket under $20, and $1.99 per ticket over $20. This ensures that you won't have to pay unnecessary fees if customers don't purchase enough tickets. Our Verdict: Should You Use Starstream? If your business ever holds events—both online and in-person—then an automatic ticketing service like Starstream by Livestream Labs is a necessity. Even if you only hold a single event per month—or fewer—Starstream won't charge you unless there are tickets being sold, and so there's really no harm in having it installed and ready to automate the ticket process so that you never have to worry. If you'd like to learn more, head to their Shopify store page to begin.

Promotional Image for EasyRoutes App

EasyRoutes for Shopify: E-commerce Tracking & Delivery Management

Managing safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of your products without stress seems like an impossible task. Fortunately, an efficient delivery management app makes the processes involved simple for any Shopify seller. EasyRoutes is a dispatch and delivery tracking app that takes your Shopify orders and converts them into optimized local delivery routes with itemized inventories that are easy to share with your drivers or hassle-free when you have to deliver products yourself. Why You Should Use EasyRoutes EasyRoutes shows signs of being an all-in-one fulfillment solution that could potentially save you hours of time planning and optimizing the quickest delivery routes. The app integrates seamlessly with Shopify and your store's orders, removing the need to import and export spreadsheets. Users select the orders for delivery, and the app intuitively determines the most efficient route to deliver your products, complete with packing lists. EasyRoutes Features Let's dive into the highlight features of EasyRoutes: Route Optimization One of EasyRoutes' advantages is the ability to optimize your routes. Apply handy filters, use tags, and search to find the exact orders you want to deliver. Afterward, you only have to click a button to add your selection to your route staging area. Once all your orders have been selected, EasyRoutes will optimize your addresses and output a map, stop list, and route inventory you can use as a packing list. Making adjustments to your route, should you receive a last-minute order, is painless - simply add it to a route you've already created. It's also a breeze to make changes with EasyRoutes' full suite of editing tools. Once all routes have been made, EasyRoutes instantaneously optimizes it to be the shortest and fastest one available. Driver Apps Delivery Driver is EasyRoutes' IOS and Android app for your driver (or yourself, if you do your own deliveries). It equips your driver with the tools they need to focus on one delivery at a time. Drivers can mark orders as Out for Delivery, Delivered, and Missed Delivery. With EasyRoutes' easy integration with Shopify, all order updates your driver makes sync automatically with your store's backend. Additional handy features include integration with any navigation app (Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze), attaching notes, taking photos, and capturing a signature as proof of delivery. EasyRoutes' Delivery Driver also gives your drivers the ability to see any critical order and delivery notes and the contents of the order they are delivering. On top of this, they can also call or text a customer with the tap of a button. Other Noteworthy Features Proof of delivery Attach proof of delivery photos, e-signatures, and notes to your orders for peace of mind.Customer tracking links Customers can use a customizable tracking link to monitor their deliveries and receive notifications for all delivery events. ETAs and drive times Manage expectations by keeping an eye on estimated drive and arrival times.Route scheduling Schedule routes for dispatch at a specific day/time in the future, complete with accurate ETAs.Route inventories Before embarking on a delivery, EasyRoutes features a packing list to ensure you have everything you need. EasyRoutes Customer Reviews The reception from the public has been rather positive, claiming that the app provides users with superb usability, an intuitive interface, and effortless customizability. It has maintained a solid 4.8-star rating on the Shopify app store with numerous customer reviews. ​​To see if EasyRoutes is right for your shop, visit their website to learn more or to start your free trial.

