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WATI's WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart: Boost Revenue Through WhatsApp

Joel Taylor
By Joel Taylor
Davor Štefanović - Editor for KeepShoppers
Edited by Davor Štefanović

Updated February 14, 2024.

Our team tests eCommerce apps and publishes reviews that are unbiased and not influenced by payments we receive from some of the app developers.

Banner image of WATI's WhatsApp chat function to improve conversions and abandoned cart rates

Abandoned carts occur when customers add items to their online shopping carts but leave before completing the purchase. This can significantly impact your online store and result in lost revenue, less accurate inventory levels, and lower customer satisfaction. Statistics on cart abandonment rates show it's a widespread problem for e-commerce businesses. According to the Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.99%.

To mitigate this challenge, tools like WATI's WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart app are available to you drive sales and conversions through WhatsApp marketing. In this post, we'll explore the key features and benefits of this app, as well as its pricing and potential impact on your e-commerce business.

WATI: Whatsapp Chat

3.7/5(25 reviews)

Best For

Wati: WhatsApp Chat is best used as a customer support and engagement tool for businesses who are looking to communicate with their customers quickly and effectively to help with abandoned cart recovery. It allows businesses to set up predefined messages, automated greetings and responses, and has message templates for various use cases, such as order updates, shipping notifications, and appointment reminders. Many of these marketing workflows are automated which saves time and money and, most importantly, leads to increased conversions by sending reminders to customers about incomplete purchases.


  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Multi-channel support
  • Easy metric reporting
  • Automated workflows
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Requires a WhatsApp business API account
  • No free plan
  • Limited customization

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Overview of Features

The app offers a wide range of features to help e-commerce businesses reduce cart abandonment rates and increase sales. The four most useful features are:

1. Automatic Cart Abandonment Notifications

WATI's app will automatically contact customers with abandoned carts to let them know their purchases are outstanding and even provide a useful link directly to the checkout window. You can even persuade customers to return with custom discount codes.

Use simple flow diagrams to automate a chatbot based on keywords in multiple languages to answer common questions your customers may ask. You can also send automated order-related messages to your customers to keep them in the loop and satisfied without any coding experience required.

3. Official WhatsApp API Partner

Since WATI is an official API partner, you can expect the following features as a bonus:

  • WhatsApp green tick of authenticity for your business
  • Super affordable WhatsApp message pricing
  • Dedicated WhatsApp API-approved number with your business details

4. Shared Multi-Agent Inbox and Analytics Reports

Reply to your customers from a shared inbox, giving them the opportunity to reply to the same number they first contacted. Additionally, see reports of all incoming messages, agent response times, agent performance, conversation status, and more to judge the performance of different services accordingly.

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Plans & Pricing

WATI Pricing

WATI provides three different price options for its WhatsApp Chat tool, two aimed at mid-sized businesses and one towards larger companies. The first two, Standard and Pro, provide monthly and annual payment options. When opting for the annual payment plan, you save 20% off the full price. The Enterprise Plan has flexible pricing based on your specific requirements.

Core functionalities, such as a shared inbox for teams, contact and broadcast management, template submission, and more, are included in all pricing tiers. However, each strategy has its own distinctive elements.

  1. Standard Plan ($49/month or $40/month if paid annually)
    • For mid-sized businesses
    • Basic chatbot builder; ten chatbots
    • Two global webhooks
  2. Pro Plan ($98/month or $80/month if paid annually) This plan offers all of the Standard Plan's features, plus:
    • For mid-sized businesses
    • Advanced chatbot builder; 25 interconnected chatbots
    • Collect data & trigger automation
    • Route chats & update attributes
    • Ten global webhooks
  3. Enterprise Plan (custom price) This plan offers all of the features of the previous plans, plus:
    • For large-sized businesses
    • Higher API limits
    • Higher Chatbots and keywords
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Priority support
    • IP whitelisting
    • Unlimited global webhooks

WATI: Whatsapp Chat

3.7/5(25 reviews)


WATI: Whatsapp Chat offers a large amount of integrations with popular APIs, CRMs and e-commerce platforms. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho CRM
  • Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento
  • Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Help Scout
  • Facebook Messenger

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The app provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate and access its features intuitively. It has an easy-to-read dashboard that provides an overview of important metrics and key performance indicators, such as message volumes, response times, and customer engagement. We found the learning curve to be a little steep at first but very easy to use once you've wrapped your head around it.


WATI has a great support team with a range of options to help users with any questions or queries they may have. This includes a comprehensive database on their website that covers various aspects of the app's functionality, features, setup instructions, and troubleshooting guides. Users can also get in touch via e-mail, live chat support or browse through the community forums where they can interact with others, share experiences, ask questions, and provide insights on FAQs.

