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How to set bulk image editing rules with the All-In-One Image Master app?

Asked 2 years ago

Hey there. I own a Shopify store which sells custom phone cases, and up until this point, I have been using Shopify's photo editing tool to bulk edit my product images. However, I have found that this has resulted in producing low-quality images. This is not working for my store, as the phone cases are very detailed and need to be shown in high resolution. I want to make a move to using the All-In-One Image Master app so that I can set rules to edit images which will be processed at the same time. Anybody know how I can set these rules using the app? Thank you for your responses!

Abeeha Qasmi

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Setting individual rules for each picture in your Shopify store can become annoying. Fortunately, the All-In-One Image Master app can set uniform rules and help you analyze and use your photographs with a single click. To do so, click "More Actions" on the Shopify admin page and find the app. Open the app, and this will send all your pictures to the app at once. Now select the ones you want to edit and set rules and new settings for them. Lastly, click Confirm, and voila! All pictures are ready to use in the store with automatically generated ALT text.

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