Promotional image for Shopdigits

Shopdigits—Toll-Free Call Center Support for Shopify

With the sheer number of emerging e-commerce stores these days, it's becoming more and more challenging to differentiate yourself from all other stores in your niche. Businesses are doing everything they can to identify themselves as the most professional company offering the best customer support—but there are a few prerequisites for even being able to compete with other stores. One of these prerequisites is toll-free support for your customers, and now you can offer them that with Shopdigits by Random Forest Inc. Read on to learn more. What Shopdigits Offers E-Commerce Merchants Toll-Free Calls and SMSes A toll-free line bills the receiver for the airtime instead of the caller. Although this might sound scary—especially if your business receives a lot of call or message traffic—all professional companies offer toll-free options for their clients. It shows that you value their support and are willing to help them with any questions or concerns without them having to pay for it in any way. Toll-free lines might not help you obtain more customers, but they'll definitely keep them around. Integrated Customer Data Shopdigits allows the saving and recalling of customer data once they make a call, allowing you to view their entire history with your business while you are communicating with them. See customer names, order history, and more without having to leave the Shopify dashboard. Additionally, any notes you leave about customers on the mobile app will sync to the desktop app for future use. Shopdigits Pricing All of the pricing plans come with a 7-day free trial and a $3.00 charge to change your number, as well as the following: Apps for iOS and Android to manage calls while on the goUnlimited calls within US & CanadaUnlimited voicemail Paying for higher plans allows more employees to use the same number, increasing the efficiency of your business and customer support. The plans are as follows: Small Shop—$10/month and 1 employeeMedium Shop—$20/month and 3 employeesEnterprise—$40/month and unlimited employees Our Verdict: Should You Use Shopdigits Due to the growing number of e-commerce stores and the affordability of premium services like toll-free business lines, these features are becoming a requirement if you want to have the chance of competing with other stores. Professionalism is everything in the eyes of the consumer, and toll-free support options are a great way to show that you care about their wellbeing and are confident in your own company. It's clear from the 5-star rating on the Shopify app store (at the time of writing this review) that other Shopify sellers would agree. Head over to their website to learn more, or go straight to their Shopify app store page to get started.

