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Keeping my Instagram social feed on my Shopify store following the API change

Asked 4 years ago

I have my instagram social feed on my Shopify store and I love it. I understand that Instagram has announced that they are changing the API and I am going to lose this section on my store. Can anyone explain what exactly does it mean and what should I do to keep the feed on my store?

Mark Guthrie

Monday, June 29, 2020

Hi, Mark here from KeepShoppers

Here is what's happening - Many Shopify themes offered a built-in Instagram section to let you display your Instagram social feed on your store. It was also easy to code it yourself. This was possible thanks to an API. Instagram has announced that they are changing the API, so from July 1st the Instagram feed will no longer be displayed unless you install an app or update your website code. Third party solutions - Lightwidget - lets you install an Instagram widget on your Shopify store. Easy to install for free. If you want it with SSL it's a one time 10$ fee. Here is how you do it - Section Feed ‑ allows you to display the Instagram feed on your home page for compatible themes from the Shopify Theme Store. Theme/code update - Some themes have issued an update that lets you maintain the Instagram feed, but if you install theme updates you lose all the customization you made to your website. If you would like to maintain your custom work you'll have to save it and do some coding to recover all the changes after updating your theme. It is also possible to try and just change the original code snippet for the API with a new one.

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