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Who is responsible for the return label fee?

Asked 3 years ago

Who is charged for the return label? I had a customer whom I sent a return label, but she said the package was returned to her. So I generated another return label for her, a USPS flat rate envelope label, but she shipped it in a box.

Would I be charged extra?

My policy is: customers pay for return shipping, and I did receive the package this time.


Sofia Thai

Sunday, May 23, 2021

It really depends on your return/ refund policy. Usually, if the delivered item is damaged or not as it was described on the site then the seller would be responsible for the return fee while if the customer is requesting a preference-based return, then it would be his/her responsibility. In your case, you had to generate another return label for her then supposedly your customer will pay for it. I would suggest you contact the USPS customer support team for better clarity, hope it’ll help…!!

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