miniOrange Single Sign On‑SSO Cover Image

Shopify Single Sign-On (SSO): Improve Your Customers' Login Experience

In today's e-commerce landscape, conducting business on the cloud and using third-party services is the norm. As a result, users expect seamless and frictionless access from anywhere, anytime, and with any device. This is where single sign-on (SSO) login capabilities come into play. In this post, we will explore the benefits of Shopify Single Sign-On by miniOrange, an app that provides a solution to ensure an easy, secure, and efficient login to a Shopify store using a single set of credentials, all within minutes. Benefits of Shopify Single Sign-On Shopify sellers often have multiple e-commerce platforms in their business architecture. Using the Shopify Single Sign-On app, users can effortlessly log in to any of these platforms with a single set of login credentials. This eliminates the need for customers and employees to memorize different credentials for multiple applications, leading to increased staff productivity and user experience. Moreover, the app restricts users based on their behavior, like device location, time of access, the device used to access, etc., which helps prevent spammers from targeting and accessing your store. App Features & Integrations 1. Multiple Identity Providers (IDPs) The app supports multiple identity providers, including: Azure AD & Azure AD B2CAmazon CognitoOktaminiOrangePingOneGoogle Apps 2. Shopify Store as IDP Configure your Shopify Store as an identity provider and allow users to log in to any CMS platform or website using their Shopify credentials. Enable seamless single sign-on for multiple Shopify stores using one of them as the identity provider. 3. Attribute Mapping Attribute mapping allows the service provider to retrieve the necessary information from the identity provider and apply it to the user's account in the service provider. With Shopify Single Sign-On, you can assign user roles and map user attributes from the identity provider to the service provider (SP) during authentication. 4. Supports All Standard Authentication Protocols This includes the following: SAML 2.0OAuth 2.0OpenID ConnectJWTLDAPAPI authentication 5. Security Features The app has robust security features that protect against fraud and unauthorized access. It can be customized to meet the specific security needs of the business, and it complies with PCI DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA. The app also provides multi-factor authentication (MFA), customizable login widgets, and custom requirements. 6. Other Features Compatible with Shopify Headless Stores and Hydrogen FrameworkMobile SSO integrationRestricts users from using multiple devices to access the store during SSORestrict content on SSOEasy user management to delete & update used data in real timeOffers discounts based on customers' tags Pricing Plans Shopify Single Sign-On is available to both Shopify Plus and non-Plus businesses at affordable, industry-specific (B2B or B2C) price points. For B2C Businesses Features such as unlimited SSO user creation, account linking, a fully customizable login widget, and more are included in all four payment tiers. However, each plan has its own unique elements: Standard Plan ($89/month)1,000 unique usersBasic attribute mappingPremium Plan ($129/month) This plan offers all of the Standard Plan's features, as well as:3,000 unique usersAdvanced attribute mappingAuto redirect to IDP supportUser JWT after authenticationEnterprise Plan ($149/month) This plan offers all of the features of the previous plans, as well as:4,000 unique usersAdvanced attribute mapping, including metafieldsAuto update user profileDomain-based restrictionSession persists over 24 hoursAuto-taggingProfessional Plan (requires contacting the developers) This plan offers all of the previous plans' features, as well as:4,000+ unique usersCustom advanced attribute mappingFraud prevention based on IP, device, location, and time For B2B Businesses Most of the available features, from auto-tagging and account activation to domain-based restriction and customizable login widget, are included in all four pricing options. However, there are a few that are specific to each plan: Standard Plan ($89/month)100 unique usersBasic Attribute mappingPremium Plan ($219/month) This plan offers all of the Standard Plan's features, as well as:500 unique usersAdvanced attribute mappingMultiple IDP supportedUser JWT after authenticationEnterprise Plan ($299/month) This plan offers all of the features of the previous plans, as well as:1,000 unique usersAdvanced attribute mapping, including metafieldsRedirect endpoint and single logout endpoint (SLO)Session persists over 24 hoursProfessional Plan (requires contacting the developers) This plan offers all of the previous plans' features, as well as:1,000+ unique usersCustom advanced attribute mapping Support & Ease of Use Integrating Shopify Single Sign-On by miniOrange is a straightforward process that can be completed in minutes. The app has a dedicated 24/7 customer support team that responds to queries and troubleshooting. Alternatively, you can contact them at [email protected]. Final Verdict: Should You Use Shopify Single Sign-On? Shopify Single Sign-On by miniOrange is an app that provides a seamless and secure login solution for Shopify store owners and their customers. It eliminates the need for multiple credentials and restricts unauthorized access. It supports various authentication protocols, attribute mapping, and security features compliant with industry standards. The app is available at affordable price points for both B2B and B2C businesses, and its integration is easy with 24/7 customer support. If you're interested in trying the app, you can visit their website to learn more or start your 15-day free trial.

Tidio Review Cover Image

Tidio Review (2023): Pricing, Features, Support, & More!

