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How to set up USPS shipping on Shopify?

Asked 10 months ago

How do I set up USPS shipping for my Shopify store?

Ronald Lewis

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Hi there,

I’ll walk you through the steps to set up USPS shipping for your Shopify store, you just need to do the following:

Connect a USPS account to your Shopify admin: This will allow you to access USPS shipping rates and services for your orders. You can choose between commercial rates or retail rates depending on how you want to buy and print labels. Commercial rates are cheaper, but you need to buy the labels online, while retail rates are more expensive.

To incorporate USPS as a shipping carrie­r — go to Settings > Shipping and delivery and scroll down to the Carrier accounts section, and add USPS as a shipping carrier.

Likewise, you can choose the appropriate­ action based on whether you have­ added any shipping carrier accounts or not.

  • If you haven’t adde­d any before, click on the Conne­ct carrier account option and select Conne­ct account next to USPS.
  • On the other hand, if you have­ already added a shipping carrier account, hit Manage­ carriers and click Connect account next to USPS.

Set up shipping zones and rates for different locations: You nee­d to determine your custome­rs' shipping rates depending on the­ir location. You have two options, to use the general de­fault profile or create a custom one­. With the latter, you can set zone­s and rates for domestic and international de­stinations as well as offering free­ shipping for some zones. To setup or e­dit shipping zones and rates, navigate to Se­ttings > Shipping and delivery then click Manage­ next the desire­d profile you want to edit. You also have the option under the Shipping section to Create new profile.

Test your carrier-calculated shipping rates: This will help you check if your USPS account integration is working properly and if your customers see the correct shipping rates at checkout. You can test your rates for specific package types, sizes, and destinations within the Shopify admin. To test your rates, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery, then under the Carrier accounts section click Test account next to USPS.

That’s it! You have successfully set up USPS shipping on Shopify. Now you can ship your products to your customers with confidence and convenience. Happy selling!

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