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How do you grow your business using Facebook Ads?

Asked 3 years ago

How are you guys incorporating Facebook Ads in your growth hacks? I would really like to know your tactics and how you optimize it.

Sofia Thai

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Facebook ads are a really great option when it comes to growing your business. There are a few easy techniques that you can try, to maximise your budget and to grow your business quickly.

Target, target, target

When you choose to run ads, make sure that you don't go straight into it blind. If you are new to running Facebook ads for your business, take some time to think about your ideal customer - what kind of age are they? Do they have particular interests? Is there a main location that you want to focus on? By taking the time to work out what your perfect customer is, you can ensure your ads are highly targeted to them, making the most of your budget.

Keep it on Brand!

When you post ads, it is important that they include your business branding. When someone sees your ad, it is important that they know what your company name is, what you are offering them, and how they can contact you. You could do this by including links to your website or Facebook page and by using clear brand colours.


Once you have run a set of ads for a week or 2, create a new custom audience based on people who have interacted with your ads or clicked through to your website. Create a new retargeting ad, to encourage people that have not converted into sales from your first ad, into making a purchase.

Alex Merchant

Alex Merchant

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Inorder to promote your products on Facebook, Advertsiing works best, If you are budget constrained, Join relevant facebook groups of your Niche and try to create buzz around your product/service organically on those groups. Hope this helps.

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