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How to Sort By Best-Selling Products on Shopify
Shopify inventoryHow to Sort By Best-Selling Products on ShopifyIt is important to organize your products in your Shopify store in a way that makes shopping easy and streamlined for your customer. Even though your store is not physical, a messy and complicated layout will put your customers off the same way it would if they visited a messy physical store. » Struggling to structure your Shopify store? Use these tips to effectively organize your Shopify products Can Products on Shopify Be Sorted? Yes, you most certainly can sort products on Shopify, and you have a wide variety of ways that you can sort your products: Manual order selectionBest-selling productsHighest to lowest pricesLowest to highest pricesAlphabetical order from A to ZReverse alphabetical order from Z to ANewest to oldest dateOldest to newest date » Can you sort products on Shopify automatically? Discover how to change the default sort settings on Shopify Benefits of Sorting By Best-Selling Products on Shopify Sorting your products according to the best-sellers in a Shopify bundle tells your customers which products are popular with your other customers. Shopify has tracking functionality that can tell you which of your products are your biggest sellers, and sorting by these provides numerous benefits, such as: Attracting new customers Many times, users go onto a Shopify store just to have a look at prices or deals. When they get exposed to your best-sellers, they may buy a product they had no intention of buying when they logged on.Showcasing your range Sorting by best-selling products will give your customers a broad and wider view of the different products you sell—especially if you have a multi-location inventory.Building trust Your customers will trust a product that has been trusted by many others. Competitive research You can scope out your competitors’ best-selling products and their prices. Can Best-Selling Products Be Hidden? Yes, they can. And also for very good reason. In the same way that you expose your customers to your trusted best-sellers, you could also be exposing your competitors to ideas for them to expand their product lines. This means that you have to think carefully about which of your best-sellers you are willing to release into the public eye. This makes inventory forecasting essential. There are two methods that you can use to hide your best-sellers: Method 1: Using Javascript This method involves using Javascript to pick up if a user is sorting your collection by best-selling. If they are, you then redirect them to your full collection. It is quick to set up if you are comfortable editing theme code. There is one big disadvantage though: Javascript can be disabled in the web browser pretty easily, revealing all your best sellers. Method 2: Customizing Your Shopify This method involves creating a custom version of your Shopify "All" collection. This will show you all your products in one collection, making it very easy for your competitors to view your entire collection in one go. In fact, it is the first place most competitors will go, which makes efficient Shopify inventory management a much-needed skill. You need to modify your "All" collection so that viewers only see what you want them to see, and they see your products in the order that you chose for them. » Want to hide out-of-stock items? Follow this easy 3-step process to hide out-of-stock items How Do You Sort By Best-Selling Products? As you can now see, sorting by best-selling products may be used from three different perspectives: the shop owner, the customer, and the competitor. As a shop owner, you need to have an understanding of which of your products are on your best-selling list. As a competitor, you would also want to scout out your competitors’ best-selling list so that you can keep up with trends. As a customer, if you like a brand, you may want to see what the brand offers in full—what other customers like. Each perspective has its own method. You are a competitor Go to the built-in best-selling sort for all Shopify collections. Then insert the URL parameters, sort_by=best-selling, to the collection URL. You can also see all the products in the store: /collections/all—and when you combine the two, you get the top sellers of all the products: /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling.You are the store owner If you are happy for your customers to view your best sellers, you can show a "Sort by" drop-down menu on your collection pages. You will need to review and change your theme settings to get this implemented and working. You are a customer Simply sort your search using the drop-down menu. Happy shopping! » Need extra help with your Shopify store? Take a look at the top apps every Shopify seller needs
Shopdigits—Offer Your Customers Professional Toll-Free Support
