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How to translate a Shopify store to German?

Asked 3 years ago

My Shopify store is selling in multiple languages and I need to translate the content into the German language as well so that international customers can view content in their native language. What translation app or service should I use? Does anyone have experience with the Transcy Shopify translation app?

Betty Buu

Betty Buu

Monday, August 23, 2021


Abeeha Qasmi

Monday, August 30, 2021

Consumers around the globe enjoy viewing the content in their native language. Selling in various languages can lead to more sales because international customers can better understand multiple languages.

You can not only translate your Shopify store into the German language but also add multiple languages. There is no downside to this for you or your customers.

Requirements for Translating Your Store's Content

  • A Shopify plan that supports multiple languages.
  • A compatible theme to sell in various languages.
  • Shopify theme with the language selector option.

Steps to Translate Your Shopify Store to German

  1. Navigate to Settings from the Shopify Admin panel.
  2. Select Store languages, then open Add Language from the Translated languages.
  3. Select the German language and click Add.
  4. Now go to Visit Shopify App Store and install the any translation app of your choice.
  5. Translate your Shopify store's content by following the steps in the app.
  6. Click Preview to see your store's content in the German language.

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