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How to appeal a disabled Facebook ads account?

Asked 4 years ago

I use a Facebook page to promote the items I sell on my Shopify store. My Facebook ads account has been disabled and I don't know what I did wrong, as they have not sent me a message or notification alerting me of the problem. They want to review my business and have asked me to send them documents, which I don't have.

Does anyone know what documents I need to send or how I can appeal to get my Facebook ads account reactivated?

Jayson Joyner

Friday, May 22, 2020

Facebook usually disables ads accounts due to a compliance issue. It's important to know Facebook's policies and terms and conditions, as this will make sure that your ads are fully compliant.

If your ads account has been disabled, you can solve the problem by following the four steps below:

  • Facebook reviews all advertising content and they usually disable an account if your ads violate their policies. Go through their advertising policies to make sure that you are complying with them.
  • Make sure that your landing page has links to legal documentation such as disclaimers, a privacy policy, terms and conditions and proof that your business is not affiliated with Facebook.
  • The ads account could have been disabled by mistake, which happens often, you can ask them to review your disabled account if you think this is the case.
  • You can appeal for your ads account to be reactivated by filling in a form on the Facebook Help Centre page.

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