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HelloBrand Review—Shoppable Video Links for Shopify Merchants

Joel Taylor
By Joel Taylor
Davor Štefanović - Editor for KeepShoppers
Edited by Davor Štefanović

Published June 2, 2023.

Our team tests eCommerce apps and publishes reviews that are unbiased and not influenced by payments we receive from some of the app developers.

Promotional image for Hellobrand
Promotional image for Hellobrand

If you're looking for a new way to market your products, then you should consider the simple concept of shoppable videos. Users are far more likely to retain the information they see in a video than in a mess of text scrawled across your website—so why not throw in a purchasing link and let them buy directly from the video?

Keep reading to learn all the different ways that HelloBrand's shoppable video service can help your store.

What Does HelloBrand Offer Shopify Merchants?

More Effective Social Media Marketing

Have an Instagram business account but aren't seeing the conversion rate you'd like? Reuse your product videos from any social media platform and embed them on your store as shoppable video carousels or floating videos on your homepage or product pages.

Each video comes with a link that you can share on all your socials, emails, and SMSes to redirect users straight to the shoppable video, increasing your conversions.

UGC With More Impact

Every e-commerce merchant is familiar with the benefit of user-generated content in the form of product reviews and ratings. Now, with HelloBrand, you can turn your UGC product review videos into shoppable ones to improve the effectiveness of your social proofing apps.

Live Video Shopping

If you haven't started hosting live videos to promote your brand and engage with your community, then now is the time to start. And with HelloBrand's technology, you can add purchasing links to your live videos when discussing products, allowing you to remove any doubt and answer customer questions in real-time before they purchase.

On top of that, you can save and reuse live videos as conversion-boosting shoppable videos on your store.

HelloBrand Pricing

The cost of running HelloBrand on your e-commerce store works a little differently from most other Shopify apps. Instead of a few strict plans to choose from, the app is free to install and remains so up to 200 monthly views of your shoppable videos. After that, it's only $0.02/view for the rest of the month.

Additionally, if you're worried about your company growth costing you more in the long run, you don't need to worry. HelloBrand offers you the control to set a flat rate that you're willing to spend each month, whereupon the service will simply pause for the rest of the month once that limit has been reached. This ensures that you have the chance to test the app and only have to pay for what you get.

Our Verdict: Should You Use HelloBrand?

E-commerce store owners are always looking for new ways to improve their marketing and increase conversions, and shoppable videos are a simple and effective way to do so. And with the free-to-use capabilities that only require a small, custom payment after a certain number of views and the excellent customer support available 24/7, there's really no good reason not to try it out for yourself!

It's clear that, from the 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store, other e-commerce merchants feel the same. Head to their website to learn more or jump directly to their Shopify app store page to get started.

Recommended Reviews Review - Best Product Review App For 2024?