Take It Down a Notch: Successfully Reducing Cart Abandonment

Reducing cart abandonment rates on your e-commerce store can be a highly effective way of boosting your revenue and keeping your customers happy. However, the fact that WATI's service automates this process for you on top of a WhatsApp chatbot, a WhatsApp-partnered green tick verification, and affordable message services, analytics reports, and more makes it a necessity for your Shopify store.

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WATI: Whatsapp Chat

3.7/5(25 reviews)

WATI's WhatsApp Chat & Abandoned Cart: Boost Revenue Through WhatsApp

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UpPromote Review (2024): Pricing, Features, Integrations, & More!

The global affiliate marketing industry is worth more than $17 billion, with 20% of brand marketers reporting that affiliate marketing is their leading customer acquisition channel. What exactly is affiliate marketing? It's a performance-based marketing strategy where the online retailer pays a partner—or affiliate—a commission for driving traffic or sales to their store. But starting and running an affiliate program is not a simple task. Business owners have to find the right affiliates, monitor and track their performance, manage complicated commission payments, and more. UpPromote is one of Shopify's top apps for affiliate marketing, providing a selection of tools and features to help e-commerce merchants start and manage effective affiliate marketing campaigns. Our review includes a description of UpPromote's features, benefits and shortcomings, pricing structure, and other info to help you decide whether this is an app worth investing in for your e-commerce store. » Sales-boosting tools come in various forms. Check out some more leading sales apps Best For UpPromote is a useful app for any Shopify store owner looking to launch or run an affiliate marketing program. It's suitable for most types of retail and small, medium, and large businesses alike, as it has a variety of customization options. UpPromote also has several plans to choose from, so you can get the services you need to suit the size and complexity of your affiliate program. ProsRobust analytics toolsIntegration with major e-commerce platformsCustomizable affiliate campaignsUser-friendly interfaceConsHigher pricing than some competitorsFree plan is limited What's more, the Enterprise Package can be tailored to your exact needs, but you'll first need to get in contact with the UpPromote team to discuss the logistics and pricing. Overview of Features Affiliate Recruitment To find affiliates, UpPromote uses a referral link creation tool and an affiliate referral form that you can tailor to your needs. They also boast the UpPromote Marketplace, providing a community of affiliates who can be contacted directly to sign up for the program. With the app, you can also effortlessly create a customizable rewards and discounts system to encourage customer referrals. Campaign Customization You can use UpPromote to easily customize your marketing program to suit your requirements. Choose from a variety of themes, visuals, content, and targeting choices to make your campaigns unique. What's more, the registration page, affiliate account, email templates, affiliate links, and promotional resources can all be customized. You can even run A/B testing using UpPromote to find the campaign variants that work best. Campaign Management UpPromote's campaign management function makes it simple for users to control their affiliate marketing programs. Users can select commission rates, create various coupons and links, and monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns in real time. The platform offers email and in-app chat for communicating with affiliates and distributing marketing materials to them. It also provides tools for automating campaign tasks and processes. Rewards & Payments Programs Merchants can encourage their affiliates to maximize their marketing efforts thanks to UpPromote's rewards scheme. To motivate affiliates to work more and earn more, the program offers various reward categories, including bonuses and gifts, depending on performance and sales. The commission structure can be calculated and implemented automatically, and you can also pay affiliates automatically through PayPal using a personal or business PayPal account. Analytics Tools You can track your team's performance and make strategic decisions with UpPromote's robust analytics and reporting tools. You can easily see how your team is doing and pinpoint areas for development with the help of in-depth data on clicks, orders, sales, and commission. Additionally, you can quickly check the top performers and most frequently recommended products thanks to the report's convenient visuals and graphs. » Take a look at these great analytics apps if you want further business insights Plans & Pricing To meet the demands of different businesses, UpPromote has four distinct pricing tiers, with one free plan and three paid plans to choose from. UpPromote offers a 14-day free trial and a 17% discount on annual subscriptions. Free The Free Plan comes with configurable affiliate signup forms, tracking via affiliate links or coupons, automatic email templates, marketplace listing, analytics, and multilingual support.Growth The Growth Plan offers tools for turning customers into affiliates, discovering affiliates on the market, managing several programs, receiving payments using store credit, and chatting with affiliates. Professional The Professional Plan has features like multi-level marketing, product analytics, auto-generating coupons, auto-tier commission, and more than 10 other features. Enterprise The Enterprise Plan offers unlimited referrals, multi-store support, integration, and custom development, in addition to everything in the Pro plan. Integrations The app integrates with several popular platforms and apps, including: PayPal: With PayPal, you can pay affiliates directly and This integration allows you to easily track orders that have been partially paid.Email Services: You can sync your affiliate list with your Klaviyo, MailChimp, or Omnisend account for more effective email marketing campaigns.Subscription Order Services: You can track your subscriptions more efficiently from Appstle Subscriptions, Recharge, or Bold Subscriptions.Shopify Apps: These include EPROLO, GemPages, PageFly, ReConvert, Transcy, TinyIMG, SEO Booster, AVADA, and several others. Usability On the whole, UpPromote is flexible and user-friendly, with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. It interacts well with well-known platforms, payment systems, and apps. Setup was a breeze for us, taking only a few minutes. What helped the installation and setup process was well-structured onboarding tools and a checklist to get started. No coding or specialized tech knowledge is needed for the setup and use of the app. One point to consider is that there are a wide variety of settings to choose from, so it might be a slight learning curve for those who are new to affiliate marketing. Support The support offered by UpPromote is substantial and definitely met our needs as new users of the app. There is 24/7 live chat support, although there may be a waiting time. Having said this, the Enterprise Plan comes with prioritized support, so customer service is almost immediate. In addition to this, UpPromote offers a sizeable resource library that includes articles, blogs, and video tutorials. There is also a YouTube channel with instructional videos and a dedicated Facebook community. Up Your Marketing Game With UpPromote With a variety of features, integrations, and pricing options to fit businesses of all sizes, UpPromote is a potent affiliate marketing management tool. It's a fantastic solution for stores trying to grow their affiliate programs because it has easily configurable and manageable campaigns, extensive customization options, and in-depth analytics. The platform's usability and feature set make it a good option for businesses looking to step up their marketing game, but you may want to consider opting for a paid plan to get the most out of the app. » Looking for more ways to rev up your marketing? Take a look at these top marketing apps