Shopify appsShopdigits—Offer Your Customers Professional Toll-Free SupportWith the sheer number of emerging e-commerce stores these days, it's becoming more and more challenging to differentiate yourself from all other stores in your niche. Businesses are doing everything they can to identify themselves as the most professional company offering the best customer support—but there are a few prerequisites for even being able to compete with other stores. One of these prerequisites is toll-free support for your customers, and now you can offer them that with Shopdigits by Random Forest Inc. Read on to learn more. What Shopdigits Offers E-Commerce Merchants Toll-Free Calls and SMSes A toll-free line bills the receiver for the airtime instead of the caller. Although this might sound scary—especially if your business receives a lot of call or message traffic—all professional companies offer toll-free options for their clients. It shows that you value their support and are willing to help them with any questions or concerns without them having to pay for it in any way. Toll-free lines might not help you obtain more customers, but they'll definitely keep them around. Integrated Customer Data Shopdigits allows the saving and recalling of customer data once they make a call, allowing you to view their entire history with your business while you are communicating with them. See customer names, order history, and more without having to leave the Shopify dashboard. Additionally, any notes you leave about customers on the mobile app will sync to the desktop app for future use. Shopdigits Pricing All of the pricing plans come with a 7-day free trial and a $3.00 charge to change your number, as well as the following: Apps for iOS and Android to manage calls while on the goUnlimited calls within US & CanadaUnlimited voicemail Paying for higher plans allows more employees to use the same number, increasing the efficiency of your business and customer support. The plans are as follows: Small Shop—$10/month and 1 employeeMedium Shop—$20/month and 3 employeesEnterprise—$40/month and unlimited employees Our Verdict: Should You Use Shopdigits Due to the growing number of e-commerce stores and the affordability of premium services like toll-free business lines, these features are becoming a requirement if you want to have the chance of competing with other stores. Professionalism is everything in the eyes of the consumer, and toll-free support options are a great way to show that you care about their wellbeing and are confident in your own company. It's clear from the 5-star rating on the Shopify app store (at the time of writing this review) that other Shopify sellers would agree. Head over to their website to learn more, or go straight to their Shopify app store page to get started.
HelloBrand—Shoppable Video Links for Shopify Merchants
Shopify appsHelloBrand—Shoppable Video Links for Shopify MerchantsIf you're looking for a new way to market your products, then you should consider the simple concept of shoppable videos. Users are far more likely to retain the information they see in a video than in a mess of text scrawled across your website—so why not throw in a purchasing link and let them buy directly from the video? Keep reading to learn all the different ways that HelloBrand's shoppable video service can help your store. What Does HelloBrand Offer Shopify Merchants? More Effective Social Media Marketing Have an Instagram business account but aren't seeing the conversion rate you'd like? Reuse your product videos from any social media platform and embed them on your store as shoppable video carousels or floating videos on your homepage or product pages. Each video comes with a link that you can share on all your socials, emails, and SMSes to redirect users straight to the shoppable video, increasing your conversions. UGC With More Impact Every e-commerce merchant is familiar with the benefit of user-generated content in the form of product reviews and ratings. Now, with HelloBrand, you can turn your UGC product review videos into shoppable ones to improve the effectiveness of your social proofing apps. Live Video Shopping If you haven't started hosting live videos to promote your brand and engage with your community, then now is the time to start. And with HelloBrand's technology, you can add purchasing links to your live videos when discussing products, allowing you to remove any doubt and answer customer questions in real-time before they purchase. On top of that, you can save and reuse live videos as conversion-boosting shoppable videos on your store. HelloBrand Pricing The cost of running HelloBrand on your e-commerce store works a little differently from most other Shopify apps. Instead of a few strict plans to choose from, the app is free to install and remains so up to 200 monthly views of your shoppable videos. After that, it's only $0.02/view for the rest of the month. Additionally, if you're worried about your company growth costing you more in the long run, you don't need to worry. HelloBrand offers you the control to set a flat rate that you're willing to spend each month, whereupon the service will simply pause for the rest of the month once that limit has been reached. This ensures that you have the chance to test the app and only have to pay for what you get. Our Verdict: Should You Use HelloBrand? E-commerce store owners are always looking for new ways to improve their marketing and increase conversions, and shoppable videos are a simple and effective way to do so. And with the free-to-use capabilities that only require a small, custom payment after a certain number of views and the excellent customer support available 24/7, there's really no good reason not to try it out for yourself! It's clear that, from the 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store, other e-commerce merchants feel the same. Head to their website to learn more or jump directly to their Shopify app store page to get started.
