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Difference between Shopify language and currency translation apps?

Asked a year ago

What is the difference between these two? I see a lot of apps offering both language and currency translation but I don't quite understand how currency translation is supposed to work.

Richard Woods

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

In short, language translation apps translate your store's content, while currency translation apps translate your store's prices.

Shopify Language Translation Apps

These apps translate your store's content into different languages, allowing customers to view your store in their native language. It's like having your very own UN translator for your store!

Shopify Currency Translation Apps 

These apps display product prices in various currencies based on the customer's location. So, if you have a customer from the UK, the app will show them prices in GBP, while a customer from the US will see prices in USD. It's like having your very own financial wizard for your store!

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