Vajro App Review (2024): Features, Pricing, Support, & More!

Over 58% of online traffic comes from mobile devices globally. What's more, 54% of all e-commerce purchases are made using a mobile app. It's clear that online retailers who don't have a mobile app are putting themselves at a major disadvantage. But building a mobile app is not a simple task, and many merchants struggle due to a lack of coding skills, time, or money to hire developers. Fortunately, Vajro is here to address these issues. Vajro is a tool that helps merchants create stunning mobile apps for their online stores without needing coding or design skills or paying the high price of a Shopify expert. We explore key aspects of the app, like its features, integrations, and pricing plans and weigh its pros and cons to help you determine if it's the right app for your needs. ProsEasy-to-use & intuitive UIFree trial & demo availableHighly customizable24/7 expert & responsive supportMulti-language & currency optionsSeamless integrations with popular toolsConsNo free planUpper-level plans can be expensive for smaller stores Best For Vajro is a valuable app for any size or type of e-commerce store looking to improve their customers' mobile shopping experience. It's an excellent choice for merchants who experience issues with their payments page, navigational bugs, or slow store loading times. Installing and using the app is simple and accessible to retailers who don't have coding knowledge or much technical expertise. Vajro offers four plans that accommodate different-sized businesses, from early-stage startups to established Shopify Plus stores. You can choose the plan that fits your budget and needs and scale up as your business grows. Overview of Features Live Videos One of the most unique and exciting features of Vajro is the ability to live-stream videos and let your customers buy in real time. Vajro is the first and (at the time of publication) the only Shopify app that offers this functionality. Live videos can help you target impulse purchases and increase conversions. You can also broadcast from multiple channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or your own website, and showcase your products in action. Push Notifications Another way to boost your sales and engagement is to use push notifications. Vajro lets you set up personalized behavior-based triggers that send relevant messages to your customers. Among others, you can send welcome, back-in-stock, abandoned cart recovery, sales, and discount notifications. You can also make your notifications more attractive and interactive by adding images, emojis, GIFs, and videos. Customizable Themes Vajro allows you to customize your app's look and feel with four built-in industry-appropriate themes. You can choose the theme that suits your brand and niche and then tweak it with a simple drag-and-drop editor. You can customize the color scheme, fonts, images, banners, product sliders, product and image grids, and more. The best part: you don't need any coding skills to create a stunning app that reflects your brand identity. Smart Search With a smart search feature, Vajro helps your customers easily find what they're looking for. Your customers can use image search to find products that match their preferences. You can also display related keywords on the search bar to help them refine their queries. Additionally, you can provide intelligent recommendations based on their browsing history and purchase behavior. Multi-Language & Multi-Currency Support Reaching a global audience has never been easier with Vajro. This impressive app supports up to 18 languages, enabling you to serve customers from all around the world. Plus, its support for 82 currencies means customers can shop in their local currency without hassle. You don't need to install any additional apps for currency conversion or translation. Analytics Vajro offers a compre­hensive analytics dashboard for optimizing app performance­. This feature provides you with a visual display of various me­trics, including downloads, active users, reve­nue, and retention rate­ so you can monitor your app's success. In addition, detailed re­ports are available for your live vide­os, encompassing metrics such as views, like­s, and comments—all to gain insights into customer be­havior to make data-driven decisions that improve­ app quality. » Looking to take your analytics to the next level? Check out our top-rated analytics apps Plans & Pricing Vajro has four paid plans, and they offer a 30-day free trial and a 10% discount on annual subscriptions. How much to send on apps can vary substantially, and, as you