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Best Pushowl target notification techniques

Asked a year ago

Hi guys, has anyone here had experience with using Pushowl for their eCommerce store? I've recently installed it and was wondering what kinds of notifications y'all are sending out and what kind of results you're seeing. Thanks!

David Page

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Hi there! For sending push notifications to customers, PushOwl is a fantastic app for eCommerce stores. Targeting is best done by segmenting your audience and sending tailored notifications based on their behavior and preferences. You could, for instance, notify customers who have abandoned their shopping carts, let them know when your best-selling items are back in stock, or let customers know about new arrivals if they have previously bought similar goods. To increase click-through rates, it's crucial to keep your notifications' content succinct and compelling.

In general, PushOwl can be a useful tool for increasing engagement and sales for your eCommerce store if targeting and messaging are used strategically.

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