Organizing Your Shopify Products
Shopify inventoryOrganizing Your Shopify ProductsFiguring out how to organize products on Shopify might not seem like a complex task, but it’s something many new business owners struggle with. Successfully managing Shopify products is a crucial part of running your store effectively. After all, the better you are at product management, the better you can control your inventory and present items to your target audience in a way that generates crucial sales. Today, we’re going to cover the basics of organizing your products on Shopify for the best possible e-commerce results. How to Add Products to a Page Before you can start experimenting with Shopify product bundles or tags, you first need to add your products to a page within your Shopify store. Fortunately, the process of listing your products with Shopify is relatively straightforward. You can add new products to your page either from a desktop computer or a mobile device. If you’re adding products from a desktop, start by logging into your Shopify account, visiting the admin panel, and following these steps: Click on “Products” and “Select All Products”Choose “Add Product”Give a name and description to the item you want to add.Include an image of your product (or multiple if possible)Select “Save” The process is very similar on a mobile device. Simply open the Shopify app on your smartphone and click on “All Products.” When the new screen loads, select the “+” icon in the top right corner of the screen—you can also just hit the “+” button from the products screen. Add the details for your Shopify draft products, such as the description, the name, and the images you want to include, and hit “Save.” Trying to run multiple Shopify stores? Read our guide to having multiple Shopify stores under one account. How to Hide a Product When you’re learning how to organize products on Shopify, you’ll also need to know how to hide the products you don’t want to show straight away. Hiding products can be a great way to prepare draft products that aren’t ready for launch. You can also learn how to hide a product from store pages with an app like Out-of-Stock Police to avoid drawing attention to items that are out of stock. To hide or unhide a product manually, go into your Shopify account and click on “Products” again, then: Select your “Product list” and the product you want to editKeep the visibility section blank to hide a productIf you want to show your product to users, click the “online store” option to display the product to anyone who visits your store How to Organize Your Products on Shopify Learning how to organize products on Shopify means discovering how to change the order of your products, apply specific tags to each item, and create collections. To start, it’s important to understand the product organization capabilities you’ll have on a Shopify store. Shopify allows you to create different product types, define products with tags, and establish collections. Here’s what you need to know about your product options: Collections Shopify “Collections” is another word for product categories. You can use these product types to group similar products. For instance, a clothing store might have different collections for shoes, outerwear, and jackets.Tags Within each Shopify collection, you can create sub-categories using tags. Product tags are the searchable keywords you can associate with specific products. Customers can search for terms to help them find the items they’re looking for on your store. You can add multiple tags to each product. Product type Each product created within Shopify can also be given a single “type.” A product type is a category for each product used to manage collections. For instance, if you wanted to create an automated collection with Shopify, or filter products in the Shopify admin center, you could organize products by “type.” While collections and tags are valuable for helping customers find the products they need, a product type is more for your needs in the backend of Shopify when you want to change the order of products or filter through your collection. Alternatively, simplify this process with an app like BestSellers reSort Tips for Organizing Products on Shopify When organizing products on Shopify, you’ll have a range of options. You can stick with simple collections of products—which is ideal if you only have a handful of items to sell. Alternatively, you can create a “nested” collection, which consists of multiple levels of sub-categories to help customers find specifically what they’re looking for. For instance, within a collection for women’s tops, you could create sub-categories for graphic tees, blouses, and tanks. Tags create sub-categories within a collection, and they can also help you organize items by size, color, type, and style. When organizing your products effectively, it’s best to do the following: Plan the structure of your website Consider how you want your customers to see your products, and how you can make it easier for them to find the items they need.Put UX first Consider the customer experience first and minimize the number of steps your customers need to take to find each product.Avoid over-filled categories Avoid filling categories with too many products, as this can make it difficult for users to browse through everything.Remember the navigation menu How your collections appear on your site will vary depending on how you organize your navigation. Don’t forget to test your Shopify site after adding your products to ensure the user experience is up to scratch.
