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How will I be billed for CartLove?

Asked 3 years ago

I see that your CartLove Shopify app is linked to your platform, but there is still a cost involved for the full platform feature set of $49 per month even though the Shopify app is free. I wanted to know how billing would work, as I will not pay for the app on the Shopify platform and do not want to signup for the trial first. I assume by credit card? Thanks!

Tania VanWyk DeVries

Friday, March 12, 2021

Thanks for writing. The CartLOVE service has many options and pricing available. We do offer free search-only services if your store has under 500 products. We have other inexpensive search-only tiers for more products and if you are interested in our Premium services, those do start at $49. However, you can start a trial for free without adding a credit card. Everyone who joins CartLOVE undergoes the trial but can opt-out of any unwanted features at any time.

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