According to a recent study, the amount of money consumers spend on retail purchases through chatbots is expected to reach $142 billion by 2024. That's a staggering increase from just $2.8 billion in 2019. Chatbots are not only convenient and cost-effective, but they also provide a personalized and engaging customer experience. Providing excellent customer service is not always easy. Merchants face many challenges, such as a lack of time or human resources to promptly handle customer queries, language barriers, time zone differences, etc. That's why we decided to review one of the most popular chatbot tools on the market: Tidio. Tidio is a chatbot and live chat platform that helps you communicate with your customers in real time, automate tasks, and personalize your interactions. We'll take you through the ins and outs of the app in this detailed review. ProsEasy-to-use UINo coding skills neededWide range of AI-driven featuresCustomizable chat widgets & chatbotsQuick multilingual supportMore affordable than similar appsConsLimited Shopify app integrationsFree plan has a limited number of chats Best For Tidio is the perfect app for any small to medium e-commerce store looking to improve customer service and increase sales. Whether you sell clothes, books, gadgets, or anything else, Tidio can help you connect with your customers and answer their questions in real time. However, stores with high volumes of customer inquiries or those that sell complex products will benefit the most from the app. This is because Tidio allows you to automate your responses, create chatbots, and integrate with other tools like email marketing and CRM. This way, you can save time, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately, increase sales. » Check out our selection of the best sales-boosting apps to see your sales soar Overview of Features Live Chat Live chat is one of Tidio's core features. It allows you to respond to customers almost immediately to increase your sales. You can use live chat to collect customer data before the chat starts, see what customers are typing before they send messages, create a library of common answers for lightning-quick responses, and customize your chat widget to match your brand. You can also split your operators into departments so customers can reach the right person for their queries. Shopify Order Management If you run a Shopify store, you'll love this feature. Tidio lets you manage your orders during chats, provide product recommendations, and offer refunds without leaving the app. You can preview customers' shopping carts and review their order history, as shown in the image below. Tidio also serves as a discount generator app, issuing custom coupon codes to customers. These tools can help you reduce abandoned cart rates and increase customer loyalty. Chatbots Tidio's chatbots allow you to have fully automated customer service without any coding skills. You can use the visual chatbot builder to create your own chatbots or choose from 35+ templates for different scenarios. You can also use chatbots to collect customer data, send pop-up messages when customers abandon their cart, and conduct post-conversation surveys. Tidio AI Tidio AI can help you provide faster and smarter customer service. This feature comprises a set of advanced features that use artificial intelligence to enhance your chatbots and live chat. You can use the Reply Assistant to get suggested responses based on previous chats, the FAQ Wizard to create chatbots that answer common questions, and Smart Views to segment your visitors based on their behavior and preferences. Ticketing Ticketing is a feature that helps you track and prioritize customer queries. It can help you organize your customer service and avoid missing any important issues. You can tag customer queries with different labels, such as "urgent," "new," or "resolved." You can also add notes and create custom tags for your own convenience. Tidio takes the ticketing system one step further, allowing you to transform chats or emails into tickets in just a few clicks. Multichannel Tool The multichannel tool is a feature that helps you create a communication center by linking all your messaging channels into one platform. You can integrate Messenger, Instagram, Live Chat, and email with Tidio and respond to all your messages in one place. This way, you can save time, avoid switching between apps, and reach more customers on their preferred channels. Analytics Analytics is a feature that helps you measure and improve your customer service and sales, and Tidio functions as an excellent analytics app. It lets you see how your chatbots and operators are performing, how many conversions you are getting, and your customer satisfaction rate with your service. It also offers helpful suggestions on what you can do to improve. You can compare different metrics using charts and see how they change over time, helping you optimize your chat strategy to increase ROI. » Don't forget to track your income & expenses with our top picks for the best profit-tracking apps Plans & Pricing Tidio offers a forever-free plan and three paid plans, which you can try for free for seven days. They also offer a 17% discount if you choose an annual plan. Free The Free plan is an excellent choice to get your small website started, with no commitment required. With