Pixcleaner Background Remover—Efficient Quality Image Editing for Shopify
Shopify appsPixcleaner Background Remover—Efficient Quality Image Editing for ShopifyMost customers are visual shoppers, meaning that a professional image of a quality-looking product can mean the difference between a sale and a bounced customer. Unfortunately, very few services offer the required editing capabilities you need to showcase your products authentically. That can all change with an app like Pixcleaner by Proxima, a Shopify image editing app that integrates directly to your store. Read on to learn more. What Does Pixcleaner Offer Shopify Sellers AI-Powered Background Removal One of the necessities of a great product image is a plain white or colored background instead of awkward shadows and dirty tablecloths, but paying for a professional studio is out of the budget of most Shopify sellers. Instead, Pixcleaner offers an AI-powered background removal tool to simulate the presence of a professional studio. Plus, the feature is customizable and allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments to match your standards. The smart AI has studied millions of images to be able to identify precise features and minute details like strands of hair. Intuitive Photo Editor The app comes fully equipped to handle all your basic image editing needs, including: CroppingResizingRotatingLayer adjustmentsText additionsWatermarkingShadow additionsColor gradients This allows you to ensure that all your images match your brand, style, and sense of quality. Bulk Operations In addition to all of the individual editing features, Pixcleaner also offers bulk productivity operations, allowing you to automate your workflow and apply features and touchups to multiple images at once. Not only can this save time and effort, but it also ensures that all images you're choosing to export will have the same features and style. Pixcleaner Pricing Pixcleaner doesn't offer a paid plan. Instead, the app is free to install and use, only charging you a small fee of 0.20$ to 0.05$ when you decide to export an image for use, meaning you never have to pay for a service that you aren't currently using. Instead, you can keep the app installed and only have to spend money when you need more product images. Our Verdict: Should You Use Pixcleaner by Proxima? If your Shopify product images are poor quality or nonexistent, you might as well say goodbye to any potential customers coming your way. Quality images are a necessity, but the price of most reputable image editing software can easily cost you thousands of dollars for licensing before you even know how to use it. Instead of the hassle, leverage the capabilities of a pay-per-use service that offers all the necessary features you need to lift your store with great images like Pixcleaner. At the time of writing this review, the app didn't have a single negative review or comment on its Shopify app store page listing. Head to their website to learn more, or go straight to their Shopify app store page to get started.
HIKO Social Login—Streamline Customer Logins Through Social Media
Shopify appsHIKO Social Login—Streamline Customer Logins Through Social MediaOne of the most frustrating things that potential customers have to deal with is having to create a separate account for every website they visit. However, this problem is rapidly becoming eradicated as more and more websites are leveraging the capabilities of integrated logins through existing accounts on popular social media services like Facebook, saving time and effort as they won't even be redirected from the page they were on. To learn more about how you can make use of this feature with an affordable and easily integratable Shopify app, continue reading this review of HIKO Social Login by HIKO Software. What Does HIKO Social Login Offer Shopify Sellers? Integration With Most Social Media Platforms The app includes support for all the popular social media services, including: GoogleFacebookAppleTwitterSnapchatTikTokDiscordetc. Customer Presence and Statistics Any users who interact with your store can be identified by their avatar from the platform they chose to sign in with, giving them a sense of presence on your site. Additionally, the app will provide you with exportable customer reports to track daily logins, browser and device usage, origin countries, and more, allowing you to cater your store to your most popular demographics. Customizable Style HIKO allows total customization of your layout and login wizard, including different sizes, shapes, and colors for your login buttons. HIKO Social Login Pricing Before committing to a monthly contract to try this service out for yourself, HIKO Software offers a free plan for their Social Login app that includes all the key features, such as 18 different social logins at 30 logins per day and even customer reports to visualize the changes. If you like the service after trying it, the extremely affordable paid plans are as follows: Professional Plan $2.49/month The additional features you'll receive by paying this monthly cost are: Unlimited loginsCustom social API keysSupport in multiple languagesCustom CSS The only drawback to this plan is that your customers will still see a "powered by HIKO Social Login" link on your store. Premium Plan $4.99/month This plan offers all the features of the other plans, as well as: Apple sign inGoogle one-tap sign inRemoval of the "powered by" link Our Verdict: Should You Use HIKO Social Login? It's frightening to think of how many customers might have been chased away from your store due to a difficult login process and mandatory account creation—just for a pair of pants. This is especially true when you consider the number of stores that already offer 3rd-party logins through social media accounts. Catching up is essential, and now you can do so easily with a Shopify app that will handle all the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on your brand development and growth. If you want more confirmation, other Shopify sellers have given this app—at the time of writing this review—a solid 5 stars on the Shopify app store. Head to their website or app store page to get started.
