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Shopify videos, long or short?

Asked a year ago

Is it better to have longer or shorter videos on Shopify stores? I'm torn between adding a longer, more informational video on my Shopify store homepage or go with a shorter one. With the recent trend of things such as TikTok and Youtube shorts I'm not so sure adding a long video will keep customers engaged.

Jason Bolton

Thursday, July 27, 2023

A study revealed that humans have an 8-second attention span—less than that of a goldfish! This attention is further shrinking. So, the ideal approach is a combination of both short and long videos.

Consider a concise, attention-grabbing shorter video (around 30-60 seconds) on the homepage to grab attention and entice customers. For in-depth product-specific information, create longer videos on individual product pages. This way, you cater to both short attention spans and customers seeking detailed insights, ultimately maximizing engagement potential.

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