this plan, you can access live chat, chatbots, email support, the ticketing system, desktop and mobile apps, visitor info, and JavaScript API. You can have up to 50 unique conversations with live chat and up to 100 users with chatbots. The Free plan best suits small businesses or hobbyists who want to try out the app. Communicator The Communicator plan is best for mid-sized teams that base customer support on live conversations. With this plan, you get unlimited conversations with live chat and up to five operators. You also get features such as team departments, analytics, live typing, viewed pages, a live visitors list, and more. The Communicator plan costs $19 per month per operator. Chatbots The Chatbots plan is a handy add-on with automations made for self-service. With this plan, you can create as many chatbots as you want and use them to automate tasks, answer questions, and collect data. You also get features such as over 35 chatbot templates, the visual chatbot editor, Zapier integration, and more. This plan starts at a monthly fee of $19 and is best suited for businesses that want to automate their customer service and increase conversions. Tidio+ The Tidio+ plan is a solution for growing businesses looking for advanced features and dedicated support. With this plan, you get unlimited conversations with live chat and a custom number of operators. You can also access all features, including Tidio AI, FAQ wizard, Reply Assistant, Smart Views, and more. The Tidio+ plan starts at $329 per month and is best suited for businesses that want to get the most out of Tidio and optimize their chat strategy. Integrations Tidio offers a range of integrations that can help you connect your chatbot with your favorite tools. They can be divided into platform and app integrations. Platform Integrations Tidio integrates with all leading e-commerce platforms, so you can easily install Tidio on your website without any coding skills. Some of the 18 platforms that Tidio integrates with are: ShopifyBigCommeerceWooCommerceWixMagentoWordPress App Integrations Tidio also integrates with 17 apps to enhance your chatbot's functionality and performance. Some of the most useful apps that Tidio integrates with are: KlaviyoOmnisendActiveCampaignMailChimpJudge.meGoogle Analytics Usability Tidio is one of the most user-friendly chatbot platforms on the market. You can set up your account and start chatting with your visitors in less than five minutes. As you can see below, the user interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. You can access all the features from the dashboard, such as chatbot templates, scenarios, settings, and analytics. The tool offers a wide range of chatbot templates to suit different purposes and industries. You can also create your own chatbot scenarios without coding using the drag-and-drop editor. Tidio is reliable and fast, with minimal downtime or technical issues. Support Tidio is more than just a chat tool. It's also a support tool that offers various ways to help you get the most out of the product. You can rely on the Tidio team for assistance, whether a quick answer, a detailed explanation, or a custom solution. Here are some of the support options they provide: Live chat support: Support staff typically respond within minutes on weekdays and are always friendly and helpful.Email support: They reply to your emails promptly and professionally every weekday.24/7 emergency phone support: They have a round-the-clock hotline in case you need immediate assistance.Customer success manager: A dedicated member of the Tidio team will guide you through the best practices and help you grow your business.Implementation specialist: They offer custom setup and integration for bigger teams or complex projects.Training sessions: You and your team have access to training on how to get the best out of Tidio.Chatbot building assistance: They can help you set up the bots for your specific needs and goals.Blog, case studies, and comparison articles: You can read helpful tips on chat, marketing, and e-commerce, gain inspiration from other businesses, and explore how Tidio compares to the competition.Help center: Tido also has a comprehensive knowledge base with articles, videos, and tutorials on a wide range of topics you can see below. From Conversations to Conversions: Turn Customer Service Into Sales Tidio is not just a chatbot platform. It's also a great marketing tool to help you turn your website visitors into loyal customers. Although it has minor drawbacks, like the limited nature of the free plan, it offers a wide range of robust capabilities that set it apart from its peers. With Tidio, you can create personalized chatbots that engage your visitors with relevant messages and offers. You can also use live chat to provide exceptional customer service and answer any questions or concerns they might have. Plus, you can track and analyze your visitors' behavior and preferences to optimize your website and campaigns. All of these features can help you generate more leads and increase sales through targeted and exceptional customer service. Tidio not only helps you start the conversation, but it also ensures that you end it with a conversion. » Gain further momentum with some of the best conversion rate optimization apps Reviews for Shopify (2023): Pricing, Integrations & Support

