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Professional Reviews of Shopify Apps

Get a closer look at Shopify apps, their team, features, pricing, and what sellers say about them.

Shopify App Reviews

CM Commerce App Review - Pricing, Demo, & Features

The CM Commerce app allows you to send smarter emails to boost your profitability and brand success. The app combines user-generated content tools with email marketing to build brand trust and customer engagement. ProsVery easy to use and integrates well with Shopify.30 day free trial with access to all features.ConsContacting the support team is a bit hard to figure out for first-time users. Best For CM Commerce is best for brands who seek to automate email marketing campaigns and send target-specific messaging to their customers to build trust and consumer loyalty. Pricing Users who sign-up for CM Commerce automatically get a 30-day free trial that provides access to all the tools of the app. Once the free trial period elapses users will get charged automatically based on the chosen tier as seen below: Starter Plan: Send 5000 emails to 500 monthly subscribers for $9 per month. Growth Plan Send unlimited emails for $29 per month. Also comes with additional features such as visual product reviews and customer feedback surveys. Professional Plan Send unlimited emails for $49 per month. Also comes with even more features than the Growth Plan, such as a dedicated account manager. Integrations Here are the apps that CM Commerce integrates with: LoyaltyLion OptinMonster Privy Justuno Features The features of this app make it a great replacement for Klaviyo, Omnisend, or MailChimp. The best ones are: Email Newsletters You can seamlessly set up and send personalized emails to your customers to help boost conversions. User-Generated Visual Product Reviews The app offers you the ability to upload visual reviews. It turns your customers into your advocates and allows you to feature their experience with your business in your emails and website. Effective Marketing Automations CM Commerce boosts your email marketing efforts with seamless automated processes that allow for driving repeat purchases, nurturing new customers, and rewarding loyal ones. Email Optimization You can optimize your most clicked and open email campaigns using captivating templates, shipping coupons, and cross-sell messages to boost your revenue. Automated Abandoned Cart Emails You can begin to recover revenue using abandoned cart emails that feature your most recent product reviews, other recommended products, and coupons automatically. Usability CM Commerce is extremely easy to use and offers a seamless Shopify integration. You can instantly sync all of your orders and customer data to automatically build accurate and up-to-date customer profiles and segments. Support CM Commerce offers a knowledge base and a support team that replies to queries via a contact form on the website. The Bottom Line CM Commerce is an excellent app for businesses who seek to automate their email marketing efforts as well as build brand trust and loyalty with user-generated messaging.

Seguno App Review - Pricing, Alternatives, Integrations, and Features

Seguno is the only email marketing app created exclusively for Shopify. This app was built to save Shopify store owners the time that their email marketing endeavors take by making the process seamless and automated. ProsThe app is available on the official Shopify app store for quick integration.You can see revenue data from all your email campaigns.The app allows you to segment and target customers.Seguno allows you to recommend products based on items customers have viewed before.The app's features are placed in your Shopify dashboard after installation, letting you work from a single module.ConsPoor customer support.The app was created for small businesses in mind and lacks the required features for bigger businesses with larger email lists. Best For This app is best for new Shopify stores with small email lists looking to automate their email marketing processes to free up time for other activities. Pricing Seguno offers a pricing model based on subscriber count. This means that the more subscribers on your online business’ email list, the more you have to pay for the service. According to Seguno, a subscriber is defined as any of your Shopify customers that have agreed to receive marketing emails and newsletters from any of your business’ email marketing campaigns. Here's how Seguno pricing works after a 10-day free trial with their full range of features included: 0-250 subscribers: free.251-1000 subscribers: $10/month.For every 1000+ subscribers above the first 1000: An additional $10/month. Integrations MailChimpCanvaFacebook LeadsDynamic Banner SuiteAll email pop-up apps Features 1. Facebook Integration You can integrate Facebook leads in real-time. 2. Triggers The app allows you to trigger an automation when a customer buys any particular product (that you decide on). 3. Email Automation You get custom email newsletter templates as well as multi-email automation. 4. Automation of Product Review Request Emails Seguno helps automate your product review process by helping you send review request emails and pull product ratings to your emails if you use Shopify product reviews. 5. Creation and Coordination of Email Marketing Campaigns Within Shopify Alongside templates and various automation features, Seguno also makes rolling out email marketing campaigns within Shopify super easy. With just a few clicks and the help of an integrated email marketing calendar, Shopify merchants can create high-converting emails that target specific customers based upon their previous shopping habits within your Shopify store. 6. Seamless Working with Shopify Marketing You can create emails with the app for a multi-channel campaign within Shopify's marketing section. 7. Segmented Automation Using this app, you can create customer-tagged automation for VIPs, wholesale customers, etc. 8. Implement Dynamic Recommendations With this feature, Seguno auto-generates and integrates your all-time best-selling products into your email marketing campaigns. 9. Revenue Reporting Integrated within Seguno is an auto-generated revenue reporting feature. This concisely generates revenue reports so you can quickly and easily see how impactful your email marketing campaigns really are. Usability Since Seguno is made exclusively for Shopify, users will have a seamless experience. Being able to access features from your Shopify dashboard will not only make it easy to use but easy to manage as well. Support Seguno only offers email support. There are currently no options for live chat or direct calls. Users also complained about slow response times and extended waiting periods from the support team in response to email queries. Seguno Alternatives If you are not sure if Seguno is the right fit for your online business, know that there are several alternatives to the Seguno email marketing app. They include: PrivyOmnisendKlaviyo FAQ Is the Seguno Email Marketing App Free? Yes, the Seguno app is free for the first 250 subscribers that sign up for your email marketing campaigns. Beyond that, Seguno's pricing is charged at $10 per month for between 251-1000 subscribers. And for every additional 1000 subscribers beyond that, another $10 per month is charged. For instance, 2000 subscribers will cost $20, 3000 subscribers $30, and so on. The Bottom Line Seguno is an excellent app for small Shopify businesses looking to automate their email marketing processes. The app also integrates perfectly well with Shopify, making it easy and efficient to manage and use.

