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How do I change my blog URL in Shopify?

Asked 4 years ago

The URLs for blog posts on my Shopify store aren't identical to the headers (H1, H2). Is Shopify auto-populating the URLs for SEO reasons? If so, how can I change the URL of my Shopify store and blog to optimize them?

Joseph Murray

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Shopify can automatically make blog URLs, similar to WordPress's Permalink. But if you still want to edit the URL and add keywords, go to the "Search Engine Listing Preview" option. On the right side of it, click "Edit Website SEO." Once you go there, you should see the "URL and handle" section to edit the URL. Once you edit it, click save to complete the process.

Mark Guthrie

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

I'd just like to add that you can't remove or change the blog URL "" This part is the official core of your Shopify store that directs customers to that specified section. But you are free to change or edit anything apart from this root of the URL.

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