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How can I reduce carbon emissions for my Shopify shipping?

Asked 4 years ago

What ways have you found to achieve carbon-neutral shipping on Shopify? How can I offset the carbon footprint made by my Shopify store?

Anne Herman

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hey, Anne here from KeepShoppers, Here are a few options that could be a great help to reduce your Carbon emissions from the delivery shipping:

  • Offsets: Enabled your customers’ to view how your shop helps to offset their carbon shipping by planting and preserving forests.
  • Shop pay: Shopify Sustainability Fund using their website you can sign up for free. Using it on every order purchased through Shop pay, Shopify will offset the delivery emissions.
  • EcoCart: This app allows your customers to choose if they want to make their orders Carbon Neutral, by adding 1-2% to their total.

Good luck!

Abeeha Qasmi

Friday, August 27, 2021

Following are the initiatives you can take to reduce carbon emissions for Shopify carbon offset:

  1. Use the Offset app.
  2. Choose carbon neutral shipping Shopify options.
  3. Consider your shipping packaging carefully – Packaging that can be composted is best.
  4. Lastly, you can use an app such as Cloverly to allow your customers to offset their carbon footprint. Hence, no cost is on you.

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