With over 4 million stores on Shopify alone, making sure your online store stands out is more important than ever. One way to do this is with a good product reviews app such as is a highly-regarded customer marketing platform, featuring a whole heap of awesome integrated tools that help to both capture and showcase high-impact user-generated content (UGC). The app provides a platform for customers to leave reviews with star ratings and text feedback for products on your store, collects and displays these reviews/ratings and supports rich snippets for search engines to display these review ratings in search results to help boost your stores reputation and credibility. Sounds great, but is Stamped the right UGC app for you? Let’s take a look. ProsWill suit the needs of small, medium, or large sized e-commerce storesCompetitive pricing that offers excellent bang for your buckCustomer service and support is highly regardedEasy Google integrationConsSome features are exclusive for Shopify onlyThe interface can be slow to work with Best for is best for Shopify store owners who want to enhance the functionality of their product review section especially if they already have a high volume of customer reviews. It is an all-in-one e-commerce marketing solution which allows users to customize the appearance of their review section to match their store's branding, improve SEO with Google and social media platform integrations, and offers a range of site widgets, banners, templates and emails for maximum conversion potential. The app also offers flexibility with its pricing plans to match the goals and needs of stores of all sizes. Overview of Features allows users to collect customer product, photo and video reviews, making the showcasing of products and reviews on social media super easy. It also facilitates the addition of Q&A sections within your site which increases brand credibility through the sharing of real life customer experiences. Take this, in addition to the customizable on-site widgets, multilingual support, and mobile responsive themes, and you can quickly see that is certainly not lacking in the features department. Some more features of the app include: Review request emails: Automatically send review request emails to customers who have made a purchase on your store.Customizable emails: Customize review request emails that are sent to customers to match store branding, messaging, and design.Review generation: Allows customers to submit product reviews directly from your store or via email. You can also choose to manually add reviews from other sources such as Google, Facebook or Instagram.Review moderation: Users have control over which reviews are published on their stores, and can moderate them to ensure that they are genuine and appropriate, further enhancing brand credibility and preventing bots from spamming fake news.SEO-friendly reviews: Automatically generates SEO-friendly review content to help improve search engine ranking performance.Review widgets: Display product reviews using customizable review widgets.Review analytics: Detailed analytics on review performance, including metrics such as review submission rates, review approval rates, and more. » Unlock your store's full potential by combining product reviews with the best e-mail marketing apps Plans & Pricing The pricing plans are charged on a monthly basis, and they are: Integrations integrates with a wide range of different e-commerce CMS platforms and other third-party apps, including, but not limited to: Shopify and Shopify PlusWooCommerceMagentoNetoEcwidInstagramFacebookTwitterOmnisendKlaviyo Usability's dashboard is generally very easy to use and you don’t have to be a computer genius to navigate the app’s interface. It is designed to work seamlessly with Shopify's existing product review system and offers customization options, such as the ability to choose where the review form appears on the product page, making it more user-friendly for customers to leave reviews. It is intuitive from both a merchant and customer perspective. Support's customer service is highly regarded amongst users. Their support team can be reached through either live chat or email, plus they have a very comprehensive help center with a ton of helpful content and a target response time of 24 hours. Additionally, the app provides a comprehensive documentation section that covers everything from installation to customization. This documentation section includes a step-by-step guide to help users set up the app on their store and troubleshoot common issues. The Final Stamp of Approval? If you’re on the market for a great all-in-one e-commerce marketing tool, then it's hard to look past The app offers competitive prices, easy-to-use interface, and wide array of features which make it a solid option for Shopify store owners who wish to take their marketing efforts to the next level. It's especially useful for store owners with an established, medium to large sized customer base which can be utilized to its maximum potential. If you operate a smaller store with a smaller customer base then you may want to look at expanding your customer base first with a good sales app so you have more customers who can leave reviews on your store.

Starstream Review—Automatic Event Ticketing for Shopify Sellers

Managing tickets to online events can be incredibly exhausting and confusing, especially as your Shopify store grows. Selling tickets to online webinars and livestreams always runs the risks of cross-sharing, users struggling to access the event, and more. Instead of struggling with managing your event tickets yourself, consider letting an automated service like Starstream by Livestream Labs handle it for you. Read on to learn more. Why You Should Use Starstream Aside from automatically handling the distribution of tickets to your online and physical events, Starstream can also offer you the following features: Reduced Cross-Sharing Chances Starstream will generate a secret link for your customers 24 hours before the event begins and control their access, which is a proven strategy for reducing the amount of unpaying customers attending your events. Compatibility With All Major Livestreaming Platforms You'll never have to worry about a platform not working for your event. Starstream is compatible with streaming services like YouTube and Facebook (among others) as well as webinar services like Zoom. Customized Ticket Capabilities The app will let you customize the look of your online and physical tickets to match your brand identity. QR Codes for Physical Events Even if you hold physical events, Starstream can automate the process with unique QR codes for each customer that you can validate and authorize with Starstream's built-in QR code scanner. Calendar Updates Not only can customers add your online and physical events to their event calendars on Google, Outlook, Yahoo, and more, but they will also receive updates about your event to ensure that they don't miss it. Event Replays Paying customers will have the option to receive replays of the events that they attended so that no information is lost along the way. Pricing Starstream is free to install and integrate into your Shopify store and comes with no additional monthly costs. Instead, Starstream will charge you a usage fee of $0.99 per ticket under $20, and $1.99 per ticket over $20. This ensures that you won't have to pay unnecessary fees if customers don't purchase enough tickets. Our Verdict: Should You Use Starstream? If your business ever holds events—both online and in-person—then an automatic ticketing service like Starstream by Livestream Labs is a necessity. Even if you only hold a single event per month—or fewer—Starstream won't charge you unless there are tickets being sold, and so there's really no harm in having it installed and ready to automate the ticket process so that you never have to worry. If you'd like to learn more, head to their Shopify store page to begin.