can see below, Vajro's pricing plans differ a lot in terms of their features and costs. Starter This plan is ideal for early-stage businesses with a monthly fee of $99. Features include a native Android and iOS app, 10 push campaigns per month, deep linking, live video selling, app-only discounts, and WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger integrations. Core The Core plan is designed for small-sized businesses for $249 a month. It has everything in the Starter plan, plus 50 push campaigns, international selling with dual language and dual currency, Apple Pay integration, and custom product options. Premium This is a good fit for fast-growing businesses but comes with a monthly fee of $499. The Premium plan contains everything in the Core plan, plus unlimited push campaigns, wholesale features with product and price lock, native blogs, and a quarterly business review. Plus The Plus plan is suitable for high-volume and Shopify Plus brands with a monthly cost of $999. It comes with everything in the Premium plan, plus custom development, dedicated key account managers, and CleverTap and Klaviyo integrations. Integrations Vajro is not only a powerful mobile app builder for Shopify but also a versatile integration platform. It supports all major Shopify plugins and premium Shopify integrations. This means you can seamlessly connect your mobile app with your tools and platforms of choice to enhance your store's functionality and performance. Vajro offers over 70 integrations, which is the most for a mobile app builder on Shopify. These integrations cover various categories, such as: Loyalty apps: Reward your customers for their purchases and referrals by integrating apps like review apps: Showcase your customer feedback and ratings with Yotpo and other leading social proof apps.Marketing automation apps: Send your customers personalized emails, SMS, and push notifications with integrations like Klaviyo.Alerts apps: Notify your customers when products are back in stock, on sale, or low in inventory with the Back in Stock app.Buy-now-pay-later apps: Increase conversions and average order value by offering flexible payment plans to your customers with Klarna.Search & filter apps: Enhance your app's search and filter functionality with a Fast Simon integration.Analytics apps & platforms: Track and optimize your app's performance and user behavior with tools like Google Analytics.Translation apps: Reach a global audience by translating your app into different languages with Weglot. Usability Setting up an app for your Shopify store can be daunting, but with Vajro, you can create an app that looks great and works well without breaking a sweat. You can create and customize your app in no time. In fact, you can go from start to finish in under an hour thanks to its easily customizable templates. You also don't need any coding knowledge to use Vajro, and the drag-and-drop editor is easy enough for beginners to master. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and the analytics dashboard is clean yet comprehensive. Support When it comes to Vajro's standout characteristics, their support truly sets them apart. With 24/7 availability via live chat or email, Vajro ensures customers can reach out whenever necessary. For those looking for a more immediate response, the Plus plan comes with priority support and a dedicated customer success manager. Vajro also equips users with many resources to become proficient in using the app effectively, including: Live & on-demand webinars: These assist you in learning more about their product and how to utilize it efficiently.Vajro blog: With more than 200 posts about e-commerce and mobile apps, you'll find essential tips and tricks to help you expand your business.E-Books: These are free to download from their website. They cover a variety of topics, including mobile commerce, app design, and marketing strategies.Help docs: If you need assistance with a specific feature or issue, you can consult their help docs, with over 80 articles covering everything from app setup to customization. Monetize on Mobile Shopping With Vajro If you're looking to increase customer lifetime value (CLV), then you need to be where your customers are—on their mobile devices. A mobile app can help you improve customer experience, engagement, and loyalty and boost sales by offering a fast, convenient, and personalized way to shop online. With Vajro, you can create your own professional mobile app for your Shopify store without spending a fortune on developers. » Vajro is just one tool to boost sales. Take a look at more of our best apps to increase sales