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Best app for custom sorting rules?

Asked a year ago

Which is the better app to use for creating custom sorting rules? I'm trying to decide between Bestsellers Resort by Egnition and Sortimize by Digital Pals. Does anyone have experience with the two?

Robert Ochoa

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Bestsellers Resort app VS Sortimize app

Features: The Bestsellers Resort app by Egnition is a popular choice for Shopify sellers as it excels in sorting and tagging products and collections. You can organize products in unimaginable ways by creating precise sorting rules to drive sales and save time.

On the contrary, Sortimize by Digital Pals also offers powerful custom sorting rule features. The only new feature with Sortimize is that it allows tracking the page value of your collections.

Reviews: The Bestsellers Resort app has over 4.8-star ratings and 69 reviews. Whereas, Sortimize has only 10 reviews to cumulate a 5-star rating.

Pricing: Sortimize app comes with a steep monthly price starting from $9/month, while The Bestsellers Resort has an affordable package plan starting from $6.99/month.

Bottom Line: The Bestsellers Resort app holds an edge over the Sortimize app for its superior features and cost-effectiveness.

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