Social media has become a part of daily life and as a business owner, if you're not connected in at least some way, you risk getting left behind. Social proofing is the psychological phenomenon where people are more likely to make a purchase if they see that others have done so already but to make it work effectively, it's essential to have a good social proofing app. Product Reviews is one of the best social proof apps on the market and allows e-commerce store owners to manage, display, and collect product reviews. This includes social proofing, Google Shopping, in-email review forms, product groups, rich snippets, reviews page, and a whole lot more. With, you can easily import your existing reviews, send review request emails to customers, and even share your reviews on social media. It also has features like review reminders, review comment management, and review analytics to help you make the most of your customer feedback. What Is is designed specifically for e-commerce businesses on platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, Squarespace, and PrestaShop. It offers a variety of features to help online store owners collect and showcase customer reviews, including the ability to request reviews from customers via email, offer incentives like coupons, and display reviews with photos and videos. With its focus on review management and social proof, is a valuable tool for e-commerce businesses looking to build trust with potential customers and improve their online reputation. What Is Best Used for? ProsUnlimited review requestsIncentivize customers with coupons Free plan availableCustomizable review requestsAutomated review request emailsCustomizable review widgets and display optionsSEO-friendly reviews and rich snippetsConsFree plan includes branding is best for e-commerce brands looking to gather, manage, and display customer reviews to boost brand credibility and target audience trust. It's also a great pick for new stores that require a free review request app. The app is particularly useful for Shopify store owners who want to leverage user-generated content to drive sales and build customer trust. With features like photo and video reviews, customizable review requests, and the ability to offer incentives to customers, helps businesses increase their social proof and attract more potential customers. » Increase conversions by combining social proof and store design together Pricing has a free plan that includes basic features such as unlimited review requests, the ability to collect and display photo and video reviews, create a carousel of reviews, and add reviews to rich snippets. Their paid plan costs $15/month and includes additional features such as integration with Google Shopping and full customization options for review request emails and forms. This app offers users two pricing options: Free Plan: The free plan offers users unlimited product review requests.$15 per Month: This plan offers users all the features from the Free Plan plus extra ones. Integrations integrates with a variety of platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and PrestaShop. It also has an open API that allows for custom integrations with other e-commerce platforms. The app offers integrations with many applications, but let's have a look at the major ones: ZapierAmplify Me GempagesLayout HubsPagefly VajeroSlackPush OwlSMSBumpSearchaniseBoostCommerce NextopiaSparq Features offers a variety of features to help online stores collect and display customer reviews, including the ability to send review requests automatically, request reviews with coupons or rewards, and display reviews with photos or videos. Collect Reviews Automatically Schedule unlimited email review requests with photo and video and in-email review forms. Curate, reply, pin, and share reviews from the reviews dashboard.Customizable Widgets Customize and display reviews, star ratings, trust badges, carousel, and Q&A. Add custom questions and synchronize reviews across products and stores.Multi-channel Sharing Share reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, rich snippets, and Google Shopping. Engage your reviewers with coupons and email marketing integrations.Text and Visual Reviews Product reviews with video, photo, and text, as well as automatic reminders.Review Importation Unlimited review import requests and orders.Dedicated Review Page offers users a single page dedicated to reviews.Social Media Share You can share your product reviews on various social media platforms such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.Instantly Loaded Reviews offers instantly loaded reviews (Shopify meta fields) to boost page speed.Google Shopping You can add product reviews in Google shopping using The app allows you to incentivize review requests with coupons. Usability It is extremely easy to use and can be integrated with almost every other app that you use to run your e-commerce store seamlessly. This makes the app very easy to integrate into your business processes. In addition, the app offers a range of customization options to help store owners tailor their review requests to their specific brand and audience. This includes the ability to customize the look and feel of review request emails, as well as the ability to target specific customer segments with personalized review requests. Support has an entire knowledge base page dedicated to answering usual queries from customers. They provide support through various channels, including email, live chat, and an extensive knowledge base. They also offer personalized support for both their plans, with support agents ready to reply within minutes to an email and in seconds in the chat. Additionally, if you can't find what you're looking for there, you can send them an email directly at [email protected]. Boost Your Sales With Product Reviews This is a great app that allows e-commerce businesses to collect, manage, and share customer reviews about their products. Its integration feature allows users to connect to so many other applications for a smooth experience. With its affordable pricing plans and exceptional customer support, is an excellent choice for any Shopify store looking to enhance its online presence and build trust with customers through authentic reviews. » For more info on how to boost sales, check out our list of apps here