Omnisend Review - Subscription Plans, Features, Support, and More!

Omnisend is an all-inclusive email marketing automation app created for e-commerce brands focused on growth. It will help you convert prospects into customers, design personalized emails in minutes, and introduce automation to your email marketing. Omnisend also allows you to use smart segmentation to craft relevant and hyper-targeted email messages to boost your revenue. ProsThe app allows 2000 emails to be sent by free plan users daily the moment it is integrated into your website. Free plan users have unlimited contacts.Email segmentation is possible.The product-picker feature is amazing. You need only pick an item from your store and it'll be added automatically to your newsletter, images and product descriptions included.The app's backend design is very straightforward and clean. Stellar customer service. ConsLimited flexibility with regards to customization.Users have complained about poor communication with regards to Omnisend updates, forcing users to have to contact support on how to navigate the new update. You have to input data fresh whenever you want to launch a campaign on social media. Best For Omnisend offers advanced email marketing automation tools for eCommerce marketers that have outgrown the regular email marketing platforms and want to drive sales even more. Pricing Omnisend offers pricing in 3 tiers: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Standard Plan: Offers 0 to 500 Subscribers and 15,000 emails monthly for $16. 501 to 1,000 subscribers and 15,000 emails monthly for $20. 1001 to 1500 subscribers and 18,000 emails monthly for $25. 1501 to 2000 subscribers and 25,000 emails monthly for $30. 2001 to 2500 subscribers and 30,000 emails monthly for $36.Pro Plan: The pro plan starts at $99 monthly depending on your subscribers' list.Enterprise Plan: You'll have to contact Omnisend to get your custom pricing details for this plan. Omnisend also offers a free plan as well as a free version. Integrations Omnisend integrates with 35% of the most popular apps and platforms globally. Here are some of them: Zapier ShopifyBigCommerce WooCommerce WordPressOkendo GorgiasJustunoIntercomShipStationAttentiveShopify PlusEasyshipElink.ioPrivyStamped.ioLoyaltyLion Features Omnisend has a lot of features due to the versatile nature of the app, here are a few of them: Third-party Integrations Auto-respondersROI tracking/Analytics AB Testing 2-way messagingContact managementDrip CampaignsCustomizable CTAsCAN SPAM ComplianceDynamic contentMass TextingLists management Image LibraryEvent-Triggered Actions WebForms/Landing Pages Message Personalization Usability Omnisend is very effective and easy to use for setting up automated triggered emails for customer retargeting/activation, follow-up, reviews, etc. Support Omnisend offers the following support: Live chat Knowledge BaseHelp Desk/Email24/7 Live Rep The Bottom Line Omnisend is an excellent app for e-commerce marketers and brands seeking to grow their business via seamless and effective email marketing. The app is easy to use and provides a hands-off approach. You can effortlessly integrate the solution into your current business processes as well, as it integrates with 35% of the most popular apps and platforms globally and in e-commerce.