Opinew Review (2024): Support, Pricing, Features, & More!

Customer reviews and user-generated content (UGC) provide the social proof you need to build your store's credibility. Almost 9 out of 10 global shoppers (89%) report that reading product reviews is an integral part of their buying journey. What's more, product pages with reviews have shown a massive 354% increase in conversions compared to pages without reviews. However, merchants frequently face stumbling blocks when collecting and displaying customer reviews, like the possibility of showcasing negative reviews first, low review counts, and review apps slowing down their store speed. Thankfully, the product review app, Opinew, offers solutions to these challenges. Learn about its capabilities, pricing plans, pros and cons, and more in our in-depth review of the app. We'll help you decide if Opinew is the best product review app for your online store. ProsUser-friendly interfaceWide range of featuresCustomizable widgets to match branding24/7 live chat supportExtensive integrations with popular appsLightweight app to improve SEOConsFree plan has limited imports & request emailsSome report that code remains after uninstallation Best For A valuable app for e-commerce stores of all sizes, Opinew offers a variety of plans to suit different business needs. While any store will benefit from using the app, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, especially those in fashion and electronics, can expect to reap the biggest rewards from this review app. These industries rely heavily on social proof to build trust and influence purchasing decisions, making Opinew an ideal choice to increase their sales. » If you're eager to rev up your sales, check out these great sales-boosting apps Overview of Features Bulk Review Import Opinew's review import feature allows users to easily import reviews from popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, and other review apps like and Yotpo. With one-click bulk import initiation, Opinew's automatic syncing saves time and effort, ensuring that you don't leave out any of your stellar customer reviews from other platforms. Automatic Review Requests Opinew's review request feature allows store owners to automate the request process by sending the customer an email or SMS asking for a review. The convenient drag-and-drop editor lets you customize email content to match your tone and branding. Additionally, Opinew enables merchants to send printed QR codes along with their shipments, providing a convenient way for customers to leave reviews. To encourage shoppers to give reviews, you can also send them coupons as incentives. Review Display Widgets Opinew offers 8 customizable and professionally designed widgets. Using a sales funnel, these widgets are perfect for targeting the different stages of the customer journey, such as homepage reviews, stars on product pages, and dedicated review pages. The widgets are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor their look and feel to match your brand image. In addition, analytics track each widget's performance, offering insights into which widgets are performing best to help you improve your overall marketing strategy. Smart Reviews Opinew's smart reviews feature automatically presents the reviews with the highest conversion rates first. With its advanced AI technology, the app displays certain reviews based on each customer's location and preferences, maximizing your sales potential. On the other hand, if you have less favorable reviews, these will be automatically moved further down the list, giving you peace of mind that negative reviews aren't harming your conversions. SEO Boost Opinew includes several functionalities to improve your store's search engine optimization (SEO). Rich snippets that display additional information, such as ratings and number of reviews in search engine results, can help improve click-through rates. Additionally, Opinew functions as an image optimization app, compressing review images and videos and employing lazy loading. What's especially great is that, unlike other review apps, Opinew won't slow down your page loading speed. All of these features work together to help improve your store's visibility in search results and drive more traffic to your website. » Head to our picks of the best SEO apps to boost traffic & reach more potential customers Plans & Pricing Opinew offers store owners a free plan, 3 paid plans, and the option of a customized enterprise plan. Each comes with a 14-day free trial period, and you'll get a generous 17% discount if you opt for an annual subscription. Free The free plan offers key features to help you get started with review management, including review import, email requests, and customizable widgets. This plan is entirely free, but bear in mind that there are limits to the number of email review requests and review imports it supports. Starter Opinew's Starter plan offers features for businesses that require more advanced review management. In addition to review imports, email requests, and customizable widgets, the Starter plan includes features like rich snippets, image optimization, and fast page speed. It comes at an affordable price of $19 a month. Growth As the name suggests, Opinew's Growth plan targets stores looking to expand their review management efforts. The Growth plan offers all the features in the Starter plan, as well as advanced features such as AI-powered personalized review