Brandify: Match Your Branding to Your Shopify Vision
Shopify appsBrandify: Match Your Branding to Your Shopify VisionHaving unique and memorable branding is an essential part of differentiating your Shopify store from the thousands of others populating the internet, but tweaking the fine elements of your store's aesthetic can often take hours of difficult and tedious coding that very few Shopify sellers have the skillset for. All of that can be nullified with a simple app that offers numerous customization options without the need for coding, and you need look no further than Brandify by Ninety9. Read on to learn more about how this app can help you. How Brandify Can Help You Customize Your Store Fully Customizable Cursors Quickly choose from one of the many available cursors, or go the extra mile and upload your own to really hone your store's identity. In addition to this, implement fun cursor trails to match whatever theme suits you, even the likes of simple snowflakes falling behind your moving cursor during the snowy winter seasons. Aside from the physical look of your cursor, there are also a variety of animations you can add as a reaction to a user click, such as a pointing finger or raindrop ripple effect. Modified Scrolling The scroll bars on the side and bottom of every page mostly go unnoticed, but failing to customize their appearance increases the chance of your store blending in with the others around it. Instead, use Brandify to customize the size, colors, and even shadow to better match the design of your store. Additionally, smooth scrolling, a feature developed by Ninety9, delays the input from your mouse wheel while also slowing the speed of your scroll to increase the smoothness and feel of navigating your store. What Else Does Brandify Offer? Unlike many other branding apps, Brandify offers you premium content protection by preventing mobile and PC users from copying images and text on your website and inspecting your code. Brandify Pricing Ninety9 offers an infinite free plan with some highlight features—such as scroll modification, content protection, and even chat support—to allow you to try out the service for yourself before committing to any money. If you're happy with the result, then you only need to pay $4.99/month to get all the premium features offered by the app. Our Verdict: Should You Use Brandify: Match Your Branding by Ninety9? Honing and customizing your brand is essential to forging your online presence and differentiating your store from the rest, and website design is one of the simplest ways to achieve this, especially if you choose an affordable app that's easy to use and install, and compatible with most Shopify themes and other apps. If you're still unconvinced, then let the reviews speak for themselves. Brandify has maintained—at the time of writing this review—a solid 5 stars on the Shopify app store. Head to their app store page to learn more.