Privy App Review - Pricing, Features, and More

Privy has been designed to help e-commerce businesses effortlessly scale up their marketing channels. The company has helped over 500,000 online businesses from more than 180 countries, creating over $3.9B in sales. That's definitely not a bad figure to have on their resume. But, is Privy worth all the hype? ProsIntegrated cart upsell featuresIntegrate a wide range of e-commerce store platformsFeatures a drag and drop content editorConsEmbeddable forms can be a little inflexibleThe basic features of the more affordable plans can be rather limitingPrivy's pricing tends to change regularly Best For Privy is well suited to e-commerce stores and online businesses of all sizes. The team's free plan will suit small online stores or startups while their premium plans scale well to fit the needs of larger sites. How the Pricing Works Here's a nice surprise: Privy offers an unlimited time period free plan. The only catch, the free plan only allows 3,000 automated emails to be sent out per month. Which, for small e-commerce stores or any online stores that are just starting out, is a great deal. The only other downside the free plan presents is some of the more advanced functions like audience targeting can start to feel a little limiting. So what about higher traffic businesses that wish to upgrade to Privy's paid services? Well, Privy's Plus Plan, Commerce Plan, and Growth Plan are all relatively reasonably priced. Here's how much they'll cost and what features you'll be able to access depending on your plan of choice: Privy's Plus Plan will set you back $24 per month. Or the annual plan costs around $238 or just below $20 per month.The Commerce Plan costs $79 per month. Or the annual plan is around $788 or just over $65 per month.The Growth Plan costs $299 per month or more depending on the number of sign-ups and user traffic. All Integrations Privy is not just a Shopify app. Nope, It works with just about every major e-commerce platform. So no matter what e-commerce CMS you are using, Privy is just a few nuisance-free clicks away. Here are the e-commerce CMSs Privy integrates with: ShopifyShopify PlusBigCommerceWixSquarespaceMagentoWeeblyWooCommerceVolusion App Features Privy facilitates this by integrating with many major e-commerce CMS platforms. The app's features can then be used by e-commerce merchants to target on-site and off-site customers through a select number of features. It allows the display of on-site banners and pop-ups as well as integrated cart abandonment strategies. Its off-site features include building email mailing lists, scale automated emails, and rollout event-triggered campaigns. Usability It has a wide range of great features to offer its customers, and even though some more tech-minded users will appreciate this, new customers may find it a bit of a steep learning curve. To help their customers out, the Privy team has added masterclass courses on their website to help out. Support The channels in which Privy users can get in touch with the support team are limited. There is no Slack or customer forum set up to get answers immediately. So, sadly, customers must get in touch the old-fashioned way through the company's contact us page, email, or FAQ support page. The Bottom Line Privy is a great engagement tool for e-commerce sites, large or small. Its interface is simple enough to navigate, there’s a wide array of conversion and sale boosting features, and Privy can be trialed through a comprehensive free plan. With that said, some less tech-minded users may experience a steep learning curve when endeavoring to make full use of Privy’s features and the company’s customer support has been known to be a little lacking.

ReConvert App Review - Features, Pricing & Support

ReConvert is a page builder app that can be used to design thank you pages for upselling and conversion. ProsThe app doesn't require users to change their Shopify store checkout as it functions with post-purchase upsell.There are a large number of widget options to choose from. This allows you to collect customer data, display tracking information, upsell, get social media shares, show videos, and a lot more in just one app.ReConvert provides free pre-made templates to help you get started with just a couple of clicks.The app is free for any e-commerce store that's starting and hasn't made any sales yet.ConsWhen your customer agrees to a post-purchase offer, ReConvert creates a fresh order rather than include the product in the original order.The app doesn't offer one-click upsell due to Shopify’s checkout limitations. Best For ReConvert is great for any type of store. The app even provides free pricing plans for e-commerce stores that don't have enough sales yet to gain value from it. You can get the most value from this app as your monthly orders increase. Pricing ReConvert pricing plans are usage-based, meaning that you are charged based on your store's monthly use. The app automatically charges you depending on your monthly orders, so you won't have to change your tier to go to a higher package. Here's the pricing: 0 to 50 orders: free51 and above orders: starts at $7.99 ReConvert also offers a 30-day free trial. Integrations SMSBump MailChimpLooxKlaviyoWiser RecommendationsJudge.meAli ReviewsStamped.ioRebuySMS notifications Features Thank You Pages: ReConvert allows you to create amazing custom thank you page templates for upselling your customers after purchase without changing your Shopify checkout page. Upsell and Cross-sell: You can cross-sell and upsell your customers with multiple features like product recommendations, timer pop-ups, reorder widgets, product upsell, and a lot more. Triggers: ReConvert allows you to use triggers to display different thank you pages that have different offers according to the product's properties, customer, and order. With this, you can show the right offer to each customer and ensure that your conversion rate remains high. Gather Customer Data: Using this app you can collect customer information such as product comments, post-purchase survey answers, and birthdays. Powerful Integrations: Using ReConvert integrations, you can display smart product recommendations, send automated birthday campaigns, and showcase product reviews Analytics: ReConvert features analytic sections that display your thank you page's real-time performance. Using this you can ensure that all your widgets are doing well and you're getting a positive ROI. Usability The ReConvert app is very easy to use as it features a drag-and-drop app builder as well as thank you page templates that you can use right away. Support The app offers 24/7 customer support via email and live chat for all plans. It also provides in-depth documentation of all widgets and features in the app's helpdesk portal. The documentation is inclusive of explanatory videos, screenshots, and text. The Bottom Line ReConvert is a great app for upselling and cross-selling your customers to improve your conversion. It’s extremely easy to use as it offers preset templates and a drag-and-drop builder that anyone can easily use.