display, bulk imports, and integrations with other popular review apps. It also provides access to analytics for tracking widget performance. These services come at a rate of $89 per month. Advanced At $199 a month, Opinew's Advanced plan is tailored for businesses seeking comprehensive review management capabilities. In addition to all the features available in the Growth plan, the Advanced plan has benefits such as custom domain support, priority email support, and the ability to send printed QR codes with shipments. It also includes advanced analytics and reporting capabilities for detailed insights. Enterprise Opinew's Enterprise plan is designed for large businesses with more complex review management needs. The Enterprise plan provides all the features of the Advanced plan and offers dedicated account management, custom onboarding, and priority live chat support. Opinew also offers custom integrations and advanced customization options to meet your specific business needs. The Enterprise plan offers flexible pricing options to suit the needs of any store, and monthly fees start at $499. Integrations Opinew offers a wide range of valuable integrations that can be categorized into the following groups: Page builders: Integrate seamlessly with popular page builders like PageFly and GemPages to optimize and enhance your store's visual design and layout.Marketing tools: Integrate with marketing automation platforms like Klaviyo to leverage customer data for targeted email campaigns and personalized marketing strategies.Other review apps: With this integration, you can easily import your data from other popular review apps like Loox.Loyalty apps: Integrate loyalty programs, such as, to reward and retain customers, fostering long-term customer relationships and repeat purchases.Search & Filtering: With integrations with apps like Fast Simon, you can enhance search functionality and provide advanced filtering options, allowing customers to find products more efficiently.Customer support: Integrate with customer support apps like Gorgias to streamline customer communication and provide efficient support across channels.SEO & rich snippets: Optimize your store's SEO by integrating with tools like JSON-LD for SEO that generate structured data and rich snippets for search engine visibility.Other tools: Seamlessly connect with additional platforms such as Google Shopping, Weglot for multilingual support, and Facebook for social media integration. Usability Opinew's setup process is straightforward and only takes around 15 minutes to complete. The app's user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise. One of the key advantages of Opinew is its automated workflows, which streamline the review collection and publishing process. Once set up, the app automatically sends review requests to customers and allows them to submit reviews directly on the website. The app also enables store owners to automate review moderation, ensuring that only relevant and appropriate reviews are displayed. The app is also specifically designed to be lightweight and won't slow down your site speed. In fact, it's the most lightweight review app on Shopify. » If slow loading times are an issue for you, check out these top-rated speed optimization apps Support Opinew provides a range of customer services, including: 24/7 live chat support: Users can access live chat support anytime to get help with issues they encounter while using the app.One-on-one migration & widget installation walkthrough: Opinew offers personalized support to help users migrate their existing reviews from other platforms and install the app's widgets on their site.Priority support: Users on the Advanced plan have access to priority support, which means their inquiries will be handled first in the support queue.Dedicated customer success manager: Users on the Enterprise plan have a dedicated customer success manager who provides personalized support and guidance. In addition to these services, Opinew offers a range of helpful resources, like: Onboarding video tutorials: These guide users through the setup process and show them how to use the app's features.Case studies: Real-life success stories showcase the app's effectiveness and provide inspiration on how to use it effectively.Blog: The app's blog provides valuable insights into best practices for using customer reviews to drive engagement and conversions.Help center: The app's help center contains a range of articles and resources to help users troubleshoot common issues and get the most out of the app.FAQs: The app's FAQs section provides quick answers to common questions users may have about the app's features and functionality. Open New Marketing Doors With Opinew Incorporating product reviews on your Shopify store can have numerous benefits, including increasing credibility, boosting conversions, and decreasing customer returns. By leveraging Opinew's features and resources, you can effectively collect and display customer reviews on autopilot. It's an essential marketing tool that sets itself apart from other product review apps with its user-friendly interface, automated workflows, lightweight design, and personalized support. Open yourself up to a new marketing avenue with Opinew, and you'll soon gain the trust of your customers, enhance your online reputation, and drive engagement and sales. » Looking for more ways to generate user content? Take a look at our selection of the best social-proof apps