Core Web Vitals Booster—Improved SEO and Page Speed for Shopify Sellers
Shopify appsCore Web Vitals Booster—Improved SEO and Page Speed for Shopify SellersThere are many different aspects that contribute to a website's overall quality of SEO. Improving your Google discoverability takes more than just high-performing keywords placed in strategic places, and one of these factors is your site's page speed. Websites and pages that are unoptimized and have slow load times will be flagged by the Google Search Console, lowering your authority and making it less likely for potential customers to discover your store. Thankfully, with the multitude of Shopify stores currently available, you can improve your site's load speed without having detailed knowledge and experience in coding. If you'd like to start taking steps to improve your site's load speed, look no further than Core Web Vitals Booster, a Shopify app developed by Speedien. Read on to learn more about how this app can help you. How Core Web Vitals Booster Can Improve Your Shopify Store's SEO Most Shopify sellers improve their loading speeds by optimizing the size of their images—or other similar tactics—without realizing the negative impact of having multiple different Shopify apps interfering with your store's code and slowing the process down. Although Speedien's app does optimize your images and backend code, where Core Web Vitals Booster really excels is in deferring 3rd-party scripts and apps from activating until they are required, letting Google load the important stuff first. It works with all the most commonly used apps and even provides daily speed reports to allow you complete monitoring control. Finally, cloud-based caching allows for speedy implementation of your frontend code. Core Web Vitals Booster Pricing Speedien's app only offers one pricing plan at $9/month but allows a 7-day free trial to try out the service before committing to any money. This ensures that you get all the features and 24/7 customer support you need without having to spend a fortune on premium pricing plans. Our Verdict: Should You Use Core Web Vitals Booster? Not only can poor page speed hurt your Google rankings and discoverability, but it is also sure to annoy and chase away potential customers. And while optimizing your images or preloading pages can speed your site up, it won't help you get around the inevitable lag that comes with accumulating necessary apps. Instead of spending time and effort trying to code your way out of a bogged-down store, rather let an efficient service like Core Web Vitals Booster by Speedien do the work for you. If you're still in doubt, other Shopify sellers have given the app a 4.3-star rating (at the time of writing this review) on the Shopify app store. Visit their site to learn more, or head straight to their app store page to get started.
Loadify—Boosted Load Speeds and Customized Navigation for Shopify Stores
Shopify appsLoadify—Boosted Load Speeds and Customized Navigation for Shopify StoresStore design is a crucial aspect of building an online Shopify store. If your pages are unappealing, difficult to navigate, or take too long to load, it's almost guaranteed to chase potential customers away and severely hurt your sales. And if you don't have coding experience and hours to spare, it's almost impossible to achieve a well-optimized website. Thankfully, with an intuitive app like Loadify: Preloader & TurboMode by Ninety9, you can achieve a custom and optimized store design without any coding experience. Read on to learn more. What Does Loadify Offer? Boosted Loading Speeds There are two different ways that Loadify can improve the loading time of your pages. Firstly, Lazyload is a website feature that prevents images and other content from loading on your page until the user scrolls to that point, limiting the resources used at any given moment. Secondly, Loadify's link prediction feature will start loading content the moment a user hovers over a link with their cursor to prepare the next page for when they click it. Animated Logos and Page Transitions Instead of scrolling endlessly through copy, Loadify offers your customers the ability to navigate your store through different page transitions that you can customize to match the style of your brand. Additionally, animate your static logo to be more eye-catching to the customer, or include one of the many available pre-selected GIFs. Numerous Integrations Without Coding Customizing and optimizing your store is as easy as choosing features from a drop-down menu and tweaking their appearance—no coding required. To make your life easier, the app even integrates with all Shopify themes, as well as numerous other store design and marketing apps. Pricing Loadify offers a 14-day free trial for all their paid plans, as well as a totally free option that includes the necessary features like 15 optimized GIFs, compatibility with all Shopify themes, and even chat support if you need help. Other than that, here's what Ninety9 offers: TurboMode $2.99/month This plan includes: Link predictionsLazyload Page Transitions $3.99/month This plan includes: Numerous slide optionsBGR color & directionFour different transition typesAnimated sounds on clickable links Custom Preloader $4.99/month This plan includes: Static logo animationsCustom size, color, and fade-out speedsCustom upload options Our Verdict: Should You Use Loadify: Preloader & TurboMode by Ninety9? Whether your store is struggling with poor loading times or unexplained bounce rates, or even if you simply want that extra boost to personalization through aesthetic animations and page transitions, you can't go wrong with an app like Loadify by Ninety9. Over a hundred other Shopify sellers have installed this app onto their store and given it a solid rating of 4.8 stars. Visit their website to learn more, or head straight over to their Shopify app store page to install the app now.