Loox App Review - Pricing, Integrations, and More!

Loox is a reviews app that allows e-commerce brands to gather user-generated photos and reviews from customers. The app can be used for any type of online store that permits customers to give their reviews. Customers can give plain star ratings via the app for a product they purchased, as well as take photos of themselves using it. Loox also makes it easy for Shopify brands to import their product reviews from other platforms on the web like Amazon and AliExpress reviews. ProsLoox offers a unique feature that gives discounts to customers that review nicely. The app provides many integrations that optimize your store as well as provide a seamless experience. Provides ample automation. ConsLoox doesn't offer a free plan You need to purchase a professional plan to access all features. Best For The Loox app is best for newbie and professional Shopify sellers alike who seek a seamless and automated way to gather user-generated reviews to build trust and credibility in their niche. Pricing Loox provides users with dynamic pricing options. This means that you won't have to pay additional fees if you only send a limited amount of review requests every month, and they offer a 14-day free trial that allows you to test the app before choosing a paid plan. Here's the app's pricing structure, billed monthly: Basic Plan: 100 monthly review requests for $9.99.Advanced Plan: 500 monthly review requests for $29.99.Pro Plan: 1500 monthly review requests for $59.99.Enterprise Plan: 10,000 monthly review requests for $99.99. If you need more review request emails in a month beyond what all plans available offer, Loox accommodates this. You only have to contact them and inform them of your monthly numbers and they'll create a custom pricing plan for you. Integrations Loox's Shopify app provides numerous integrations. Here are the major ones: Google shoppingFacebook KlaviyoPushOwl Features Beyond giving you a seamless way to generate customer reviews and receive feedback, Loox has more to offer. Here are the major features of Loox: One-click Installation: Hit "Get" on Loox's app store page and you're all set. Review Importation: With a single click you can import reviews inclusive of photos from AliExpress, Amazon, or other platforms. Highly Optimized for Shopify: Loox is optimized for use on any Shopify theme, as well as mobile and it is extremely responsive.Automated Email Review Reminders: Every review request is sent automatically. So it offers a hands-off approach while the reviews pile up. Branded Emails: All emails have your store's logo, custom text and subject, and your brand's name. Fully Customizable: You can set the email widget color, placement, size, and timings. Moderation: Loox gives you control of which reviews show up on your website. Give Discounts to Reviewers: You can give customers custom discounts for including a product visual in their reviews. Inline SEO: Loox allows you to display reviews and ratings on search engines with rich snippet integrations. Social Media Sharing: You can share customer reviews on your social media pages via Loox. Happy Customers Page: You can display all your satisfied customers' feedback on one page.Rating-Widget: Simple widget that shows star ratings and reviews on your product pages.Cross-sell/Upsell: You can integrate product suggestions in your review request emails. Supports Multiple Languages: Available in English, Turkish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Dutch. Usability Loox is easy to use and most steps like importing reviews from other platforms or installation require one click. Support Users can contact support via the Loox admin by clicking the "Email us" icon or by sending an email to "[email protected]". Replies are usually within 24 hours. The Bottom Line Loox is a customer-trusted product and it is 100% legit. The Loox app assists professional and newbie sellers gather customer reviews that help build authenticity and trust amongst their target audience. Review - Alternatives, Pricing, Features, Integrations, Support, and More manages, displays, and collects product reviews for you; inclusive of social proof, Google Shopping, in-email review forms, product groups, rich snippets, reviews page, and a lot more. ProsAll plans offer unlimited review requests.You can offer customers coupons to incentivize them to give video and photo reviews.There is a free plan. You can customize your review requests in the app’s paid plan.ConsYou have to subscribe to a paid plan to access video and photo reviews.The free plan incorporates's branding.The paid plan’s free trial is only available for new upgrades. Best For The app is best for e-commerce brands looking to gather, manage, and display customer reviews to boost brand credibility and target audience trust. It’s also a great pick for new stores that require a free review request app. Pricing This app offers users 2 pricing options: $15 Per Month: This plan offers users video and photo reviews as well as the ability to give coupons. Free Plan: The free plan offers users unlimited product review requests. Integrations The app offers integrations with over 150 applications, but let's have a look at the major ones: ZapierWhen you're building your customized pages you can add widgets via integration with AMP by Amplify Me, Gempages, Layout Hubs, Pagefly, Vajero, etc.SlackPush OwlSMSBumpYou can show aggregate ratings and reviews on product search by integrating with Searchanise, BoostCommerce, Nextopia, or Sparq. Best Features Text and Visual Reviews: Product reviews with video, photo, and text, as well as automatic reminders. Review Importation: Unlimited review import requests and orders. Dedicated Review Page: offers users a single page dedicated to reviews. Social Media Share: You can share your product reviews on various social media platforms such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Instantly Loaded Reviews: offers instantly loaded reviews (Shopify meta fields) to boost page speed. Google Shopping: You can add product reviews in Google shopping using Incentivize: The app allows you to incentivize review requests with coupons. Usability It is extremely easy to use and can be integrated with almost every other app that you use to run your e-commerce store seamlessly. This makes the app very easy to integrate into your business processes. Support has an entire knowledge base page dedicated to answering usual queries from customers. Additionally, if you can't find what you're looking for there, you can send them an email directly at [email protected] The Bottom Line This is a great app that allows e-commerce businesses to collect, manage, and share customer reviews about their products. Its integration feature allows users to connect to so many other applications for a smooth experience.