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Omnisend Reviews (2023)—Pricing, Features, Support, and More

Omnisend is an all-inclusive email marketing automation app created for e-commerce brands focused on growth and sales. It can help Shopify store owners convert prospects into customers, design personalized emails in minutes, and introduce automation to your email marketing. Omnisend also allows you to use smart segmentation to craft relevant and hyper-targeted email messages to boost your revenue. With Omnisend, you can create personalized, targeted email and SMS campaigns, automate your marketing workflows, and engage with your customers on a deeper level. Its user-friendly interface, advanced segmentation options, and easy-to-use automation features make it an ideal solution for e-commerce merchants looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level. ProsSeamless integration with all e-commerce platformsEmail and SMS marketing functionalityVarious automated workflowsIntuitive and simple interface Free plan users have unlimited contactsStellar customer service ConsLimited flexibility regarding customizationNot multi-lingual (English only)Doesn't save data for social media campaigns What Is Omnisend? Omnisend is a marketing automation platform designed for all e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Woocommerce and Bigcommerce. It offers advanced features to create customizable email and SMS campaigns, automate marketing workflows, and increase customer engagement levels. With its user-friendly interface, advanced segmentation options, and easy-to-use automation features, Omnisend helps e-commerce merchants to streamline their marketing efforts and boost sales. What Is the Best Use for Omnisend? Omnisend is best for for e-commerce stores that have outgrown their traditional email marketing platforms and are looking to take the next step in driving sales and growth even further. It has the latest email marketing automation tools and offers a range of advanced features to create personalized, targeted email and SMS campaigns, automate marketing workflows, and connect with customers on a deeper level. With its user-friendly interface, advanced segmentation options, and easy-to-use automation features, Omnisend helps e-commerce merchants to create effective marketing strategies that generate results. Additionally, with 24/7 customer support and a range of pricing options, Omnisend is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Omnisend Subscription Plans Omnisend offers a range of pricing options designed to suit the needs and budgets of businesses of all sizes. Its pricing plans are based on the number of subscribers you have, with a free plan available for up to 500 subscribers. Omnisend offers pricing in 3 tiers: Free, Standard, and Pro. Free Plan: While you're limited to 500 emails and 250 contacts per month, the free plan still offers a range of advanced features, including email templates, popups, signup forms, and pre-built workflows.Standard Plan: The standard plan works in tiers:$16: 0 to 500 subscribers and 15,000 emails monthly. $20: 501 to 1,000 subscribers and 15,000 emails monthly.$25: 1,001 to 1,500 subscribers and 18,000 emails monthly.$30: 1,501 to 2,000 subscribers and 25,000 emails monthly.$36: 2,001 to 2,500 subscribers and 30,000 emails monthly.Pro Plan: The pro plan starts at $59 monthly, depending on your subscriber list. Omnisend Integrations Omnisend offers a range of integrations with other popular apps, allowing merchants to create a seamless customer experience. Omnisend integrates with 35% of the most popular apps and platforms globally. Here are some of them: Zapier ShopifyBigCommerce WooCommerce WordPressOkendo GorgiasJustunoIntercomShipStationAttentiveShopify PlusEasyshipElink.ioPrivyStampedLoyaltyLion Omnisend Features Omnisend offers a range of advanced features designed to help e-commerce merchants streamline their marketing efforts and drive sales. Forms, email and SMS campaigns, automation, a content editor, and reports, including sales reports, automation reports, campaign reports, audience segmentation, and targeting, are all offered by Omnisend. » Best Shopify apps for reporting here Additionally, it keeps customers up to date through Facebook Messenger and assists users in communicating with subscribers through WhatsApp. Some of its key features include: Third-party Integrations Auto-respondersROI tracking/Analytics AB Testing 2-way messagingContact managementDrip CampaignsCustomizable CTAsCAN SPAM ComplianceDynamic contentMass TextingLists management Image LibraryEvent-Triggered Actions WebForms/Landing Pages Message Personalization Usability of Omnisend Omnisend is very effective and easy to use for setting up automated triggered emails for customer retargeting/activation, follow-up, reviews, etc. Omnisend's user-friendly interface makes it easy for e-commerce merchants to create and manage email campaigns, SMS messages, and other marketing automation workflows for any type of business. Its drag-and-drop email editor and pre-built templates make it simple to create professional-looking emails without any design experience. Plus, its automation workflows allow merchants to set up triggered messages based on customer behavior, such as abandoned cart reminders and order confirmations. Omnisend Support Omnisend offers a range of support options for its users. Its support team is available 24/7 via email and live chat to help users with any questions or issues that may arise. In addition, Omnisend offers a detailed knowledge base and resources such as guides, webinars, and case studies to help users get the most out of the platform. Omnisend offers the following support: Live chat Knowledge baseHelp desk/email24/7 live repYouTube channel (workshops and tutorials) Make Marketing Relevant With Omnisend Omnisend is an excellent app for e-commerce marketers and brands seeking to grow their businesses via seamless and effective email marketing. The app is easy to use and provides a hands-off approach. You can effortlessly integrate the solution into your current business processes as well, as it integrates with 35% of the most popular apps and platforms globally and in e-commerce.