A professional review of SMSBump Shopify app

SMSBump App Review - Pricing, Features, and More

As the name suggests, SMSBump is an SMS automation marketing tool for e-commerce platforms. The tool assists online businesses in developing highly targeted SMS campaigns while also tracking performance, facilitating campaign scheduling, sending customer retention prompts, keeping track of subscribed members, and a heap more. ProsSmooth integration and setupBoosts investment returnsIncreases click-through rateOffers excellent customer serviceConsSlight bugs and hiccups do sometimes occurTest SMSs are charged to the customerLower priced plans can feel limiting Best For SMSBump is great for both startups and small to large online businesses. The app’s different pricing tiers and scaling features suit just about every brand’s marketing requirements. Pricing SMSBump offers its customers many different pricing plans to choose from, featuring a cancel-at-any-time subscription with no hidden fees. The plans look like this: The Free plan costs $0 per month. Although, charges of $0.0149 USD per SMS and $0.0520 USD per MMS still exist for each text message that is sent.The Growth Plan costs $19 per month with additional charges of $0.0149 USD per SMS and $0.0497 USD per MMS.The Prime Plan costs $59 per month with additional charges of $0.0142 USD per SMS and $0.0455 USD per MMS.The Powerhouse Plan costs $199 per month with additional charges of $0.0130 USD per SMS and $0.0520 USD per MMS.The Enterprise Plan is for those larger online businesses that require advanced compliance solutions and are encouraged to contact the SMSBump team to organize a custom pricing subscription. Integrations Initially, SMSBump was designed to be exclusive to Shopify. Although, the development team has recently been working on integrating the tool onto other major e-commerce CMS platforms. There is now a beta version of SMSBump available for BigCommerce and there’s talk of a WooCommerce integration that is set to be released in the not too distant future. Aside from platforms, SMSBump does integrate with a wide variety of other e-commerce apps. Some of the most widely used include: MailChimpRecartSlackReConvertKlaviyoReCharge Best Features SMSBump possesses a ton of super handy features that many e-commerce and online stores will find great for customer acquisition and retention, such as: Text message marketing and automated campaigns.Growth tools, including mobile-first pop-ups, floating buttons, and customizable sign-up forms.Increasing conversions by building segmentations and customer-based data.Collecting detailed user analytics on orders, link clicks, and spending metrics.Measuring and tracking conversion and ROI data.Storing customer timezones so that no middle-of-the-night text messages occur.Enabling users to set cost thresholds so no overspending arises Usability The SMSBump app is easy to set up and, as the tool is rolled out on more e-commerce platforms, it will likely become more user-friendly. Support The SMSBump team is well known for its exceptional customer support. The team is responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to deal with. The Bottom Line With up to a 98 percent open rate, SMS marketing is a seriously potent marketing channel. With the help of SMSBump, rolling out a campaign with this amount of ROI potential has never been easier.